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Dr. Haider al-Abadi, Save the monetary sector, it is the last remaining of the sustainability of the Iraqi economy!

Ahmed Hamed Hathal
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Often I spoke on the deviation from the objectives of monetary policy which aims to achieve and most importantly, price stability and preserve the value of the national currency. Today the dinar continues to decline, and the prices are on the rise, the central bank floundering in its monetary policy continuously, which became the influential monetary policy to protect their interests. We are tired of giving suggestions for officials and through newspapers, websites, and the location of the writings of the best witness to that, and channel Baghdadi as well .. We have made since it began dollar crisis against the dinar, at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, we must be that the central bank notice the deviation policy the direction of monetary exchange rate, because the currency continues to decline against the dollar, and worse than that the central bank is independent variable in the foreign exchange market model, which he who controls the exchange rate against the dinar, because it is an independent body and the Bank of banks. In many periods we have seen a sharp rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar, due to some analysts the reason for that is the imposition of the central bank to impose a rate of 8% tax on banks and Customs that prevent hard currency. Yes is the cause of the reasons for the high dollar against the dinar, but such a ratio does not lead to the deterioration of market conditions to this extent, and I add to that, that the main problem faced by the exchange rate is to put massive amounts of hard currency in the hands of the (thief), Does that make sense! (Harami) are banks civil and banking companies who are smuggling hard currency without entry imports versus the currency exit, as well as the central bank requires them to sell very simple margin to user price, which is estimated B1190, and the Central Bank of Iraq and the Office of Financial Supervision put tough conditions for each person who contravenes instructions of the Central Bank, but we did not see any deterrent to these banks that sell the dollar B1400 dinars per dollar one! I will show you and through sales to the Central Bank simple analysis on 14/06/2015 amount sold by the Central Bank: (125 692 500) one hundred and twenty five million, six hundred and ninety-two thousand five hundred dollars, multiplied by 1190 * Let this official price. The market price of the dollar for the day is 1400 14/06/2015 Let per dollar! The gap between the two rates: Let the 210 per dollar against the dinar! If we analyze sales difference between the bank rate, and the market price, will be the profits of the 9 banks and 3 banking companies, participating in the auction currency of the day up: (26,395,425,000) Twenty-six billion three hundred and ninety-five million four hundred and twenty-five thousand dinars! Note that central bank sales in one Mzhadath in 2014 was (75,000,000) million dollars, and the price of the same bank in 1190 Let, but the difference is that the market in 1200 was equal to the price Let each one dollar, and today in 1400 to the dollar! If he stayed the continuing rise of the dollar and thus the general price level rise will lead to the collapse of the Iraqi economy entirely, because the central bank is the last cluster as crossing, and that other sectors virtually non-existent for operation and production, so it always repeat in several articles on the correct course of monetary policy, because economic theory emphasizes that the imbalance in the monetary sector leads to a similar imbalance in the real sector (goods and services sector). Wares most prominent solutions to the stability of the exchange rate: 1. Changing the Central Bank of the non-specialist to specialist in the economy. 2. The Ministry of Finance is working in coordination with the Central Bank to give 25% of the foreign currency as well as the national currency, Croats staff. 3-Cancel auction for domestic banks and banking companies. 4. Central Bank resolves civil banks and companies replace the high level of transparency and the conduct of foreign currency



Cell crisis decides to secure two trillion dinars to pay dues as a down payment Contractors

Editor Mohammed Shafiq - Sunday, May 3, 2015 20:18

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
I decided the crisis cell headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi , Sunday, securing the amount of two trillion dinars to pay dues Contractors ongoing projects to sustain economic activities as a down payment.

Ebadi said Office in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi presided, today, the second meeting of the crisis cell in the presence of ministers of finance, oil, planning and Governor of the Central Bank Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister and a number of advisors."

The statement added, that "the Commission has reviewed what has been achieved of measures to implement the decisions taken by the crisis cell in the last month, particularly in securing the necessary funds to meet the obligations of ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces towards dues Contractors ongoing projects that sustains economic activities and ensure completion of these projects."

The statement continued, "In light of this, the Committee of Ministers of the cell decided the crisis to secure the amount of two trillion dinars to pay dues as a down payment, and commissioned by the Ministry of Planning and implementation in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, as well as the adoption of the possibility of adopting other payment methods in addition to the amount mentioned to complete the payment of dues, including guarantees offered by banks and contractors, or payment on credit, or convert some of the projects to the investment projects. "

