2014-2015 IRAQI Budget News

Budget law enters into force after its publication in the Iraqi Gazette

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -23 February: public finance federal budget for Iraq Act 2015 came into force after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Iraq to the facts.

The Ministry of Justice said in a statement to the publication of the budget law in the newspaper Aloaúa on Sunday and entry into force.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has approved on 29 January last state budget law and ratified by the Presidency of the Republic in 10 of this February.

The budget 119.5 trillion dinars based on 84% of oil imports and on the basis of Sarla $ 56 per barrel as a fiscal deficit which 25 trillion dinars .anthy (1)





President approves budget bill

February -10, 2015 

President of the Republic Fuad Masum honest Tuesday the tenth of February 2015 on the federal budget for the current year law after they are received yesterday from the House of Representatives.

Confirms Mr. President on this occasion the importance of adhering adjusts unnecessary expenses and income into account a few social strata service and provision of basic services in this emergency situation through which the country.

And renew the president of the republic thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed in the preparation of the budget, study and review, discuss and draft legislation, both in the government or in the House of Representatives or in the media, which was a vital role in all these stages.






الشيخ محمد يصف اقرار الموازنة بالانجاز الكبير نتيجة توافق الكتل السياسية

Sheikh Mohammed describes approving the budget big achievement as a result of the political blocs agree

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - Description of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Iaram Sheikh Mohammed approve the 2015 budget of the great accomplishment, Ntgah political blocs agree.

Mohammed said in a statement received (newspaper rectitude) a copy of it today, that "I would like to congratulate the Iraqi people and the oldest private congratulations on the adoption of the budget the Federal Act of 2015, which is what has been achieved is a great achievement of the agreement and the consensus among all the political blocs in Inside the House of Representatives, and with the help of the Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Republic, continuing to work hard to end the law, as amended, and perseverance by members of the Finance Committee. "

He added that "this is a good addition to the achievements of the parliament, which has not seen in previous sessions of the adoption of the budget law during the period of a month," he said, adding, "it was a vote on this important law because of the needs of citizens and the state in approving the budget in order to economic recovery and the living conditions of the citizens."

Mohammed said that "the House of Representatives will remain in a permanent monitoring of the implementation of legal materials and items and Seetmr Council in its parliament and oversight for the implementation of the budget for the benefit of the Iraqi people for the success of the political process and progress towards prosperity."

The House of Representatives approved the 2015 budget law in its meeting yesterday to lift its 10-February 4 .anthy



اهم الفقرات التي صوت عليها البرلمان العراقي ضمن موازنة 2015

The most important paragraphs voted on by the Iraqi parliament within the budget of 2015


BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - passed the House of Representatives, on Thursday, the federal financial budget for 2015 in the amount exceeded 119 trillion dinars and a deficit of 25 trillion dinars, and its lift to the tenth of February next.

It is the most important paragraphs in the budget of $ 41 a paragraph that voted in by a majority of parliament the following items:

1. The imposition of sales tax on Kartat mobilize the mobile phone and Internet networks by 20%, of the value of the card and 15% on the purchase of cars of all types of tickets, ".

2. reduce the number of cars of the three presidencies to five cars and customize them for every three cars each minister who is Bdrjtah.

3. prevent the central bank from the sale of more than $ 75 million a day in the auction

4. pressure Alaivadat Foreign Posts 50%

5. Requiring the Ministry of Finance and all ministries under the budget paying salaries and employee benefits in the provinces in the hot spots Law

6. Install the contract-holders in the ministries who have three years of service and above in the 2015 budget.

7. proportion of the Kurdistan region's budget 17% of the federal budget

8. bind the Kurdistan region under the budget law allocated to the province of Halabja, the region's share of the budget according to population ratios.

9. granting the Ministry of Trade exchange ration card items on the form of cash to the beneficiaries of the displaced people in hot spots validity

10. contribution to state employees and the public sector in the face of economic challenges, and to support our security forces in the war against terrorism insurance requirements, and the adoption of national savings to the staff of the state system and the public sector, published by the Federal Cabinet.

11. Authorize the Ministry of Finance to issue the character of support on behalf of the displaced determine exaggeration in accordance with instructions issued by the Accounting Chamber, in order to impose on all citizens when their review of government departments.

12. Establish the reconstruction of areas devastated by the terror Fund, which is funded by grants and international aid, and the first is allocated 500 billion dinars.

