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Abadi's Document of Honor to His People

The Republic of Iraq
General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
The Supreme Committee to prepare for the transition government
Strategic priorities in the work of the ministries plan
- 4108 4102

The basic axes of the strategic priorities of the proposed government program
First: a secure and stable Iraq
Secondly, upgrading service and the standard of living of the citizen
Third: to encourage a shift towards the private sector
Fourth, the increase in oil and gas production to improve the financial sustainability
Fifth, financial and administrative reform of government institutions
Sixth: The organization of the Federal Relations

First: a secure and stable Iraq
To provide a safe and stable environment is essential to the achievement of the priorities of the government strategy requires building
A strong army, able to restore in carrying out its responsibilities for policy, backed by intelligence and security effort strengthens
Security and safety of citizens and the protection of the country's resources.
Enhance the security and military capabilities.
Building a professional army and a strong modern foundations of neutrality ensures loyalty to the country is capable of protecting Iraq
Land and people and upgrading the security and intelligence work and to continue to secure the readiness of the forces
Iraqi, military and security, and arming and modernization of its infrastructure and training and upgrading work
To confront terrorism.
Strengthening the capacity of the army and ethnic) wild
Air, marine
Army aviation, air defense (
And arming and modernization of infrastructure and training.
Support and assign intelligence work.
Support federal and local police forces.
Insurance Police Aviation Directorate of the requirements of all the faces to make them able to perform duties
To support the security work.
Support the work of the border and assign system to prevent infiltration and smuggling operations.
Complete the construction of the security university education and training and other institutions in order to prepare men
High security and efficiency of the professional level.
Protect oil installations.
Securing adequate protection to oil companies operating in Iraq and other facilities, while ensuring the safety
Transport and ports and ports of export lines.
Ensure the security and safety of citizens.
Citizen's right to live in security, safety and stability by supporting the effort Achartaiwi control system
Electronic, and securing everything would reduce Alkhsarralepeshria and ensure Haasph of manipulating the law
Not inconsistent with international norms of human rights.
To speed up the establishment of the electronic surveillance system in Baghdad and the provinces to support the effort Achartaiwi
In the reduction of crime and the follow-up of the perpetrators.
The development of crises and disasters and accidents in events management areas to reduce human Alkhsarr
And material as soon as possible.
Establishment of judicial complexes in Baghdad and the provinces to develop the infrastructure for the headquarters of the ministry Aldoarr
Affiliated to the ministry of justice in Baghdad and the provinces.

Reconstruction Duarr Iraqi prison reform and interest through the construction of modern prisons, according to
International standards and human rights.
Make the most of the international community to support the march of human rights through the promotion of
Relationship and cooperation and coordination with international, regional and Arab organizations interested in issues
Human Rights for the purpose of benefiting from the technical and financial support and rich experience in this field.
Taking a long-term measures to deal with the phenomenon of violence and the reduction of the militarization of society and inventory
However, the state arms.
Abide by the provisions of the special susceptibility of the security forces to control the legislature Constitution
For the elected civilian leadership.
D. Strengthen Iraq's position in the international community.
Enhance the prestige and influence of Iraq into the international community through the opening to the outside world countries and building
A variety of economic relations and the pursuit of Capricorn to ensure Iraq's quota in the waters of common rivers and activate
Decisions of the anti-terrorism conference held in Iraq, which is based on the basis of the strength of the effect
Iraqi diplomacy.
Expansion of diplomatic and consular representation Iraqi and according to the requirements of the political interests of Iraq
Economic and with the international community.
Work to build an international front against terrorism in Iraq, and the activation of the General Secretariat of the fight against
Terrorism approved by the anti-terrorism conference.
Common resolve disputes with neighboring countries), Iran, Turkey, Syria (in order to ensure Iraq's share
Of shared water with those countries.
Cooperation with neighboring countries on the basis of common interests, so as to ensure security and stability
Of the country.
E. Ensure the effectiveness and independence of the judiciary.
Ensure the independence of the judiciary and remove him from the political and Tarfah and racism influences through
A comprehensive review of the implications of the articles of the Constitution and previous legislation and relevant laws
And the completion of legislation and procedures necessary to do so, including:
Federal Court Act.
Supreme Judicial Council Act.
Legislation on free access Alutariq Act) activating the role of the citizen to have access to the work of the administration
General (.
Laws and legislation to take measures relating to terrorist operations and counted Grarm war and genocide
Collectively punished by the law.