______________________________________________________________________________        Abadi: we want to take advantage of the financial crisis to build a healthy economy
Date: 01/05/2015 10:32 Abadi: we want to take advantage of the financial crisis to build a healthy economy
Stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Friday that Iraq is seeking to take advantage of the financial crisis to build a healthy economy depends on the long-term vision strategy, pointing out that Iraq is going through many challenges.
Ebadi said Office in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met in his office, yesterday evening, World Bank Vice President Hafez Ghanem and his accompanying delegation, and discussed with him the economic and financial situation through which Iraq and support the re the reconstruction of the liberated areas and the rest of the areas in the provinces and cooperation in many fields and future programs of the World Bank in Iraq. "
The statement quoted Ebadi as saying that "Iraq is going through many challenges including those related to the economic and financial situation and we want to take advantage of the financial crisis to build a healthy economy depends on the long-term vision and strategy to stay away as much as possible for prosthetic solutions and treatments."
Abadi called the World Bank to "work with the provinces, especially the province of Basra for development and reconstruction in those provinces."
Ghanem turn expressed "readiness and desire Bank in cooperation with Iraq in the fields of training Iraqi energies in many of the terms of reference and support the private sector and the reconstruction of the liberated areas of Daash terrorist organization and support a number of other sectors," according to the statement. Ended / 25


Why Abadi discussed with local governments in Karbala?

| 18:19
Why Abadi discussed with local governments in Karbala?

Has been discussing the organization of local resources to the provinces and the Prime Minister agreed on the abolition of Article 2 of the Code as well as Article 62 and 17 of the instructions of the Ministry of Finance to balance in 2015 and instructed Paljbaah and spending in accordance with the law prepared by the Provincial Council

Qurtas News / Diwaniya

He met Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, last Monday, Bmhafezan and heads of provincial councils at a meeting of several ministers of the federal government in the province of Karbala, the debate on the financial crisis experienced by those provinces.

Chairman of the Board of Diwaniyah province Jubair al-Jubouri spoke for "Qurtas News," about the meeting and previous consultative meetings, saying that "the meeting was preceded by two meetings Chaorien local governments with Abadi and Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, in addition to some agents ministries such as education, health, agriculture, finance and others were consultative meetings and a deliberative and distributed the roles. "

He said al-Jubouri, "after the end of the meetings we discussed the four axes, first, is a transfer of powers from the ministries covered by this law to the provinces and insisted all local governments to be transferred powers before the fifth month of August," noting that "the Ministry of Education announced the transfer of 60% of its powers to the directorates public, but some of the ministries are still not committed to the transfer of powers. "

The president of the Council of Diwaniya, "We asked the Prime Minister to apply the transfer of powers according to law, otherwise we will raise lawsuits against ministries that exercise procrastination or insist or obstruction subject of the transfer of powers for violating the law," adding that "the meeting also discussed the granting of fast authorization within 30 days of the powers of ministers to conservatives to see how serious these ministries in the transfer of powers has been approved by the Prime Minister on it. "

He continued, "We discussed the budget and continuing lagging and projects and how to promote it, was we went to work the loan system on credit and was the vision of the federal government should be working on credit on the first two phases worth two billion dollars, and the second $ 3 billion distributed among the provinces and ministries, a small amount is not commensurate with the need The actual, for example, called for the province of Basra to obtain the amount of at least $ 5 billion, as we have prepared the list of projects in different sectors of one billion dollars, a large amount of it is unlikely the approval of Baghdad. "

He said that "it is possible to obtain federal government approval for amounts of 100 to 150 million dollars, it represents our share of 5 billion, an amount that may not we get it fully because part of it Snthsal it through ministries and a small amount, we have been put forward in the last points of the subject collection of provinces that do not have any revenue, particularly the provinces of Babil, Diwaniyah, Samawah and announced that the heads of councils bankruptcy a week ago, as a result of federal funding stopped and the lack of local revenue. "

"It has been discussing the organization of local resources to the provinces and the Prime Minister agreed on the abolition of Article 2 of the Law of 62 as well as Article 17 of the instructions of the Ministry of Finance to balance in 2015 and instructed Paljbaah and spending in accordance with the law prepared by the provincial council, we have issued tax collection and spending bill on 29 September last year, and it set the doors and resources collection and expenditure sections has been amended twice by the Board. "


04/28/2015 (00:01 pm)
Abadi: Iraq is not bankrupt .. and lower oil prices, the impact of the country's revenues
                                                                                                                                                            Abadi: Iraq is not bankrupt .. and lower oil prices, the impact of the country's revenues

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

The head of the Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, that Iraq is not bankrupt, and the drop in oil prices that the impact of the country's revenues, and as pointed out that "the budget sanctioned" but few imports, stressed that the Iraqi blood is one and holy.

Ebadi said during his speech at the coordination meeting of the governorates not organized province, which was held in the Great Hall of the complex Durra residential in Karbala and attended (the long-Presse) that "Iraq is not bankrupt but the problem down oil prices, which has affected the country's revenue," noting that "the budget sanctioned but imports and small amounts exporting oil did not reach what is in the budget law. "

Abadi said that "the situation in Iraq requires concerted efforts in all Iraqi provinces, especially as we're in a state of war and financial crisis." 

He said the Prime Minister, "I salute all the provinces that have worked with one hand in the defense of the homeland and the holy places," stressing that "this confirms national unity among all Iraqis." 