13. Launch of grades with the formation of the National Guard to be the nucleus of the popular crowd formed.

14. The Council of Ministers have the right to establish the Supreme Council for the reconstruction, that is regulated by law within three months.

15. deletion of Article 26 for the Ministry of Finance to stop the financing of projects, ministries and departments not associated with the ministry and the provinces that do not exceed 50% implemented.

16. Do not assign any function leading director and above, unless there is a law degree in ministry or organizational structure.

17. allocation of two dollars for each province producing oil, and two dollars for every barrel of oil refining. Finished 4



المالية النيابية تؤكد التوصل إلى اتفاق نهائي بخصوص موازنة 2015

Parliamentary financial stresses reach a final agreement on the 2015 budget


Special / newspaper integrity / faith Qasim - confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi said Wednesday its reach to a final agreement on the adoption of the general budget, denying the news that talked about the failure to reach agreement on the budget.

Tamimi said in a statement (newspaper integrity) that "the Finance Committee met on Tuesday and put points on the characters on the budget in 2015," indicating that "the final agreement will be presented the final report of the Finance Committee on Thursday."

She Tamimi "I have proposed that the barrel price is reduced to $ 56 instead of $ 60 for the reduction of the total budget, and this is what has been applied yesterday at the meeting."

"The region's share also reduced in line with the austerity policy of the country is experiencing."

What was described as a member of the parliamentary finance committee Jabbar Abdul Khaliq budget 2015 budget burdens Stertbh what this budget of monetary pressure on Iraq.

Abdul-Khaliq said in a statement (integrity) that "the newspaper possible budget deficit covered by internal borrowing but if you overshoot the deficit bigger than expected rate then, the trend to external borrowing from the World Bank" .anthy 9



صالح: خفض سعر برميل النفط في الموازنة الى  56 دولار امر سليم وواقعي

Saleh: reduce the price of a barrel of oil in the budget to $ 56 is a sound and realistic

BAGHDAD / newspaper uprightness

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. confirmed. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said the sale of a barrel of oil cut in the federal budget price of $ 60 to $ 56 by four dollars per barrel is a sound, realistic and Segnibna dangerous possibilities of lower oil prices.

Saleh said, in a press statement that the calculation of the price of oil by $ 56 per barrel, the price is close to the expectations of economists, a wise and close to the step of the likelihood of decline in global oil prices, "noting that the Finance Committee has examined the issue in good relied on accurate reporting of the adoption of this figure." .

Saleh added that "this action is very suitable to what Iraq is going through, especially the economic situation and that there is a war cost the government a lot of economic costs," expected "improvement in global oil prices by the coming months, and Iraq will overcome this crisis soon."

He was a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Faleh force emphasized that "the Commission has taken the decision to reduce the price of a barrel of oil in the federal budget for the fiscal revenue and realistic figures, having seen the price drop in global markets."

He added that the force "of the Finance Committee and to prevent the rise in the fiscal deficit in the balancing project after the sale to reduce oil prices to $ 56 decided to cut for every one dollar of the price of a barrel cut 1.3 trillion dinars."

Finance Committee and announced in the House of Representatives Wednesday, the last cut 5 trillion dinars from the fiscal deficit in the budget of 2015, but indicated that the deficit is still high due to the very low prices to sell oil.

Finance Committee also confirmed not selected financial number within 17% of the budget financial counterbalance the Kurdistan region, noting that the province will receive a financial budget in the form of monthly payments in accordance with Financial's revenues Almthakqh.anthy 9



المالية النيابية توافق على الموازنة والتصويت عليها في جلسة الغد  

Parliamentary Finance approves the budget and vote in tomorrow's meeting

BAGHDAD / newspaper integrity - in the parliamentary finance committee member said the committee voted at the conclusion of its meeting today to approve the draft financial budget law for 2015.

He said committee member Jabbar al-Abadi said, "The Committee approved the draft budget law for a total 119 trillion dinars to cut 6.5 trillion dinars after she was 125.5 trillion dinars," pointing to "submit the budget to parliament at its tomorrow for a vote."

He is scheduled to hold its House of Representatives on Thursday to vote on the budget .anthy 4



المالية النيابية تصف موازنة 2015 بموازنة (الأعباء)

Parliamentary Finance describe balancing the budget in 2015 (burden)


Special / newspaper integrity / faith Qasim - describe the parliamentary finance committee member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq Tuesday budget 2015 budget burdens Stertbh what this budget of monetary pressure on Iraq.

