Baghdad vs Kurdistan

Delighted: the right to independence for the people of Kurdistan

 Dated: July 12, 2015
Baghdad / Iraq News Network said the security of the Kurdistan Regional pleased Barzani Council adviser, said on Sunday that the right of independence for the people of Kurdistan and we are working hard for it, asserting that the Kurdistan Democratic Party struggling since its inception for it, and that the Kurdistan region need to unit Elsaf.o Barzani said during an interview, that "the issue of the independence of Kurdistan is an important issue therefore need to unit row all Kurdish political forces," stressing that "the Democratic Party of Kurdistan fought and struggled since its inception and throughout its history for the independence of Kurdistan." "The Kurds like all other peoples of the earth have the right to self-determination, therefore, this issue has been, and still within the priorities of our political action and will remain." And he demanded political forces and Kurdish parties that "make the issue political platform for their work to be able to restore this right to the people of Kurdistan."


Deputy: Kurdistan Aehmha Center and issued 420 000 barrels outside SOMO

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - July 9: deputy in the Iraqi parliament, said the coalition of state law that "Kurdistan issued last June outside SOMO 420 000 barrels in spite of the agreement with Baghdad," pointing out, "The threats launched by the Kurdistan Regional Government to export Sumo outside the company are not new, they do not care center because they are not committed to go with something more than 28% of the state budget to the region. "

She said "the oil agreement between the province and the center and has a political agreement and that the loose ends of the province released last month, 240 barrels out Sumo company."

The agency, that "this agreement is not tight, but what is a fragile political agreement and we know from the beginning that the region does not comply with this subject, particularly that he return to the oil issue individually since the beginning of 2004 in the political process." Ended O.h


Kurdistan Alliance: We can not think of separation away from Baghdad

التحالف الكردستاني : لا يمكن ان نفكر بالانفصال بعيداً عن بغداد

BAGHDAD / integrity - said the deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance that the Kurds can not think of separation away from the federal government in the capital, Baghdad.

Arafat Karam said in a statement seen by (righteousness) "This is an internal affair of Iraq can not be anyone to interfere in it, but when we think of the division we have to wonder what that drives the Kurds or others to split up and say that the causes are the wrong policies taken by governments and only if that Iraq was a civilian democratically and constitutionally it is the Iraqis are all equal in rights and duties, then the Ivker to one division and separation from Iraq. "

He added that "even when we think of division as Kurds shall be the first one to talk to him this is the Baghdad government and can not think about division away from them, and if we got to the stage of separation by then there will be a serious dialogue with them, but we hope that be a fair policy with the Kurdistan region."

He pointed out that "the federal system a global system and work division at the federal basically do not harm the unity of Iraq and we believe it's better to Iraq to be based on the regions and this in the interest of Baghdad as well," noting that "the regions experience we have found in other countries, why do not we take this model and apply it in Iraq ".

Kurdish lawmaker, said "We believe that the federal system or building regions on the basis of incorrect does not harm the unity of Iraq, but Stqoah there will be intense competition between the regions in terms of construction and reconstruction and the provision of services."

He went on saying, "We want the Iraqi provinces and Leda without the interference of any party or water from the outside," adding that "the establishment of the region in the interest of the unity of Iraq does not divide it and all those who say that the federal system is threatening the country, he is mistaken."

It is said that the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said during his visit to Washington, at the beginning of last May, that "the unity of Iraq optional, not mandatory, and that an independent Kurdistan coming a continuous process, and will not stop and will not retreat and that the obstacles that faced us to achieve the dream of a Kurdish state, still in most of them, leaving them little. "

Barzani's comments raised at the time of a great conservative different Iraqi political forces and promised a project threatens Iraq's unity and lead to Tqsimh.


Baghdad-Erbil stalemate continues

16 June 2015 11:15 GMT | By Mark Watts

Dispute over budgetary payments threatens Kurdish oil ambitions

The emergence of Iraqi Kurdistan as a significant oil player in the region has been bittersweet for the leadership in Erbil.

Oil fields in the three provinces constitutionally governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are pumping crude at record levels, but Erbil finds itself unable to cash in as its long-term spat with Baghdad over budget payments continues.