Secondly, upgrading service and the standard of living of the citizen
The government is seeking through its program to achieve an adequate level and a service to the citizen meets the requirements
In basic decent living by providing health services according to international standards, and deliver
Basic services by improving the quality of water and electricity and the development of integrated management system
Waste and increase the proportion of the areas covered by sewage services in line with the increase
The number of the population, and Mlarma building affordable housing, and the trend towards the use of renewable energy, and to continue
The implementation of a program to combat desertification and the development of a program to revive the marshes, and the emphasis on the provision of kits
Infrastructure and reconstruction of cities and regions affected by the terrorist practices and processes
Military, and to ensure the security and safety of the displaced and to provide temporary shelter with appropriate emphasis on them back to
Citizen original residence, and an emphasis on ensuring the right of the citizen to get his chance in Education
Higher Education and the transition towards vocational and technical education and knowledge to meet the needs of the labor market,
In addition to project the Social Security Act, which will contribute to the inclusion of workers in the private sector
And people with trades and professions to social security, and focus on maintaining the cultural fabric of society
Iraqi Batiaffh all work on the deployment of Iraqi culture, and support for young people to understand the power of the nation and Imad
Renaissance and a source of dignity, and pay attention to women and the emphasis on taking their role in society and activating programs
Raise the level of health services.
The provision of health services, according to the clear global standards in terms of quality and efficiency of medical staffs
And delivery to the beneficiaries by increasing the hospitals and health centers and intensify care programs
Primary Health and Aelloukaria, and the introduction of modern medical equipment in accordance with the new mechanics and concepts based
To purchase the service and updated.
Restructuring of the medical and health sector fully and adopt global standards and quality management.
The establishment of national health card and organizing national medical statisticians campaign.
Adoption of the health insurance system for all citizens, and the application of the family doctor system.
The reorganization of the rights of workers in the health field, commensurate with international standards, including
Wages policy.
Reduce the high cost of medical devices for the sustainability of their work and maintenance on an ongoing basis through
Project buy or lease the service in the long term.
Increase bed capacity) for each 44-bed hospital (where there is a shortage of up to 54 000 beds in
Iraq, to improve the health situation and the infrastructure of the Ministry) draft ten hospitals
And five
Major (.
Legislation Equal workers in specialized laws Kaltkhaddar and cardiac surgery and other fields
As an alternative to incentives to open private clinics.

The development of emergency medicine services to improve the quality of service provided in the lobbies of emergency,
And reduce the proportion of deaths and disability, and the development of emergency services, crisis management and disaster.
Building specialized centers for the treatment of autism and cerebral palsy children's disease.
Open area in front of the private sector and stimulate investment in the health sector.
The development of efficient educational and research institutions.
Education is the base engine to improve society and the right of every citizen to get his chance in
Education and Higher Education and the country to embrace Bnarh of competencies and restore community confidence in the institution
Educational and ensure the rehabilitation of students to participate in community activities through upgrading
Educational institutions and teaching staffs and the use of modern technologies in education and bridging the shortfall
Happening in the schools and the transition towards vocational and technical education and knowledge to meet the needs of the labor market.
Jaw couplings in schools and accommodate the natural growth of the number of students and to provide a school environment
Mlarma and healthy through the construction of new and rehabilitation of schools in all the provinces.
The development of infrastructure for higher education and scientific research in order to accommodate the provincial request
The increase is flowing and determine the capacity of each institution and the commitment scheme design
And the completion of the educational buildings as scheduled with the introduction of technologies and developments in phase
Ahead with the development of efficient system of higher education and scientific research in the field of provision of service
All down to the efficiency of higher education and scientific research system.
Promote scientific research through the construction of the base material and scientific laboratories specialized in
solar and wind energy research.
measurements of very low-lying concentrations of uranium and Bathat alpha, beta and gamma.
manufacturing and the diagnosis of advanced nanomaterials.
provide the needs of the ministry of administrative buildings, laboratories, workshops and rehabilitation of structures
Infrastructure, to enable scientific research Aldoarr from doing their work.
Provide students with educational bodies and scientific resources for teaching and learning, and the establishment of the library
Keep up with the electronic and technological developments in teaching and learning and the introduction of computer material
Within the curriculum.
Encourage the private education institutions in all fields and to stimulate investment in this area with
Ensure the upgrading of education.

