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TEFOL and IELTS suggestions

How to practice for either of these tests.

For Speaking: Using the IELTS and TOEFL topics page, write the topics on a piece of paper, then mind mapping, draw some extension lines and boxes. For each subject, write down thoughts about how you could talk about it. Start small...here's an example-  Cars or Public Transport

--Public Transport--                                                                                  
1. Affects on Society-
Saves fuel consumption                                                                         
Brings people together

2. Convenience
No need to drive, can relax
No parking problems
No parking costs

3. Advantages
Always air conditioned
No group limit when traveling with friends

4. Dis-advantages
More contact with sick people in public
Sometimes crowded
Exposure to rude persons
Sometimes noisy people talking on mobile phones

1. Affects on Society

Uses more fuel
Separates you from strangers

2. Convenience
Come and go when you want
Allows you to listen to stereo without headphones, or watch DVD's
Freedom to drive where buses don't go

3. Advantages
No exposure to sick people on trains and buses
Talk to family about anything personal without anyone hearing you

4. Dis-advantages
Finding places to park
Paying for parking
Paying for fuel
Paying for insurance and licenses
Maintenance, like tires, oil