Erbil and Baghdad reached an agreement in December 2014 for the KRG to export oil via the federal government in exchange for a share of the national budget equivalent to about $1bn.

In recent months, the KRG has either hit, or nearly hit, its target exports of 550,000 barrels a day (b/d), including crude produced from the Kirkuk field operated by Baghdad’s North Oil Company (NOC).

The continuation of the agreement now looks in doubt with both sides accusing each other of failing to meet the terms.

The KRG says the amount of payments it is receiving as part of the federal budget is not enough to pay government employees, let alone pay the Peshmerga forces fighting on the frontline against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) and provide for the influx of more than 1.5 million refugees.

On top of this, Erbil cannot afford to pay the international oil companies (IOCs) developing its oil fields, jeopardising the region’s long-term expansion plans.

The KRG has set the ambitious target of producing 1 million b/d of oil in the coming years and developing gas fields and infrastructure to become a major gas supplier to Turkey and Europe.

But IOCs operating in the region only have so much patience and cannot carry on indefinitely without regular payments.   

These factors have created an unsustainable situation for the autonomous region, with no obvious solution in sight.

A medium-term increase in the price of crude would help the situation, but negotiations must be reopened on the mechanism calculating budgetary payments from export volumes.

Iraqi Kurdistan claims that Iraq has only provided it with a third of agreed payments in recent months. If the disputes cannot be resolved quickly, Baghdad risks once again isolating the KRG after clinching such an important deal last December.


Wednesday - May 20, 2015 

Kurdistan Parliament takes its first step toward drafting a constitution for the region

He named the members of the Committee, which will write it
Arbil: Dilshad Abdullah
Ratified the Kurdistan region's parliament, yesterday, on the membership of 20 people in for the preparation of a constitution for the territory of the Commission, which is made up of 21 members.

The head of the Legal Committee of the Parliament of the region, Falla unique, «Middle East»: «the region's parliament approved yesterday membership of 20 people nominated by political blocs, but dedicated to the four parties, the seat (the Kurdistan Socialist Party and the Communist Party and the Islamic Movement third trend) has remained empty , because these parties did not nominate anyone for his work and insisted on demanding a seat for each of them, and this is the right ». It continued: «the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc tried until the last minute in order that each party of these parties gets one seat, but the other blocs insisted on distribution continued by St. Lego system voted by the Parliament in the May 4 (of May)», referring to the that «for the preparation of the Constitution Committee will hold a meeting to elect the presidency of her, and then will determine its rules of procedure in order to direct its work within the period specified, amounting to 90 days».

Kurdistan Democratic Party won 7 seats, while the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change, 4 seats each and every one of them earned, and the Kurdistan Islamic Union two seats, and one seat for each of the Islamic and Turkmen and Christian community, and one seat for the four parties mentioned.

And it crossed the four parties mentioned protested against the allocation of parliament and one seat to her, rejecting the distribution of the committee preparing the Constitution seats by St. Lego system. The MP said the Kurdistan Communist Party, Abdul Rahman Faris, in a press conference: «We are in the four parties reject the distribution of the committee preparing the Constitution seats by St. Lego system, and the system did not work in the region so far, and what has been in the parliament does not comply with a national consensus So we presented a memorandum to the presidency of the parliament in this regard and the note signed by the 41 members of all parliamentary blocs. »

In turn, the MP said the Kurdistan Democratic Party, hilarious essence, «Middle East», that «the approval of the Commission is a first step toward drafting a constitution for the region, and this committee will work within the period specified». He said the essence, that «the selection of members of the Committee by St. Lego System campus four parties from membership, because it has a small blocks in the parliament, but was supposed to give each party from these parties one seat in the Committee by consensus, and we as a group of parliamentarians numbering 41 members signed Memo supports giving one seat for each party from these parties because they have different intellectual and political trends should their presence in the Committee. »


Britain put pressure on Baghdad to comply with its obligations towards Kurdistan

Wednesday 20-05-2015 | 6:11:24

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi - EM
Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi - EM

Twilight News / confirmed British Consul General in Erbil, Wednesday, that his government exercise more pressure on the Iraqi federal government to commit to its obligations toward the Kurdistan Region regarding the 2015 budget.