Abdul-Khaliq said in a statement (integrity) that "the newspaper possible budget deficit covered by internal borrowing but if you overshoot the deficit bigger than expected rate when that possible direction to external borrowing from the World Bank."

"The external borrowing will arrange the benefits of Iraq in the coming period, but some do not like being the amount of domestic borrowing of cash in the banks."

"I was reading the inclusion of the budget for a second time in the House of Representatives agenda of the meeting next Thursday."

As indicated for the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary fulfillment Kazim, that external borrowing is the only solution to the financial crisis taking place in Iraq, pointing to the direction of the committee to encourage investment to support the country's economy.

"The financial crisis has no solution at present is to borrow from the World Bank, and this is the only option at this stage."

She explained that "borrowing be selected and the terms of the interest rate to be determined from neutral countries such as Japan, the percentage of low interest rates of these countries and other conditions" .anthy 9



نجيب : الإسراع بإقرار موازنة 2015 تبعث رسائل مطمئنة

Najib: to accelerate the adoption of the budget in 2015 sends a reassuring messages

Special / newspaper integrity / Mustafa al-Araji - said the parliamentary finance committee member Najiba Najib said Monday that "the adoption of the general budget during the current period sends a check for all the Iraqi people messages, that the Iraqi parliament was able to vote on the budget this year, despite the difficulty of approval.

She said Najib told (the newspaper of integrity) that "all political parties learn helplessness winning big in this year's budget, therefore it can not meet all the orders because of the faltering economic situation, and the state of war with the forces of darkness (Daash).

She member of the parliamentary committee that "all claims of grades and project petro dollars are legitimate claims, but there is no financial allocations in this regard until now .anthy 4



المالية النيابية: الشهر الجاري سيشهد إقرار الموازنة وليس هناك عقبات

Parliamentary Finance: this month will see the adoption of the budget and there is no obstacles


BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - revealed the decision of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Ahmed al-Haj Rashid for that month will see the approval of the draft federal budget for the fiscal law for the current year, no obstacles to ratify it, but there is a natural observations.

The MP said the Haj in a statement that "the budget bill will pass this month, and in the strict sense there are no obstacles, but some of the reviews by the House of Representatives is a natural, whether technical or objective."

Haj He continued, saying, "After we finished the second reading of the bill would send notes to the Finance Committee, and thus the process of the preparation of the final report in this week, and then sent to the Presidency of the Parliament and then put the budget for the parliamentary vote."

The House of Representatives ended on Monday the second reading of the draft public finance federal budget for the current year the law and raise its to Tuesday of next week, at the time called for the presidency of the Council of Representatives parliamentary finance committee to prepare the final version of the law of general federal financial budget for the current year; for the purpose of presentation in the session on Tuesday From next week and vote on it .anthy 4



البرلمان يمنح اللجنة المالية فرصة زمنية لتقديم تقريرها بشأن الموازنة /موسع

Parliament Finance Committee gives time opportunity to submit its report on the budget / expanded


BAGHDAD / newspaper integrity - he finished the second reading of the Council of Representatives to draft financial budget law for 2015 in today's session after the completion of debate in several previous sessions, with the granting of the Finance Committee of time an opportunity to submit its final report on the budget.

A statement by the Presidency of the parliament received (newspaper rectitude) a copy of it, that "At the outset of the meeting, which was held today under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 272 deputies Council voted to authorize the Commission displaced and deported to direct role relief to the displaced, with the given absolute authority of the House of Representatives to help those affected by During the move to international organizations and stakeholders; to face the difficult humanitarian their situation because of bad weather situation in displacement camps. "

The Council also approved the granting of the Presidium of the House of Representatives have full power to resolve the problems concerning the work of some of the permanent parliamentary committees, and on the relocation of Congress between the Commission and the other, or the disruption of a quorum, or some of them exceeded the upper limit for membership.

This was followed by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs issued a statement condemned the terrorist attacks that took place in France, noting that being in France for Aimit any religion onion and all religions him innocent, being denied the killings, demanding the international community to stand by Iraq to counter terrorism.

It ended the second reading of the budget in 2015 after the completion of debate in several previous sessions.