Restructuring of the educational institutions that graduated teachers and teachers to ensure the quality of the process
Re-activation of the compulsory education and raise the level of the law until the end of middle school.
Activating prestidigitator illiteracy Initiative for Empowerment.
Continuing program of educational initiative.
C. Providing basic services to citizens), housing, water and electricity (.
Provide a decent living for citizens and the delivery of basic services to them through the improvement of the quality of water
And electricity, and building affordable housing and low cost of the fragile society with the participation of the Ministry of Construction of the categories
And housing and all the provinces in addition to the establishment of normal housing projects.
Secure suitable accommodation for vulnerable groups in the community to establish residential units in all provinces
Based on what is stated in the national strategy for housing.
Support housing projects for groups with low and moderate incomes.
Reducing the proportion of the scarcity of drinking water and improve the quality and coverage of underserved areas and reduce
Processing bottlenecks produce energy sector Alkahrbaria to provide continuity and reliability of the replay.
Addressing the bottlenecks in the network and loads the new cover to enable the transfer of transport networks
Energies generated by the new stations to local distribution networks.
Stimulate and support private investment in the electricity sector.
Increase the percentage of coverage of sanitation services and networks of rain in the whole of Iraq.
D. Achieving an effective social security and efficient.
The government is seeking in its program to accomplish the following:
The completion of the project the Social Security Act to cover all workers in the private sector with
Trades and professions to social security, in order to achieve stability of the labor market and determine the precise
For the unemployed and secure the future of all workers.
Implementation of the national employment policy in coordination with international organizations to reduce the proportion of the unemployed
In Iraq.
Complete the establishment of centers for the care of people with special needs and to improve their education and work opportunities.
Complete the preparation of the child protection policy in Iraq in coordination with UNICEF to protect
The child.
E. Providing clean, healthy environment.
Preservation of the environment components) water
Soil (through the development of an integrated waste management system
And increase the proportion of the areas covered by sewage services in line with the developments to the population increase,

And maintenance of existing networks and networks of rain and sewage treatment in accordance with the specifications
Global, organizing urban centers according to urban planning, and the trend towards the use of renewable energy,
And continue to implement a program to combat desertification and the preservation of natural vegetation and development
Marshlands program, in addition to the integrated management of hazardous substances and chemical pollution reduction
Radiation and oil.
Protect air and water quality and improvement through monitoring air quality to reduce contamination
Sources of greenhouse whether fixed or mobile, or because of the noise, through programs
Executive and specialized orientation towards the use of renewable energy), such as solar and wind
And energy Alkahromaria and biomass energy to reduce emissions (.
Water quality monitoring and reduction of contamination through agreements with neighboring countries to determine
Lots Mariah sustainable and integrated resources Mariah and develop water monitoring program and management
And a program to revive the marshes and a special program for sewage treatment.
Organizing urban centers according to urban planning and preservation of the environment through the system
Solid waste management through:
providing network integrated balanced with other methods of transport systems that provide time and cost
Less and greater safety.
reduction of land degradation and desertification control and monitor the activities of the contaminated soil
And address the causes of pollution and to continue the implementation of a program to combat desertification and treatment
Desertified soils and the preservation of natural vegetation.
Preservation of the marine and coastal environment and sustainable use of biological and reduce Alahaara
Coastal water pollution through the implementation of programs for monitoring pollution sources associated with the activity
Oil and non-oil and a mechanism to prevent activation and sustainable management of marine fishery
And maintain diversity in Alahiara Haafezat Iraq all through monitoring and documenting progress
National towards diversity Alahiara 2424, approved by the Nagoya Conference of the Convention on Biological targets
Alahiara for the year 2414 and the adoption of a national program for the protection of biological Alahiara.
Integrated management of chemicals and hazardous materials and the reduction of radiation and oil pollution and maintain
The components of the environment from hazardous chemicals, whether currently categorized or window across the border
Or from industrial and agricultural activities, civilian and military uses.
Reduction of radioactive contamination resulting from radiation sources in Iraq during operations
Radiation, investigation, evaluation and prevention of radiation and the development of an environmental survey Hadeddat
Radiological and national based on the global determinants.
The reduction of the pollution caused by the oil spill and the use of modern technology in the field
Control and strengthen environmental monitoring and early warning.