A statement from the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, and Lord of Twilight News, Finance Minister Rebaz lambs met British Consul General in the province Inks million and discussed the financial crisis and the failure of the Iraqi government's commitment to the agreements and the law of the general Iraqi budget, in addition to victories Alپeshmrگh forces against the terrorists of the organization "Daash".

Lambs and touched on the difficult financial situation and the large numbers of displaced persons and refugees and their burdens to the provincial government, pointing to the need for government to one billion and 500 million dollars a year to provide the necessary services for the displaced.

Lambs also touched on the victories Alپeshmrگh forces in the war against terrorists, stressing that he is not alone Kurdistan and even heads of major countries speak proudly about Alپeshmrگh and its role in preserving human values ​​and to address the gangs "Daash".

In turn, said the British consul-general to major responsibility of the Ministry of Finance in the region in order to overcome this crisis.

He stressed the importance of making the payroll system electronically and make other reforms that would bring the attention of major international companies to the largest of their capital investments in Kurdistan.

Kurdish minister expressed satisfaction with the statements of the British Consul General for the province of Kurdistan commitment agreement with Baghdad despite the recent lack of commitment to it, adding that Britain continues its pressure on the Iraqi government to comply with the law of the Iraqi general budget for the year 2015.


Kurdish sources: Obama asked President Barzani give Abadi opportunity before the Declaration of Independence

15 / May / 12

Erbil, 12 May / May (PNA) - occupied the subject of the future of the Kurds in the post-regulation Daash terrorist in Iraq, aside from the meetings President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, with the US administration, led by President Barack Obama, last week, but the president of the province did not talk about Details of his talks in this framework, saying only that the meeting was very successful, and that the US administration supports the aspirations of the Kurdish people.

However, the network «Rudaw» Kurdish media close to the center of the decision in the Kurdistan Region, quoted one of those present at the meeting between President Barzani and Obama important details of what was discussed. According to the source, which an unnamed network, President Barzani said the US president: «We will announce an independent state», Obama, he replied: «I understand the aspirations of the Kurdish people well, but Give a chance to the Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi». According to the source, it was the answer of President Barzani: «This will be the last opportunity that we give to Iraq».

 He revealed a US official network for more details of the meeting, saying that «the White House told Barzani not to reluctance to declare the Kurds their own state», and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited Erbil, said Barzani: «United States does not have any problem with the Kurdistan independence. But is it a good time for that? ». US diplomat in charge said it «the first time that the United States speak with the Kurds on the Kurdish State Frankly».

In the same context, said Mahmoud struggle, media advisor in the Office of President of the Region, told the «Middle East», that «the regional president said frankly from Washington that the US administration understands well ambitious people of Kurdistan, but in solidarity with them. In contrast, the United States confirmed its commitment to Iraq's unity, but unfortunately the reality in Iraq says something else, Iraq is now divided actually into three sections, Vgrb the country is subject to the control of the organization Daash terrorist, and the center and south, they are subject Shiite political parties, and the Kurdistan Region in the north , so there is concentration by Washington to cooperate with the Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, to accomplish his mission in the involvement of components actually real and inclusive order to preserve the unity of the Iraqi territory. »

In turn, the MP said the Kurdish former Iraqi Council of Representatives, Chuan Mohamed Taha, said that «a variety of reasons lead to the failure of Iraq to remain united, including marginalization of the Sunnis and the targeting of the Kurdistan Region, as well as poor management as well as the politicization of the army, which led to intractable political problems», adding that «political thought is a dogmatic and sectarian divides that Iraq».

He stressed that «there is pressure by the public will of the people of Kurdistan to the Kurdish leadership in order to find a solution to relations with Baghdad, people are Kurdish it is not ready to retreat from democracy and undo the achievements over the past years, but the Iraqi government in a steady decline, and the decline push the political leadership Kurdish to think of other options », pointing out that the government Abadi facing pressure from Shiite parties Deuteronomy commitment to the principles and conventions to which it was founded, and in this area the popular crowd forces represent a sword on the neck of the Government of Abadi and is a threat to his government».

Erbil waving to "other options" and accuses Baghdad of "Tknikih tricks" to avoid all the oil agreement

Erbil-Iraq Press -14 May / May: the Kurdistan Regional Government accused the Iraqi government of trying to find "tricks Tknikih" to evade the implementation of the agreement the oil agreement between the two parties, usually the current time was "not appropriate" to deduct the debt from the region's share so as not to be forced to look for other solutions .