And between Abadi, that "there are instructions ineffective in the ministries, there are two explanations for the laws and regulations by officials in one ministries to facilitate and another for the complexity," calling on "everyone to lax interpretation and facilitate actions that serve the citizen and not hindered by laws and regulations."
Abadi called "conservatives themselves personally to supervise the work of ministries and departments in the provinces to improve services which must be follow-up staff in those departments," stressing that "no retreat from the transfer of powers because it is the right solution for the management of decentralization in the country." 

The head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi arrived, on Monday, to the city of Karbala to preside over the coordination meeting for the provinces not organized province.
In a related development, Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi stressed that the oil agreement with the Kurdistan region achieved positive results contributed to the increase in the quantities exported across national marketing company, while criticizing those who attacked, they returned to making the "right sometimes requires working against the tide and take bold positions", He stressed the need to lower oil prices lead to steps to stimulate the rationalization of expenditures, and out of the state and society towards Alrieian state "contemporary and fair levies", and society "good product." 

The oil minister said, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, on "who attacked the agreement with the Kurdistan region, review themselves after check a lot of positive results", noting that "the right decisions sometimes requires working against the tide and take bold positions." 

He said Abdul-Mahdi, that "Iraq has become a issue increasing amounts of the production of the region through the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), as the Kirkuk fields of production and export is back after a break since March 2014 because of acts of terrorism, and the disruption of production Baiji refinery and others," noting that "every paragraph of success factors, are still facing shortcomings and gaps must be completed, as well as continue to face challenges in other things we have not covered, so if we want oil and gas industry development, and building our refineries and our labs petrochemical and fertilizer, and in our farms and water resources and ways Mwaslatna and contacts management and our systems and our environment investment " . 

He concluded oil minister, that "before Iraq is a great opportunity for progress, and that the drop in oil prices, with all the damaging, should motivate us to rationalize our expenses, and out of the state and society Alrieian about the state of contemporary and fair levies, and community good product." 

In the same context, it revealed Wasit province administration, on Monday, the desire of Shell to establish an oil refinery in the province, but pointed out that the offer made by the company will be taken seriously, while confirming that it will do its best to obtaining approvals fundamentalism to that refinery. 

The director of the media department in the Office of Wasit Taha Rudaini province in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "a delegation from the company (Shell) visited the province and met with the Governor owner behind the valley and other officials to discuss the possibility of establishing an oil refinery in the province." 

He Rudaini, that "the company specialized in the field of oil industry expressed serious desire to establish an oil refinery in Wasit province, which has become one of the oil provinces by virtue of the presence of the fields of Ahdab and Badra," pointing out that "Display Shell will be taken seriously after it is studied and work on obtaining Official approvals for this purpose. "





Abadi: Iraq is not bankrupt, but faces sedition and financial crisis

Karbala, Iraq-Press of -27 in April warned Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the risk of provoking sectarian and regional confirming that it lead to further bloodshed, and pointed out that the Iraq war is facing a financial crisis but it is not bankrupt.

He stressed that the Sunnis do not sympathize with Daash who kill them and Aahjarham criticized the naysayers to enter the popular crowd to Anbar and calls for sons of the south to leave the fighting in the western and northern regions and stressed that it is not right to one's own inauguration of the leader of the popular crowd, referring to al-Maliki.

Ebadi said, that Daash ended up displacing and killing Sunnis after he claimed that he came to defend them and that the only method is murder and that he now hardly find him supported in the areas occupied by perhaps there with them only from involvement with the blood of Iraqis and we call on all those who have not stained his hands blood to return to the national ranks.

He added that there is a psychological war against Iraq and especially during the past few days, which promoted the fabricated images back to previous periods as to the martyrs in the Thar Thar Nazim was the story of the slaughter of 140 Iraqi fighters completely fabricated story.

He explained that no one was killed in Nazim only division of a large armored wheeled bomb They cited the band and ordered five soldiers and 23 wounded.

He warned that the "hype the media is not in the interests of Iraq and with regret that some people want to earn money on the blood of the martyrs and trading Bbtoulathm which came in response to the call reference and the nation," he said in a speech during a meeting in Karbala (110 km south of Baghdad) presided over a meeting of the Higher Coordinating Body for the provinces is organized in a region moved his press office said in a statement seen the text "Elaf".

He pointed Abadi, who chaired the sixth meeting of the second session of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the governorates not organized province in Karbala that there Thuala practiced wars experiences four days ago with pictures fabricated promoted to kill Iraqis pointing out that those images which some addressed the families of the soldiers by organizing Daash old and belonging to Aesidein.

He said that "there Thuala and Astrechas Iraqi blood is practiced by the warlords," pointing out that "there is a strange campaign four days ago and addressed Photos fabricated some who claim it is the families of Iraqi soldiers by Daash".

He stressed that "those pictures were old and the Yezidis and they said Nazim of blather" .. asking, "What is the interest to pay for the soldiers to leave their positions." Abadi stressed that the Sunnis do not sympathize with the organization and Iqatlonh next to the security forces in those areas.