In the interventions of the House of Representatives MP Ardalan Noureddine that called Peshmerga forces allocations ratio is within the Department of Defense, and not limited to ground forces allocations only.

She MP Nora Albjara to the importance of transfers between the doors of the budget to increase the allocations of the displaced.

MP Jamal urged to grant Muhammadawi Basra privacy budget by giving them $ 5 instead of a dollar within the petro-dollar.

He suggested MP Yasser al-Husseini establishing high economic body to draw the economic policy of the country, comprising experts and specialists in economic and financial affairs.

She drew the MP to the importance of the gift of hope to increase funds for the province of Dhi Qar, for infrastructure development.

For his part, suggested MP Furat al-Tamimi raise interest resulting from borrowing from the Agricultural Bank and work to increase support for the cultivation of wheat to Iraq's need to develop the agricultural process in light of the drop in oil prices.

The proposed Samira al-Moussawi, reduce the budget by closing the doors of the exchange is necessary, including conferences or deputations, as well as take out sovereign expenditures of the budget and distributed to the provinces.

He called Mansour Baaja to the inclusion of the provinces of Babil and Diyala provinces within the beneficiary of the reconstruction fund the affected areas.

He cautioned deputy secretary-Bakr Muhammad to the importance of the region to speed up the payment of salaries for the last two months of last year.

And MP Jawad al-Bolani importance of re-formulating development plans in the economic sphere; to make it easier for the legislature to provide a few problems with balancing the importance of regional development and activation of the issue of taxes and customs tariffs and the development of the agricultural sector.

In turn, drew MP Ali Shukri to the importance of self-financing institutions salaries included within the financial budget, the fact that borrowing from Iraqi banks will lend the burden by paying interest on the amounts of borrowing.

He called Aziz Ugaili to support the private sector with all our strength and knowledge of the size of the surplus funds from previous years, and not compromising the salaries of all employees without the degree of general manager.

The proposed MP Princess Abdul Karim Add paragraph of the budget include the allocation of funds to Article 140 of the Constitution, which came within the government program, in addition to the benefits of the Peshmerga forces exchange.

For his part, MP Abdul Hadi al-Hakim that the reactivation of religious tourism is the benefit of the Iraqi economy, which contributes to ease the burden on the holy cities of the budget with the need to impose taxes on the super-luxury materials that have purchased the preserve of the rich.

And said of quitting MP that Iraq is a war of attrition going on with terrorism requires continue processing and buy weapons, pointing to a deficit in the salaries of about 25% of the soldiers and officers, as well as the need to add 5 thousand degrees and functional separated from the Ministry of Interior.

The MP pointed Rnz Jaber to the importance of addressing the issue of Iraqi funds smuggled abroad, whether in the past or the present stage, and work to restore them in order to be added to the financial budget.

Demanded Rep Ghada al-Shammari attention the situation of Iraqi refugees in Jordan, providing medical assistance to patients of them.

And MP Mohammad Salim clasped to the allocation of 500 degrees and careers to the Ministry of Displacement and Migration; to help them carry out the tasks entrusted to them to address the situation of displaced people and alleviate their suffering.

MP Abdul-Karim al-Naqib has called for increased financial allocations for the crowd is equal to what is intended for the army and police popular.

He urged the Attorney Sirwan Abdullah interest in providing adequate financial share of Halabja being a new province.

For his part, MP Khaled Mufriji that the federal budget did not mention the National Guard, being a part of the political agreement, in addition to the need for justice to farmers who have been affected due to the control of terrorist groups on their land.

The MP Aqeel Abdul-Hussein on the importance of allocating sufficient funds for my foundation of political prisoners and martyrs and work to resolve problems takers Rafha camp.

He cautioned the Attorney Joseph Saliwa to the difficult conditions of the employees of the Ministry of Industry, which requires the continuation of their salaries and not shut off.

Considered MP Huda al-Amiri need to support graduate students and allocate sufficient funds to build schools.

Demanded Rep semen Maliki to allocate funds for the treatment of cancer patients affected by oil extraction in the province of Basra.

He called Zana happy to inclusion of Kurdistan region and the inclusion of petro-dollars allocated to Article 140 amounts.

And the MP pioneer Isaac paragraph that national savings contained in the budget did not specify categories covered or the meaning of savings, which are required clarification.