This came during a regular meeting of the ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Council, on Tuesday evening, Nechirvan Barzani, and the presence of his deputy, Qubad Talabani.

The head of the Government of the Territory Nechirvan Barzani, during the meeting that he "will meet with representatives of the region in the Federal Parliament to discuss the oil agreement between the KRG and the federal government," adding that "the meeting will be devoted to brief representatives of the Kurds on the latest developments in the agreement."

Barzani added, that "the federal government has not committed to the implementation of the agreement during the current month," noting that it "did not send the share of the Kurdistan region compared to what has been exported from the oil and handed over to the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO)."

And it received the Ministry of Finance in the government of the Kurdistan region of Baghdad, the amount of 488 billion and 700 million dinars stake instead of 543 billion dinars.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the "Government of the Territory's commitment to implement the oil accord with Baghdad," adding, "But if the federal government did not comply with the terms of the agreement must be on the Kurdistan Regional Government and political parties participating in the government, to take a political decision and find another way to address the financial crisis in the region ".

He welcomed the Barzani, to "address all the problems with the federal government and to reach an agreement with them on all files," and expressed regret that "the federal government is dealing another not understand that the Kurdistan region hardest fights a terrorist organization."

And saw the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, that "the federal government's problem lies in the Kurdistan region imaginable that does not have any other option, and deal with him as you like," he returned that "a big mistake because the Kurdistan region of other options."

He said Barzani, that "the Kurdistan region certainly will decide what to do, even though he still wants the agreement with the federal government," Msttrda "So we will visit Baghdad".

The statement quoted the deputy head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, he counted "What the federal government is doing to the disadvantage of the Kurdistan region."

Talabani said, to "support the position of President of the Kurdistan Regional Government on the adoption of a political decision and find another way to address the problems with Baghdad," stressing that "the Kurdistan region of the right holder in the oil agreement with the federal government legally file".

And saw the Vice President of the Region Government, that "political parties should have a unified position and voice in this file," suggesting "several options in this regard", it is not disclosed.

Meanwhile, counting and Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, drastically, that "the federal government is looking for excuses and trying to find tricks Tknikih to escape from the implementation of the oil accord with the territory."

Hawrami said, "The federal government only oil sold is calculated, not the Muslim oil to SOMO by the Kurdistan region, at a time when the general budget for the current 2015 law provides, the calculation of the amount of oil Muslim by region for the Sumo, not the quantity sold it."

For his part, Kurdistan's parliament called for the federal government to be "more serious" in its commitment to the implementation of the oil agreement with the Government of the Territory.

The Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Parliament, Sherko Jawdat,, said that "the federal government should be more serious in its commitment to the implementation of the oil agreement with the Kurdistan region," adding that "the Kurdish parliament decided that the priority of that Convention to be so hoping to have to find solutions other ".

He said Jawdat, it is necessary to "maintain the stability of the economic relations between Baghdad and Erbil," attributing it to "the Iraqi state is facing one danger of terrorism."

He called on the Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Parliament, the Federal Government to "audited because the current time is not right for the deduction of the debt claimed by the region."

It agreed the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Parliament of the region, in the first of March 2015, to continue efforts to divert the region's share of the budget, and coordination of the formulation of a strategy to tackle the financial crisis and the provision of staff salaries plan, and publish weekly information on the proportion of the production and export of oil, and the processing of all files and the current problems in the Kurdistan region Aleghanona.anthy in the frame.


Kurdish parties agree on the importance of strengthening the relationship with Baghdad and resolve the outstanding problems

  2015/5/13 15:57
Kurdish parties agree on the importance of strengthening the relationship with Baghdad and resolve the outstanding problems
{Arbil: Euphrates News} and Kurdish parties sent a letter to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi it emphasizes the importance of strengthening the relationship with Baghdad and resolve the outstanding problems. "

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Sarhan Slevana in a press statement seen by the agency {Euphrates News} today that the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, met with representatives of the Kurds in the Council of Ministers the central government and the House of Representatives, and the meeting discussed how to deal with the federal government and the need to consolidate and strengthen relations with the federal government and connect with them to address all outstanding problems. "
He added that the aim of the meeting was not strained relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, in addition to improving relations and mutual visits. "
They stressed that the Kurdish parties decided to send a message to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi about the outcome of the meeting and resulted in him ".