And. Protection of the cultural heritage of the spectra of the community.
Preserving the cultural fabric of Iraqi society Bottiyavh all work on the deployment of Iraqi culture
During the reconstruction and rehabilitation of houses of worship and cultural and artistic centers and the revival of the popular industries and prevent
Extinction and attention chip writers, intellectuals and artists in addition to the advancement of religious tourism
And archaeological.
Create buildings and complexes and tourist facilities and archaeological.
Support and protection of the People's industries.
revive popular industries and prevent extinction.
protect the industry and support the economy.
The deployment of Iraqi culture and marketing of intellectual production inside and outside Iraq, and interest centers
Cultural and entertainment through the deployment of Iraqi culture and marketing of Iraqi intellectual production
And publications and introducing the reader civilization of Iraq and the popular culture and arts.
G. Attention to young people, women and children.
Young people are the strength of the nation and the mainstay of its renaissance and a source of dignity and build the foundations of educational and national values for young people
That will contribute to the development of sports and youth movement in Iraq will not only be done through the establishment of
Base of youth and sports facilities in all its forms and rehabilitation and maintenance of facilities and youth facilities
And sports and supervise the management and investment and improve the self-financing, in addition to pay attention to women
And the emphasis on taking their role in society and activating gender programs.
Created and rehabilitation and maintenance of installations, facilities and youth and sports management and supervision
And investment and improve the self-financing.
Development and care for sports, cultural and scientific talent for young people.
Building the foundations of educational and national values to young people.
Start the application projects that disabled youth participation in sports activities.
Increasing targeted support for athletes and clubs that achieve success at the local and regional level.
The completion of the preparation of the child protection policy in coordination with UNICEF.
Stimulate rural women's programs and programs that support gender.
H. Development of the economy and ensure consumer protection.
In order to develop the economic reality and the protection of Iraqi citizens from fraud and manipulation and greed merchants seeking
Government to achieve the following:
Resolve the orientation of the Iraqi economy to a market economy and the gradual abandonment of State for activities

Inclusive of encouraging domestic product activation laws relating to national protection.
The development of foreign trade and transit trade and free zones.

Raising the level of financial auditing firms in Iraq and classified according to international standards.
Support investments that encourage the operation of the local workforce.
Accelerate the construction of the port of Faw, develop and put mite priority strategic projects.
Raise the capacity of local airports and to encourage and support the private airlines.
Submit a draft commercial agencies law and regulation agencies and agents to ensure that procedures
The protection of the Iraqi market from fraud, manipulation and control of commercial agencies from neighboring countries.
Activating Haakm consumer complaints and facilitate ways to achieve their rights.
Making insurance product and professional liability in respect of goods and services produced, compulsory
In order to protect consumer rights.
Tougher fines Aldzaria system on counterfeit Albdhara.
Create a system to monitor and make sure Albdhara quality through border ports.
Reconsider the financial and fiscal and monetary policy.

Third: to encourage a shift towards the private sector
Sustainable economic growth generator of income depends on the ability of the private sector development
To provide the best work and assume responsibility towards society and the chances of re-division of roles between
The government and the private sector, which requires a revision of the laws and regulations governing the work
So as to ensure the provision of an encouraging investment climate to attract capital as well as the promotion of industry
And trade, agriculture, tourism, and provide the necessary infrastructure to create additional sources of funding
General budget of the state, rather than total reliance on oil.
Restructuring of state-owned industries and the gradual shift towards the private sector.
Strengthening the role of the private sector and activating the work approved national strategies related
And encourage strategic partnerships with foreign investors and Mahlin qualified and facilitate procedures
The granting of licenses and the creation of the principle of competition in terms of quality of services, and provide support for small businesses
And medium by giving them soft loans, with a focus on increasing the efficiency of the legislative system
Work for the industry, and the gradual restructuring of state-owned enterprises to the private sector.
Strengthening the role of the private sector in the areas of) communications, the Internet and information technology
The postal activity (.
Encourage strategic partnerships with foreign investors and local competent.
Change the structure of the industry for the benefit of the private sector and private sector development through re
Restructuring of state-owned enterprises and converted to the private sector.