For its part, indicated that the MP pros Hamadoun Nineveh province suffers from a tragic situations, which requires the development of financial allocations within the budget; to divert employees' salaries in the North Cement Company stalled since last June.

MP Hassan Sinead not reduce allocated to the Ministry of Defense of grades, and the addition of grades that have been talked about in connection with the alien within the budget.

Criticized Rep. Rankin Abdullah fiscal policy unilateralism of the budget and the absence of agricultural imports them.

In response to the interventions of the Finance Committee confirmed taking into account the comments of the House of Representatives, noting that the Committee will be ready to submit its report regarding the budget.

For his part, President al-Jubouri, the granting of the Finance Committee of time an opportunity to submit its final report on the budget and taking into account the comments of the House of Representatives that the Committee to hold hearings going on, which is hosting the ministries concerned to discuss the financial budget.

Then I decided Presidency of the Council of Representatives to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday at 11 am .anthy 4



مشروع موازنة 2015 سيُعاد للحكومة مع الملاحظات


2015 draft budget will be returned to the government with remarks

BAGHDAD / newspaper probity - MP from the Kurdistan Alliance said Susan Baker, the 2015 draft budget would be for the government with the observations.

She explained in a statement that "the members of the House of Representatives, gave their comments and the required amendments to the bill at today's meeting, and we will wait Monday session, which will be the last, before re-draft of the government with the observations."

Minutes of the special House of Representatives ended the first reading of the draft federal budget law, which was passed by the Council of Ministers in the earlier rate of 123 trillion Iraqi dinars.

She added that "the government will be amendments to the draft budget, according to what I have written parliamentary finance committee, and then returned to Parliament for the first reading and a second, and then vote on it."

Cabinet recently approved the allocation of $ 2 to the provinces producing oil for every barrel of oil produced within the federal budget for 2015.anthy 4



المالية النيابية: مجلس النواب يحقق بالاموال المفقودة في 2014

Parliamentary Finance: House of Representatives investigating the lost money in 2014


BAGHDAD / newspaper uprightness

Finance Committee member confirmed Majida al-Tamimi said, "the House of Representatives will investigate the fate of some of the customizations that the government spent in the year 2014.

Tamimi said in a press statement seen by rectitude that the newspaper "there is cash missing within the 2014 budget, which has not been approved and there is no bond exchange them, explain the doors that led to them spending that money."

She added: "The House of Representatives Samay after the adoption of the federal budget for the new project in 2015, to investigate the fate of those customizations and financial expenses."

Showed Tamimi said, "according to statements received by the Finance Committee, the actual expenditures size until last July, arrived about 74 trillion dinars, of which 4 trillion of arming and military operations, and the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 we expect that total up to about 110 trillion dinars," asserting Parliament recognizes the financial statements and securities exchange relating to expenditures in 2014 budget until the month of July. "

She drew Tamimi said that "the Finance Committee asked the government to provide all the data and bills of exchange until the end of the year to determine the fate of the customizations and diagnosis of financial imbalances."

Tamimi explained that "there are no complete and accurate data to the Ministry of Finance expenses ministries that did not provide clear statements of the current expenditure for each of them, Masab things on the Ministry of Finance to give an accurate detection Bzlk.anthy 9



شوقي : اتفاق نهائي على تمرير موازنة 2015

Shawki: a definitive agreement to pass the 2015 budget


Special / newspaper integrity / faith Qasim -okd MP for citizen Bloc sound Shawki said Wednesday that there was a "serious desire of the members of the House of Representatives passage of the budget in 2015 after making simple adjustments, not radical."

He said Shawki told (the newspaper of integrity) that "the budget will be operational in the amount of $ 87 billion and investment by $ 45 billion confirmation class basis will be to pay the ministries of defense, interior, energy and projects salaries strategy completed by 50% of the real work you will pay the sums have to complete these projects ".

"We must restore the amounts retained from previous years to the provinces because the budget did not remember these amounts and thus Vestrdja these amounts to the Treasury."

The finance minister said during a press conference held at the Ministry Building, "The Council of Ministers held with several ministerial committee amendments to the budget, and appealed to" the parliament and committees allocative the adoption of the budget law after studying at the beginning of next year, so that the government and the ministry to control the revenues and expenses and to begin work on the provision of the proposed revenue to bridge the fiscal deficit and provide basic services to citizens. "

He appealed to the Minister of Finance, "all ministries and agencies in collaboration with the financial instructions contained in the Accounting Department to stop the publication of exchange end of the fiscal year 12/31/2014, according to the law of financial management and public debt."