Brazani meeting of the House of Representatives and the Kurds in agreement confirms the commitment of oil and threatens to take "other ways"

Editor Mohammed Shafiq - Wednesday 13 May 2015 16:09

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The final communique of the meeting of the President of the Regional Government of Kurdistan, the Kurds and the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, the county government's commitment to the Convention with oil Baghdad and continuing to address the problems through dialogue, threatening to take in with "other means" if the government's insistence on the center positions.

The statement, issued after the end of the meeting and received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "Although the Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to export the required oil quantities in accordance with the Convention and the Law of the budget year in 2015, but unfortunately the federal government has not committed to sending full for the Kurdistan region of financial receivables at the time of the Kurdistan region suffers from financial pressure because of the cut in 2014 budget year and the war against terrorism and the presence of more than a million displaced people and refugees in the region without the cast that interest by the federal government. "

The statement emphasized that "the meeting emphasized to continue to address the problems with the federal government through the understanding and commitment to the Kurdistan Regional Government Bagatha with Baghdad and the budget year 2015 for Iraq Federal dialogue," adding that "if the dialogues did not reach and understanding to the result and the insistence of the Federal Government on the position of violating the budget law and do not send the financial benefits to the Government of the territory of the region will be forced to take other ways to address the financial crisis of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, according to the budget law and the laws of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament ".

He called on the participants to the federal government, "according to the deal announced by the political program to address the problems between the federal government and the province and abide by the constitution and the laws in force."

The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani confirmed the first Monday (11 May 2015), that the region wants the implementation of the oil agreement with Baghdad, "according to what has been understood," while the region threatened to sell oil "directly" in the absence of financial receivables write Baghdad.