He criticized the naysayers to enter the popular crowd forces to Anbar province and calls for sons of the south to leave the fighting in the western and northern regions and stressed that it is not right to one's own inauguration of the leader of the People's Army and the crowd, referring to apparently to Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, who Araa celebrations and events of the crowd and cast letters in which .

Abadi called to ignore this vote, which he described Balnchaz But in return, acknowledged the existence of a government default towards the victims of the security forces. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi accused some unnamed parties that broadcast the letters lead to sectarian killing and displacement of Iraqis.

He stressed that there are those who welcomed the organization of Daash in Sunni areas .. He attributed some of the reasons for the withdrawal of military units from Anbar province to rumors and hype. He added that "it is necessary to co-exist because it is one of our strength factors It adopts sectarian speeches he Kdaash wants to cancel the other is not intellectually only but migrated and eliminate it and this is a big risk," .. He pointed out that the organization of Daash raise defense slogan year but motto falsehood is lawful sons Sunni areas and killed and migration as well as its repression of minorities on the basis of sectarian.

And financial conditions in the Iraqi al-Abadi stressed that Iraq is not bankrupt, but faces the problem of oil prices and the war and the financial crisis.

Ebadi said that "the situation in the country requires a concerted effort in all provinces, especially We are facing a war and financial crisis" .. He pointed out that Iraq is not bankrupt but the problem in oil prices. He said that oil exports amounts not up to what now exists budget .. and stressed the need to overcome the financial crisis, if the cooperation of everyone. He stressed that Iraq's financial Setjaosalazemh stronger and stiffer if everyone's cooperation in this direction. "

And the powers of the provinces confirmed Abadi said the transfer of powers to the provinces to retract his solution to some of the problems which are suffering the state is the trend towards decentralization and applied correctly and in stages so applied properly in the provinces .. He explained that the transfer of powers and decentralization is part of the government program and no return on their application.

He called for facilitating procedures and not to put obstacles in the instructions and laws .. He stressed the need to oversee the Conservatives to provide services to citizens, stressing that the provincial work mainly in the construction of the state and its success is based upon can not be the government program application and provision of services and increase investment opportunities without the provinces. He said, "Nana support the agricultural and industrial sector and we are working to build a diversified economy of resources and in spite of our response to the financial crisis, but a bright future for Iraq."

The Prime Minister said: "We support the private sector and we are working on that there would be a partnership between him and the public sector so as to provide new jobs and increases investment opportunities and stressed that the distribution of wealth fairly to ensure the achievement of the renaissance of the provinces and develop economically, socially and is not acceptable that life depends in the joints that are related to people's livelihood, ".anthy (1)



Statesmen's Forum: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi

Center for Strategic & International Studies

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04/11/2015 (00:01 pm
Saleh: Government puts solutions for the worst Saleh: Government puts solutions for the worst

BAGHDAD / Amer Mohi

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the government has developed appropriate solutions for the worst of the economic crisis, while pointed out that the good relationship with the Kurdistan region will help to minimize the effects of the crisis, he stressed that the current government's plan does not depend on oil revenues in the president.

He explained the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview for the "long", that "the effects of the economic crisis on Iraq and a clear decline in oil prices," he said, adding that "the government put the appropriate solutions to get out of this crisis quickly." (QUICKLY MEANS MONTHS OR A YEAR IMO, ABOUT LIKE WHEN THEY SAY IN THE COMING DAYS, IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IT HAPPENS)

Saleh added by saying that "the good relationship between the province and the center will help to reduce the effects of the crisis on Iraq in general," noting that "the government has developed solutions for the worst situation that could reach him the Iraqi economy, but this did not happen." (THIS IS LIKE SAYING WE HAD A SOLUTION, BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN) (OR MAYBE IT DIDN'T HAPPEN YET, RV, LETS HOPE SO!)

He noted that "the government's plan currently in place, which will be part of the application in the future does not depend on oil revenues as a head of the Iraqi economy," stressing that "opening the door for investment would give financial liquidity of Iraq." (NO INVESTMENT IS GOING TO HELP A LIQUIDITY CRISIS, WHO ARE THEY FOOLING?) (IN THE FUTURE COULD BE YEARS)

He said Prime Minister's adviser Haider al-Abadi said, "the development of Private Infrastructure industry, oil and agriculture will make Iraq rise from economic reality-based oil and strengthen the economy in the future," stressing that "oil prices vary each month, so it can not be certain plan due to this matter ".  (HERE'S YOUR 5 YEAR PLAN BEING USED TO RISE FROM THE CRISIS)

For her part, said an expert in economic affairs peace Sumaisem "long", that "the suffering of Iraq today is the result of the absence of logical economic policy and the accumulation of errors and mismanagement," pointing out that "the disadvantages of the Iraqi economy emerge from the crisis first." (A LOW CURRENCY VALUE IS A DISADVANTAGE!)

