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For the "Test Of English Foreign Language" speakers here's what you need to learn.

Reading         Writing         Listening         Speaking

- If you want to score high on this part of the test then you have to work on achieving a high level of academic vocabulary.

Your grammatical methods have to be correct and reflect maturity in the level you will write at.

You need to be able to extract the major concepts from reading text and be able to interpret complex and in-depth theories and ideas.

Writing - For a high score you need to be able to sit and listen to a lecture and take notes.

You need to be able to recognize the more important information, assimilate it into an outstanding essay.

It will need to be well organized,
and can accurately replicate the information in a factual way, without loosing any interpretation and without many errors in grammatical structure and spelling.

Listening - For a high score in this tested area, you need to be able to understand conversations presented in English and have a broad range of listening abilities. This would include uncommon terms and figurative language with complex vocabulary.

While understanding the main focus of the discussion if some contradictory subject matter is interjected into the information, you need to be able to sort it out and make sense of it even when it is not presented in an organized way.

What's important is that you understand the main ideas, and important details. You need to understand why the information provided is used the way it was, and recognize cause and effect scenarios. You need to interpret the speakers point, how it is expressed, and whether it is indirectly or directly conveying intentions.

Speaking - To score at a high level you need to be very competent in this. This is probably one of the more difficult areas because it involves spontaneous conversational skills.

Your speaking should be clear and you need to sound fluent.

With familiar topics you need to be able to communicate on a personal level about experiences, feelings, opinions using coherent and well developed English language.

In an academic proportion you need to speak fluently with a paced flow technique. Clear speech, good expression, intonation is important but some error is provided for as long as it doesn't impede the context of the information being given.

The responses need to meet the task demands, but can have small lapses in completeness. It should however contain sustained coherence and intelligibility.

Your response should contain good content exhibiting mature and coherent language abilities. Good grammatical structure and effective vocabulary choices. It should be with good detail although it may contain some irregularity or minor omissions.

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