Increase the efficiency of the legislative system to work industry.
Activation of the approved national Balstrutejiat related investment and the private sector.
Supporting investment in various sectors and conditioning environment and legislative and financial Altaatnzimih
In order to achieve a sufficient stimulus to investment activity.
The provision of the necessary infrastructure.
The development of the transport sector and to raise the level of the current road network to ensure the safe transport and safety requirements,
And the use of modern technologies in the delivery of services to suit the ambitious citizen by improving
The quality of communication and the Internet and information technology services and expand the spread of fixed phone
And wireless in urban and rural areas, in addition to the expansion in the establishment of industrial zones, which has the structure
Infrastructure for high efficiency as the incentives available for manufacturing.
The development of the air transport sector and aviation), and land, and rail, and sea ports (.
Completion of safe passage for the road, which connects the Persian Gulf with Jordan and Syria Requirements
.) And Europe after the completion of Highway No. 2)
The development of the current road network and upgraded to ensure safe transportation requirements.
Expansion in the establishment of industrial zones that enjoy a high level of infrastructure efficiency as much as
And the incentives available for manufacturing.

Improve the quality of telecommunications services) PBX, messaging, networking (and the expansion of telephone penetration
Laselky hard and in urban and rural areas.
Improve the quality of online services and information technology) e-government services
Broadband, packages and international connectivity gateways and stings (and increase the services sector indicators
Internet) hosting and design sites, electronic library, Allasalkih packets,
And projects WiFi and DSL.)
Expansion in the establishment of industrial zones that enjoy a high level of infrastructure efficiency as much as
And the incentives available for manufacturing.
C. The advancement of the agricultural production and livestock.
The Agriculture and Livestock cornerstone of the revitalization of the national economy and the advancement of them will be
Work to provide supplies and effective treatments for the fields and farms to increase production, and maintenance projects
Irrigation and drainage needs to secure the oryx, and the creation of dams, reservoirs and Alnoazem and Land Reclamation
Drilling and Mariah, with emphasis on the promotion of investment and the provision of adequate basic inputs and repair
Legislation and relevant procedures.
Increase agricultural and livestock production towards self-sufficiency.
Improvement and development of the agricultural sector through the development of fertilizers and pesticides for crops vital
Economic development and effective treatments for the fields and farms to increase agricultural production and preparation of map
Areas Exporting dust storms, and the study of the phenomenon of desertification in Iraq to get rid of
Economic and environmental damage, and reduce soil degradation in arid and semi-in
Iraq, with the establishment of a typical briefings for agricultural experiments in the field to increase productivity
Agricultural crops and techniques for the use of irrigation and improved agricultural soils specifications and reduce cost
Agriculture and the reduction of environmental pollution.
Maintenance of irrigation and drainage projects.
Mariah insurance needs that lead to increase farmland area to contribute to the increase
The agricultural sector to GDP ratio through the creation of dams, reservoirs and Alnoazem
And Land Reclamation, Drilling Mariah drought and climatic conditions and favorable treatment
The scarcity of revenue in the rivers and their tributaries Iraq.
Providing an effective umbrella of agricultural insurance protects farmers from Alkhsarr caused by disasters
Support for export and help open international markets for the products of the Iraqi agricultural products.
Building a series of warehouses and silos for grain in the geographic areas commensurate with the production areas.
The introduction of modern management methods in the agricultural sector.
Establishment of funds or banks to provide financing for the necessary capital for Agricultural Investment and Animal.

Improve the quality of agricultural seeds and livestock manner that fits with the Iraqi environment
And increase productivity and provide the necessary fertilizers.
Ensure that the state purchase prices encouraging agricultural and animal crops and regarded as a policy
Strategy to compete with similar imported goods and the protection of the domestic product of the policy of dumping of products
Ownership of agricultural land and to encourage long-term vacations to encourage agricultural investment and wealth
Issuing legislation that encourages the cultivation of the land and allow the ownership of the land to those who farmed.
Encourage investment in the agriculture sector and the provision of basic inputs and adequate reform legislation
And procedures related to land and methods of use.
Agricultural continue the initiative and provide the necessary support.
D. The development of banking and commerce areas.
The commercial banks and financial institutions are very important for any economic activity and represents one of the rings
The financial system of the country and a reflection of the economic, commercial and financial regulations is also one of the gates to encourage
Investors and bring in capital, which can be realized through the organization and address Affairs
Economic and commercial coordination with various relevant sectors and activating the role of state banks
Banks and specialized banks and the private sector) civil (to provide soft loans to the private sector