She said, "After the collapse of oil prices defects in the Iraqi economy appeared alarmingly, most notably associated with the public budget deficit, causing a shortage of Iraqi material liquidity."  (WRONG! MALIKI'S CORRUPTION AND NOT ADDRESSING THE COUNTRIES INFRASTUCTURE REPARATIONS AND ISIS CAUSED THE CRISIS)

She Sumaisem saying that "the decline of the dollar amounts that Tsthsalha government led to a rise in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, and then hit the monetary and economic stability," she "suffered monetary values ​​to enter the collapse, which was born economic results show its effects in all development efforts."  (THIS IS A FALSE IDEA, A DESPARITY IN CURRENCY VALUE FROM PROGRAM RATE, WHICH IS WAY UNDERVALUED, AND THE STREET RATE, EVEN MORE UNDERVALUED, ISN'T A MAJOR PROBLEM, ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT AND CORRUPTION IS THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM!)

Oil prices have fallen about 60 percent since June 2014 with production rising around the world for more than demand at a time of weakness in growth
World Economic. 

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced February 12, 2015, the launch of the strategy for the development of the private sector within the government curriculum, stressing his government's commitment under the auspices of workers in the state, in what was considered that Iraq will be vulnerable to international fluctuations if its dependence on oil continues. 

Referred to as the Baghdad and Erbil agreed in (2 December 2014), to solve the outstanding issues between the two problems, including the Peshmerga forces allocations and the problem of the export of oil, while the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani hoped "to reach a radical solution to the problem of the region employees' salaries during the month of December the second in 2015 ".






Abadi underlines the need to develop to control the Iraqi dinar exchange rate mechanisms

 2015/3/23 19:47 
Abadi underlines the need to develop to control the Iraqi dinar exchange rate mechanisms
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords work of the Central Bank's strategy for the coming period and the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies, stressing the need to put the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate mechanisms.

A statement by the Office of Abadi received {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "al-Abadi, received in his office the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali relationship, and stressed the importance of the central bank maintains its independence, and that works to promote the financial and economic reality of the country and draw financial and economic policies that enable us to moving towards what we aspire to. "
He pointed to the importance of the banking system to Iraq sophisticated comparable to developed countries, stressing the need to put the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate mechanisms.



Abadi emphasizes maintaining the independence of the Central Bank

Group: economy
Published on Monday, March 23 / March 2015 16:01
Written by: Laith Mohammed Reza

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - The head of the Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi, the importance of the central bank maintains its independence, and that works to promote the financial and economic reality of the country and draw financial and economic policies that enable us to move forward towards what we aspire to.

With Abadi received in his office on Monday, Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords.

Stressed the importance of Iraq has to be a sophisticated banking system comparable to developed countries, stressing the need to put the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate mechanisms.

During the meeting, they discussed the work of the central bank's strategy for the coming period and the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies.

Mon, March 23, 2015 18:48

Abadi underlines the importance of the developed countries emulate sophisticated banking system

Abadi underlines the importance of the developed countries emulate sophisticated banking system

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. stressed the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the importance of the central bank maintains its independence, pointing to the importance of Iraq to be a well-developed banking system comparable to developed countries.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Office, seen by / Baghdadi News /, that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, received in his office, Monday," Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords ".

The statement added that "During the meeting, they discussed the work of the central bank's strategy for the coming period and the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies."

The Prime Minister stressed "the importance of the central bank maintains its independence and that works to promote the financial and economic reality of the country and draw financial and economic policies that enable us to move forward towards what we aspire to."

He noted "the importance of Iraq has to be a sophisticated banking system comparable to developed countries." At the same time stressing the "need to develop mechanisms for the control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate" .



Abadi: Iraq beyond its economic crisis successfully

    Thursday, 12 March / March 2015 13:29
THEY WERE IN NO WAY PAST THE ECONOMIC CRISIS AND THIS ARTICLE WAS THE MOST FOOLISH NEWS THEY COULD HAVE PUBLISHED, UNLESS THEY HAD DECIDED TO RAISE THE RATE AT THE FIRST OF APRIL!                                                                                                             

Twilight News / The head of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, that the steps and plans drawn up by the government to overcome the economic crisis facing the country are the "success".


Ebadi said in a speech during his attendance pause solidarity in technological university in Baghdad, and was attended by "Twilight News", that "despite the collapse of oil prices in world markets and lower imports unless we have made ​​progress on the economic sphere."

Abadi added, "We successfully overcome the economic crisis, and we are now the focus of admiration and amazement of the world in this regard because we are at the same time fighting a war against terrorist groups."



Monday 9 February 2015 | 05: 10 pm

Consultant Abadi: Iraq's economy sprinted towards global markets

BAGHDAD / ... Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. detection. The appearance of MOHAMMED SALEH, on Monday, the existence of a new economic strategies, noting that it is the sense of THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE IRAQI ECONOMY INTO THE WORLD ECONOMY.