To all theorists to divide Iraq

D. Muthana Abdullah

May 11, 2015

The division of nations which may be a cure for hatred, may be border change as covering ahead of the protection of the injustice and oppression of others, may be the Declaration of Independence investigation individual ambitions or collective is long overdue for the moment, but are these the only ways in which people can live in security and peace and contentment? Is it the only way to build a homeland which Tkhalkhalt pillars of stability? Is it a bulwark of not to return to war, ethnic cleansing, especially in plagued in football history countries, which fused nationalities and sects and creeds and religions and tribes and clans, to some extent become a physicist Kalanasr which combined with other elements, the fact that a new compound can not in any way case dismissed, and return it to its metallic first? We boarded the South Sudan turn off the northern Sudan oil pipeline that passes through its territory, and got fierce battles between the two sides in more than one place, and tribal massacres occurred within the new state, and became the south workers who are working in the State of North residency problem. The same problem still exists in Bosnia and Kosovo after twenty years of division, as well as between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
So not guarantee a new life and lasting prosperity under the new borders, as some think, it is a new addition to the intractable problems and the destruction of the future can not predict its outcome. It is also betting on the borders of geography alone are in a big illusion, because they no longer have such prestige that we have known previously.
Real institutions are the only factor capable of solving all the problems of political, security, economic and internal dilemmas, which sends the faith of security and peace between mixed communities. The sectarian, ethnic and religious boundaries, they are just screens to battle to come Atkhaddnq people behind her, waiting for a moment the outbreak of new wars, and the hardest thing of all that they have suffered in one state time.
Iraq today, and in the one-state, everyone is talking about the disputed areas. Is Kirkuk is Kurdish or Arab? Samarra and Nukhayb and rock cliff and Diyala, you are Shiite or Sunni? Nineveh Plain and Tall Afar Are they Christians or Turkmen or Yazidis? All of this raises questions and believes that separation is the only solution, to the extent that the ideas of nationalism and internationalism cross-border owners turned to more advocates of secession.
Some have abandoned the Communists and Baathists for Arab Unity internationalism and slogans are one nation, and they are now hardened advocates of sectarian mini-states, and some Islamists deny Islamic unity transnational, and they are now advocates of sectarian mini-states. But all these voices forget that the new border impose new economic and political interests, a new nationalist and secure, the whole development of the Turkish Kurdish hostility factors, and an Iranian Kurd, Arab and Kurd, and requires more vicious wars which preceded them under a single state. Even the federal system, which some see as a solution to the Iraqi problem, is no longer valid for the management of Iraq, because the nature of the federal system complex administrative nature need to kegs community conscious, economic and cans, sophisticated, and political elites civil able to manage differences and achieve the interests of everyone, and all these things do not exist in the country Today, where inflatable everyone in the Iraqi memory and make it divided, was distracting the social fabric to shreds, in tatters, and brought based on quotas political system, turned society into ethnic and sectarian and ethnic cantons group, and that every one of them has the political forces that chime with the regional-space.
Therefore, the federal system call within the high entitlements and conditions of the massive, will be an active factor in the division of the country, not to preserve the unity, as some think, because stability is the result, comes from basic introductions strong community unity, and political harmony actor and creative, economic and bedrock, and this all are far-fetched in Iraq. We are also in spite of all these ongoing since the occupation in 2003, suffering and even today, did not highlight our historical and national elites able to skip the moment from which the Iraqi tragedy, and thus put the country on the right track. True, the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, I jumped in all their platforms to the new divisional concepts that have emerged in the Iraqi reality, and advanced on others in the national discourse mosque, and remained in a constant state of self-immunization, against all the ideas and provocations that were intending to drag it to the new negative nature It emerged, to become a force in the court of range without the other, but local realities and new regional powers was the strongest of them materially and politically, Vharepettha in terms of not with us is against us, although it is directed arrows it was supposed to be traditional allies. The most important question today is where we are going? Then what to do?
The country is in the midst of sectarian tsunami which hit the region as a whole and not Iraq alone, though the atmosphere of sectarian war, which overshadowed the country between the years 2004 and 2008 reappeared again, as evidenced by the high death toll and the level of violence escalating sectarian conflict, one of the four diagonals in Tehran axis, and is therefore the jaws of an Iranian guide and Arabic and Kurdish and Turkish, but its advantage for other countries it is the only one who is characterized as a buffer state, because it is located between the Arabs and the Turks and the Iranians. Iranians returning strongly to the scene as protectors of the Shiites, and the Turks are going back strongly as protectors of the year, and the Arabs want a veil frontline to repel the influence of non-Arab, but they do not want him as a strong Mhaba, because Kuwait events are still knots with some of them, and the politicians Sunnis and Shiites, Kurds and others, all share of this gown truncated wants to make own empire. So what to do? The only solution to what is happening in Iraq is the exploitation of popular field, because it is an effective tool only not to put pressure on the authorities, but also is the only one capable of defeating Authority and its project and its methodology, so you must work on raising the street constantly against all the projects promoted by everyone. How wonderful how the people of Iraq marched out Magdy Rady to visit the holy shrines have, nor out half a million people marched in protest against the daily kill them and steal their money and their children's future. So not raise public awareness is the last bet everyone who loves this country.

* Iraqi political researcher

D. Muthana Abdullah


Deputy for Kurdistan: the atmosphere between Baghdad and Erbil is heading for the better

BAGHDAD / integrity -

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Khosro Goran, that the political atmosphere between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government headed for the better.

Goran said in a statement seen by (integrity) that "the visit Abadi to the region was necessary in them", adding that "the two parties agreed to form a committee to follow up the oil file and agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, as well as committees for security and the liberalization of Nineveh."

He stressed that "the atmosphere is moving for the better, and the political atmosphere is much better than it was."

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, visited in the sixth of April, the Kurdistan region and met with the region's president, Massoud Barzani.

He said al-Abadi, during a joint news conference with Barzani, "We came to Arbil for cooperation and coordination on a joint plan for the Liberation of Nineveh, and we have no interest to the region or to waive Baghdad on the territory of Nineveh, they are people and work for their interests."

Abadi revealed during the conference on "the existence of a timeframe to move for the Liberation of Nineveh, but we want to save the element of surprise," adding that "the people of Mosul will have a key and important role in the liberation of their city."

For his part, Barzani "announced the formation of a joint military committee with the task of Baghdad to prepare a detailed report on the military needs and the development of strategic plans for the process control of the city of Mosul, in addition to identifying those involved by"

May 12th 2015  Rev - 1