National, address and Aldhararb Alfoard accumulated problems resulting from the stalled projects for owners
Production, with an emphasis on the development of foreign economic relations with the countries of the world to increase the size of the exchange
Trade, and the development of relations with regional and international organizations concerned.
Implementation of the Investment of Social Security funds policy.
The development of foreign economic relations with the countries of the world.
Activating the role of government-owned banks and specialized banks and private banks) civil (
To provide soft loans to the private sector National .... as well as finding solutions to the problems of Aldhararb

Accumulated Alfoard resulting from the stalled production for entrepreneurs.
The development of short and medium-term fiscal policy.
Coordination between fiscal policy and monetary policy as the foundation of economic policy.
The organization of trade and economic relations to increase the competitiveness of public institutions

And private, including the support of specialized trade fairs and quality, and the granting of import licenses and support
Export and issuing own identities importers and exporters.
Emphasis on the application of the laws relating to the protection of all the local product, as well as consumer protection
And perform data quality control on imported materials and Albdhara.

Fourth, the increase in oil and gas production to improve the financial sustainability
The oil and gas production, the largest contributor to generate overall revenues of the state and to ensure the continued employment of
Those revenues to provide programs and services for citizens, the government will continue to work with companies
Global oil to increase the scope of unexplored oil fields and the development of the necessary infrastructure to increase
Increasing energies Alkhoznip of oil and gas.
Take the necessary measures to increase the energy Alkhoznip oil and gas steps through the establishment of warehouses) tanks
With large capacities (secured with the creation and development of pipeline transport of crude oil and marketing networks through
Ports, as well as petroleum products pipeline network to cover the entire geographical area.
Increase oil and gas production and improve quality specifications.
The government is working on a quest to increase oil and gas extracted to strengthen public revenues, and
The same time working to increase the amounts of derivatives blister producing and improving quality in line with the
Local needs in addition to the construction of a number of refineries in different regions of the nearby oil sources
To reduce the pressure on the existing refineries.
The exploitation of associated gas and reduce quantities scorched him.
Build new refineries in the cities of Karbala and Maysan and Nasiriyah.
Expand oil exploration and gas reserves.
Increase export capacity and expand its outlets.
The process of increasing the amount of oil extracted requires finding multiple export outlets of geographic locations
Different so as to ensure the smooth flow of Iraqi oil flow to world markets, with no great vulnerability to close
Any of those ports, which is across the rehabilitation and development of the maritime transport of crude oil and derivatives
Oil through the development of a fleet of oil tankers and terminals with loading strengthen cooperation with
Global maritime agencies by finding other outlets for the export of crude oil and to provide flexibility
Export high.


Fifth: the administrative and financial reform of government institutions

Institutional reform of the system and improve management and simplify work processes.
Improve the performance of institutions, including:
The harmonization of the legal and political framework for the systematic institutional work.
Improve the capabilities and competencies of ministries and re-structure to enable it to accomplish its tasks and achieve
Goals as the best.
Improve and simplify the procedures for the provision of services provided by state institutions.
The application of e-governance in the various administrative levels.
Work on the completion of the completion of the institutional center of excellence.
Complete work on a project a unified national card and issuing identity card for citizens.
Complete vehicle registration procedures and the issuance of driving licenses.
Activation of the civil service system
Develop the capabilities of senior executives and the creation of an Iraqi representing the Iraqi angel demographic
The adoption of merit and ability through administrative reform program, and activate the work of the Civil Service Board
And submit a draft civil service law as soon as.
Activation of the Civil Service Council.
Submit a draft civil service law as soon as.
The completion of the administrative reform program, and the development of criteria for the selection Haddh general managers and owners
Special grades.
The adoption of a system for senior executives in the public service for senior officials Taiwir capabilities
Executives and owners create an Iraqi representing the Iraqi demographic adoption of merit and ability.
Legislation and Public Authority for the balance of the law in accordance with Article 145 of the Constitution.
C. Reviewing and updating legislation and regulations
Increase the efficiency of the legislative system and a review of rules and regulations governing the administrative work and
Including the development and improvement of building codes and the application of a unified Arab codes, and increase the efficiency of project
Legislative system.
D. Continue the reform of the financial and fiscal policy of the state management system
The application of the private electronic system of public finance of the state administration, and the trend towards the adoption of the budget
Programs and performance, and implementation of fiscal and financial system reform programs, taking into account the lack of weights
The shoulders of the poor and middle classes, and enhance the function of internal control over financial control of the evaluation
Interior, including the role of internal auditors and inspectors public, and the reduction of the phenomenon of smuggling and laundering
Implementation of what the money committed by Iraq under the FATF for the Middle East and North
Africa and give it the utmost importance.