Saleh said, in a statement to "Ein Iraq News," that "Iraq's economy coexist on oil, which is today in a major development and heading towards the open market in the world," noting that "Justice must be applied correctly in order the results are satisfactory and pour the interests of the country." .


STARTING POINT FOR TURNING THE ECONOMY OF IRAQ TO THE WORLD ECONOMY," pointing out that "the advancement of the physical citizen requires," First we have to have every Iraqi citizen holds qualifications Full of action, protecting him from the unemployment fund after reaching the retirement age, and secondly must provide the appropriate business environment, thirdly must provide soft loans, etc., and this is what we will work on in the future. "Finished / 13


بغداد /... كشف المستشار الاقتصادي لرئيس الوزراء د. مظهر محمد صالح, الاثنين, عن وجود استراتيجيات اقتصادية جديدة, مشيرا الى انها تعتبر المنطلق لتحول الاقتصاد العراقي نحو اقتصاد العالم.

وقال صالح، في تصريح لـ"عين العراق نيوز"، ان " اقتصاد العراق يتعايش على النفط, وهو اليوم في تطور كبير ويتوجه نحو فتح السوق في العالم", مبينا انه " يجب ان تطبق العدالة بشكل صحيح لكي تكون النتائج مرضية وصب بمصلحة البلد".

واضاف صالح ان "هنالك استراتيجيات اقتصادية جديدة, وخصوصا استراتيجية القطاع الخاص التي ستطلق بعد يومين, وهذه الاستراتيجيات تشكل المنطلق لتحول الاقتصاد العراق نحو اقتصاد العالم", لافتا الى ان " النهوض بواقع المواطن المادي يتطلب, "اولا يجب ان يكون لكل مواطن عراقي يحمل المؤهلات الكاملة للعمل, صندوق يحميه من البطالة بعد بلوغه سن التقاعد, وثانيا يجب ان توفر بيئة الاعمال المناسبة, ثالثا يجب ان توفر القروض الميسرة وغيرها, وهذا ما سنعمل عليه في المستقبل". انتهى/


Prime minister: orientation of the institutional reform and the transition to the private sector

- February 8, 2015
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Experts urge to adopt a rational expenditure policy and systems development

Prime minister: orientation of the institutional reform and the transition to the private sector

BAGHDAD Prince Majed Jawad

He Mahdi Keywords Director, Office of the Prime Minister that there is a tendency government's (adopt a broad approach to institutional reform and encouraging a shift to the private sector and to participate with him in the rehabilitation of the state-owned and operated industries Post system, while MP Mehdi al-Hafez called on the government to (adopt a spending policy rational to cross the financial crisis ) stressing the need for the development of financial systems for rapid development and achievements of the best as is the developed countries in this field).

And reviewed the relationship during a seminar held by the progress of policy development institute (the premises of the new government program in light of the political commitment and challenges phase through which Iraq, which is concentrated in the activation of decentralization of economic and administrative levels administration including required to reconsider the roles and tasks and powers granted to the provinces on the one hand and in favor of the private sector Meanwhile, according to the principles of the Constitution and laws).

Adding that the (program Arkzaaly maximize the financial resources and the optimal use, including oil, financial and tax policies calendar and the shift towards the principle of participation of the private sector through the purchase of service in the field of electricity, health and municipal services in addition to the adoption of the consulting offices and homes of local and international experience down to solid companies for the implementation of projects). He added that (there is a tendency to adopt a broad approach to institutional reform and encouraging a shift to the private sector and to participate with him in the rehabilitation of the state-owned and operated industries Post system).

For his part, Al-Hafiz, who Adaralandoh said (the recent developments that led to a fundamental change in the pattern of governance and relations between local, regional and international political forces that spawned this government program).

He noted Dr. Raed Fahmi during his intervention that (lots of great reforms collide resistance) calling (achieving a media crowd and the public to accept the creation of a reform).

Government program

He praised the president of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen Radi Blibl new government program returned him (integrated, especially in the role of the private sector).

He believed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine that (the government program needs to highly qualified to be performed on the ground and must be configured through the development of human capacity available and qualify to be a level of the reform program). He stressed Hafiz during an interview for the (time) on the sidelines of the seminar on (the need for the government to adopt a rational spending policy to cross the financial crisis, and certainly, the Council of Ministers is determined to adopt such a policy), and in response to a question of (time) about the possibility of the provinces appropriate powers to manage some of the files are delivered Ministries, said the relationship (some ministries such as health and municipal services in the process of doing so), adding that the (mechanisms established by the government to evaluate the government's performance in its entirety based on regulators and central follow-up of the Council of Ministers). He said economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine (time) on the vision of the possibility of private sector companies and their ability to twinning or participate in the rehabilitation and implementation of projects and state-owned factories, said that he has a (full perceptions about the possibility of private sector companies in this area).

