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Lesson Planning

This is what I do!

English lessons need to be fun for younger age groups and older too. With action oriented lessons, using English word games and Simon says exercises, and with verbal re-enforcement, speaking the language and learning English is more enjoyable.

Verbalizing English is the best way for it to be cemented in your mind. I always teach real life language that can be used right now. It includes, greetings and salutations and language that is oriented to everyday living. This involves learning terms that apply to home life first, and then other things like ordering food at restaurants, playing on the playground at school, speaking to mom and dad in a respectful way. Advanced lessons include understanding directions when traveling or giving directions.

I teach language that will familiarizes students with activities like sports, games, television, fashion, household terms and with consistent teaching of new words their vocabulary becomes increasingly better.

I document my lessons. I custom design lessons.

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