The application of the private electronic system of public finance of the state administration) Integrated Management System
Financial Information (.
Law reform public financial management and regulatory procedures relating to it.
Adoption of the budget and performance programs instead of balancing items currently applied.
Regulation and Dara savings including Atelarm with modern international standards.
Reload administrative and technical measures adopted in the Iraqi Central Bank in accordance with international standards.
Restructuring of the banking sector under the supervision of a competent international institutions.
Deployment of banking culture and increase the savings ratio and the adoption of the banking sector salaries for the staff system
Year as a first stage down to the adoption of this system for workers in the private sector.
Reduce the phenomenon of smuggling and money laundering) to work on the implementation of commitments made in the framework of Iraq
FATF for the Middle East and North Africa, and give it the utmost importance (.
Start applying the collection of fees for services provided by the state system, in order to maximize the resources of the State
And control of the waste and waste and improve the efficiency of services, taking into account the lack of
Burdening the poor and middle classes wages of those services.

E. The fight against corruption.
The completion of the national strategy to combat corruption) 2417 2414 (in conjunction with the relevant agencies. -
Emphasis on the principle of prevention through reconsider the procedures and regulations and the use of
Advanced technologies in the administrative and financial operations and the adoption of the principle of the single window to accomplish
Transactions, and the completion of the e-government project.

Support the independence and professional bodies involved in combating corruption and law enforcement.
Activating the principle of accountability at all levels.

Sixth: The organization of the Federal Relations
Distribution of government powers between the region and governorates not organized province.
Activating the powers of the provinces based on what came in the governorates not organized province Law No. 21 for the year
2448 average, with a review of the implications of the relevant authorities of the Federal Government Constitution
The governments of the regions and governorates not organized province and work on the issuance of the necessary legislation to implement the
The provisions of the Constitution and work on:
Identify new mechanisms in the security administration in the provinces in line with the Constitution.
Granting authority to local governments, educational institutions and health service management and limited
The role of the federal government on the supervision and control of the work under the centralized controls for each sector.
Granting local governments to develop administrative procedures by the local authority needs.
The adoption of the principle of local governments to consult before taking decisions relating to those responsibilities
Granting local governments the power to expand the sources of funding in order to provide services to citizens
As well as to strengthen the role of the citizen, through the power to impose and levy some charges and fees
For the benefit of those governments.
Planning for the devolution of powers.
The central government is currently planning policy of the state and the implementation of various plans to Veer
Services to citizens and to all the provincial level. The government will work on the preparation of the strategy
Comprehensive cooperation with the provinces and territories to develop the administrative capacity in order to take those provinces
Responsibilities within the powers vested in them in addition to delegating tasks to develop detailed plans
Haddh for example, the provincial administration) Municipalities and Public Works, the social protection network,
Ration card ...... (
C. Improve coordination between ministries and provinces, local Aldoarr
The government is facing the challenges of special problems in coordination between the central government and departments
Governments in the provinces and Alakulaim.omen the other hand, should not affect the size of these challenges
Or the quality of service provided to citizens and the government will take the necessary measures to improve cooperation
Structural and coordination between the federal government and local governments through the activation of the role of the body
Reconsider manner and procedures for provincial funding allocations established in the general budget.
The involvement of the provinces in the preparation of the general budget of the state.
Make way for the provinces to achieve self-resources to expand its capabilities in the management and development of the provinces.
The provinces to take over non-implementation of projects of strategic and non-attribution of the ministries.
Withdraw the appeal provincial law to reconsider materials appeal.