In another seminar of the Institute devoted to the discussion of oil relationship between the center and the Kurdistan region, browse oil expert Fouad Qassem Prince constitutional articles that talked about the management and ownership of the oil wealth in Iraq, noting that the (Constitution, this issue is not treated in a clear and explicit, which made it possible to interpret the material in accordance with the deems each Party to discuss the exclusive powers of the federal government in this regard later and are currently the word chapter of the region or province), adding that the (Article 110 of the Constitution provides that the fee the economic policies of sovereign and trade from the jurisdiction of the federal government and if we take into account that the upper portion of Commerce Foreign represented in oil marketing, this activity is a sovereign privilege and powers of the federal government) He explained the prince that (oil participation contracts that have occurred in the sixties of the last century were given a share of the oil fields to foreign companies and after the great evolution of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and the potential enjoyed by in the field of production and marketing of oil and it became clear the futility of participation contracts as being in the Kurdistan region, which occurred 42 partnership contract without reference to the center), adding that (the region to export oil to the countries of the world without that revenue back to the federal treasury at a time get the province to complete its share of the state budget is a lot of constitutional disputes, should be studied), and continued the prince that (there is a big difference between Maysogah province, according to the report of operating in the region companies, and the figures that are sent to the Federal Ministry of Oil, and it refused Organization Transparency provincial report in this regard). In the third seminar of the Institute, MP Mehdi al-Hafez Iraqi member of parliament that the (countries with developed financial systems grow great speeds and check the achievements of the best), stressing that (commitment to allocate financial resources is one of the foundations to increase productivity and enhance economic development and promote equal opportunities and reduce poverty).

He said Hafiz that (financial experience in Iraq need to constructive review by reforming the role of government banks according to the latest modern techniques with the necessity of adopting the proposed permanent law Securities), indicating that the (World Bank supports the process of banking reform in Iraq since 2009). The general manager of the Department of Statistics at the Central Bank Walid Idi in his study that (of the main problems experienced by the banking system, low banking density which currently stands at 32 000 inhabitants of the bank one compared to the global amount of 10 000 people, in addition to the absence of banking strategies annual detailed plans with The majority of banks).

Stagger banker

He noted economist Majid picture to (the phenomenon that will bedevil the banking business is dual reference to private banks Banks follow the central bank in tracking government banks and the Ministry of Finance as a state of contradiction and the intersection in the provision of banking services happen), explaining that (there is another point of her influence on The banking sector as a Registrar of Companies can not the General Authority for any bank to hold a meeting without the consent of the Registrar of Companies).

He pointed to the picture (low banking efficiency in terms of the provision of services), calling to (follow the movement of capital, where the central bank sold $ 12 billion in cash, without knowing that the movement and trends in the money).

The President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen willing satisfaction Blibl about (the suffering of the private sector from the central bank's policy since 2007, where inflation treated manner endorsing a failed interest rate of up to 23 percent, which tasked the private sector).

In the intervention, economic expert Hashim Thanon stressed (should be linked to the development of the banking sector to develop the Iraqi economy through industrial production of agricultural real basket).





Abadi: There is no economic crisis, but we have this year a cash crisis causes oil prices to decline (40%)

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - Head of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a speech during a dialogue between religions and sects Conference, on Saturday: "We do not have an economic crisis, but we have this year a cash crisis causes low oil prices (40%)" ..



العبادي : لن نتراجع عن قراراتنا في الاصلاح وقادرون على الخروج من الازمة الاقتصادية من دون خسائر / موسع

Abadi: We will not retreat from our decisions on reform and are able to get out of the economic crisis without losses / expanded


BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said he "will not retreat from reform decisions taken in a number of state institutions," pointing out that "Iraq is able to get out of the crisis, which is going through."

Ebadi said through dialogue conference on the occasion of the global week of harmony between religions, "We have taken a series of decisions reform nor irreversible and are moving in the work and we will come out of this great challenge," stressing "the need to implement the government curriculum, fighter Daash gangs Alaharbih, and cooperation accelerates for implementing the timings Government curricula, and enact legislation on the unit scale, construction, and unite the religious, sectarian and military aspects, and work on cooperation between the components of society and to strengthen relations between the provinces and the division of water and oil resources. "

He added that the "vicious attack suffered by the Islamic religion calls for pause in order to clarify the truth about the groups that represent the biggest danger to the Muslims and peaceful coexistence between religions and sects," pointing out that "the real answer to these groups lies in the unity of word and attitude, without Cancel specificities "stressing that" the lofty principles that came out of the Islamic religion lies in the principles of humanity, faith and unity, without rivalry, as the Muslim community needs to be a unified position to confront the serious challenge faced by walking through the principles of the Islamic religion, without taking a position and reaction extreme, being careful to walk according to the moderate Islamic approach. "

He continued that "Islam respects freedom of opinion and expression, thought and disgracing the Prophet (r) can not be covered freedom of thought and expression," pointing out that "bad word in the bad place to be more dangerous than the bullet," he did not accept the infringement of religious sanctities, which makes it imperative for everyone to respect sanctities and religions, and not to fall into error through the distinction between freedom of expression and thought, to harm the holy sites and religions. "

However, "We can not embrace the religions, but cohesion, and that Iraq is facing a serious challenge to the military and the Muslim side, where the Daash terrorist gangs came claim the protection of the people of the year, but it is their migration and destroyed their cities, which confirms that Daash devastating thought, and destructive, so it is necessary to be careful In order not to fall into the trap that you draw these terrorist gangs. "

He pointed to the need to respect the law and justice and not to comply metamaterials tendency of revenge and the playoffs clan, and we will not allow to waive the law and privacy, and should be to not allow the attack on the rights of others, and that the attackers went out of the Iraqi society and do not represent any of its components, "pointing out that the terrorist attacks that occur in a range of areas and are committed on behalf of the crowd People and the Iraqi army, it is only the actions represent foreign agendas trying rhythm among Iraqis, and they are no less dangerous than terrorism, "stressing the elimination of many of these gangs," pointing out that the attack on the sanctity of citizens in the areas liberated, most of Daash terrorism. "

As called for politicians to moderation and not to pour oil on the fire and get away from the agitation, which is part of the crime, that incite murder and that the rhetoric is responsible, because the word error may be guided missile and cause injury of many, and the increase of the victims on the ground, "stressing should not be underestimated offense enemy, and to continue the road in order to cleanse Iraq of them, what we possess of the elements of the military victory, through cooperation approaching the liberation of Iraq from the presence of the terrorist gangs Daash,

And the popular crowd Abadi said that "the popular crowd includes all Iraqis, but the desire is in fact the Iraqis to defend their homeland and their holy places and unite them with the armed forces, the police and the popular crowd who defend the country."

While expressing his thanks to all MPs and politicians who contributed to the adoption of the budget in record time, asserting that "the independence of the state and all authority is sponsoring the country's interests through cooperation between the authorities to implement the government curriculum, and we are committed to implementing all of its paragraphs, calling for political blocs to" join hands to complete the achievement of the government program ".

With regard to the economic side, Ebadi said that "Iraq is for the Weimar economic crisis, but he faces the problem of liquidity, cash and material, due to lower oil prices by almost half, and he has the economic potential enough for generations, but this year will face an imbalance in the provision of cash Almadlh", pointing out that "The cabinet will save half the salaries of its members, to fill the shortfall in cash without compromising the sons of the Iraqi people."

And central administration stressed that "the government was given the powers to the provinces and stay away from the central Legislators, and that this step will help to close ranks and give Iraq the power away from the assumption that drives the provinces to demand secession .anthy 4



Decentralization vision respects citizenship ..

Ali DEC -


Comes states varied political and organized in the way of management, and approach its verdict according to the political philosophy, and in line with the nature and the structure of the state, politically and Qanuya, if the central approach for the management of state power is a reflection, on the philosophy of non-democratic policy, Tassa to be powers, however, the center.

Since the state structure is simple and non-vehicle, do not like the multiplicity of the three authorities, and refer them to a centralized, so there is a different approach, a decentralized approach, it stems from the philosophy Damfiratih believes that the center Whatever his abilities will not be able to manage power, then there should be a role for the parties .

Through this sense, the model is based on decentralization, to be broader powers in decision-making, in which a two-pronged political and administrative personnel, who are paved road to federalism, and all of this comes from the suffering experienced by the local governments during the past eight years.

Was withdrawn the appeal which was submitted to the Article 21 of the year 2008, where should the power be under central dominance undemocratic, and it was the role of the claimants, led by Adel Abdul Mahdi, that the federal decentralization be the solution in Iraq is due to the corruption that occurred during the previous period.

Found leaders Mihrab stream natural that there are central applicable disparity, with the nature of the philosophy of the state, and between centralized and decentralized democracy is a democratic, federal and democratic, federal non-democratic, so I went to be decentralized is the perfect solution and the withdrawal of appeal.

Knowing that Iraq has witnessed after the 2003 emergence of decentralized administrative and political stage, and not on the legal and constitutional level, but, even in the application window, but decentralization did not suffer when the interests of some parties, so it made ​​a stab in Article 21 and during the period of easily obtainable for the land.

Why decentralization with federal? "Because Iraq is characterized by diversity, religious pluralism, ethnic, and nationalist, and religious, and linguistically and culturally, so central is considered for them, but it is the imposition of opinion on their representatives, so it plays a central negative deal p diversity of Iraqi society.

Decentralization of Sete express tendency of thought, or unlike a politician, or beliefs fleeting but are durable trends leave many effects on the political level and management of state administration and the level of dealing with the citizen, so you should know what decentralization, and what are the countries that have benefited from this law.

Finding decentralization in the civil administration fair democracy, can improve its handling of geographic location and create a balanced relationship between the center and the parties, to respect citizenship and diversity in the country, so do not waste it or absent because of political or partisan conflicts, as happened in the unrestrained days.