He explained the challenges faced by the Iraqi economy in 2014, the lack of liquidity as a result of terrorism organization Daash and expenses of defense and fronting the vitality and the drop in oil prices in world markets.

The proposed government measures also explained to finance the deficit, the financial gap of national savings and assets retained and SDRs and the issuance of foreign bonds and public debt through the legal reserve banks and treasury transfers from the Trade Bank of Iraq and issuing money orders treasury government banks.

Finance Minister also said that the government will provide a budget for 2014, and will serve as a financial statement on the actual income and expenses and aspects of exchange in the first half of next year, and the student concerned ministries of electricity, municipalities and the importance of the secretariat of Baghdad revenue collection and Tnzimha.anthy 9



مجلس الأعمال الوطني العراقي يقدم مقترحات لمعالجة العجز المالي بالبلاد

Iraqi National Business Council to submit proposals to address the country's fiscal deficit

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - The Iraqi National Business Council, the Sabbath, that the Iraqi economy is not inclusive nor free, it is a mixture of the two, noting that the Council presented a working paper to the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers to activate the private sector in the context of low oil prices and the financial crisis experienced by the government and the country.

The council said in a statement received (newspaper integrity) that "our concern that the diagnosis of glitches in any failure by the trend towards effective solutions to remedy the causes of degradation and prioritizing public and frameworks, so the keenness of the Council on the growth of the country's economy, which everyone should be involved in the support offered Council working paper to the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways aims to support the private sector, which will be an ally and supporter of the country's economy. "

He added that "the Iraqi economy in general suffers from a large blurry it is not is a holistic centralized economy as it was, and it is not a free and open market economy, but it is a mixture of the two, there is no imprint is clear that we can call them this economy Upon our review of both labels and economic terms can not to put our hands on an accurate characterization of what we are, and here we must start a new start of the start point is far below zero, which should begin in accordance with the following data:

First, you must supplement the yacht planning and finance economic, financial and scientific talent to develop visions and draw up the general policies and plans and the use of global economic organizations and research centers and research strategy as well as the activation of administrative development policies to Jamea ministries.

Second: Iraqi private sector involvement through organizations that are represented in the enactment of legislation on the economy

Third, take advantage of our revenues in the current financial support for small and medium enterprises through the establishment of an investment bank with a large capital mission is to be the first investment and investor support and without significant benefits in return for soft guarantees.

Fourth: the privatization of industrial and agricultural stalled projects and the way the court to not lead to a waste of public money or the loss of workers rights traps BSA to put real standards and be sergeants and transparent in providing full and equal opportunity for all Iraqis to buy and manage subject to privatization projects

Fifth: activating the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in the development of the performance of the Iraqi economy by issuing instructions that facilitates the performance of public and private banks, insurance companies and find the real criteria for the level of performance of those banks which have achieved good levels to support economic activity and Tkdsm soft loans to citizens

Sixth, the development of the professional sector in Iraq in order to rehabilitate the central cadres suffered by the Iraqi economy and the labor market of a clear shortage through the development of vocational training centers and the establishment of long courses and short to supplement the construction sector and the industrial sector modern youth wealth of bridging this shortfall and to get rid of unemployment.

Seventh: cemented the country's infrastructure by completing energy projects and paving streets and the development of border crossings, ports and airports and the use of the private sector in the privatization and implementation of projects.

Eighth: attracting foreign investment through the creation of Investment attractive investment environment and this can only be achieved Petrchin security reality in the country.

The statement concluded that the Business Council will be fully prepared to provide detailed studies in the torrent development of all economic sectors and provide research that helps us to promote this deteriorating sector and move him to modern economies, as we are willing to work seminars and workshops involving all relevant ministries and civil society organizations and to make recommendations that will help us all to develop a common vision to meet the aspirations of the proper transmission of the economy of free Mtaafa.anthy 4



القانونية النيابية : عدم تقديم حسابات ختامية لموازنة 2014 مخالفة دستورية

Parliamentary Legal: non-submission of final accounts to balance the 2014 constitutional violation

Special / newspaper integrity / faith Qasim - confirmed by the Parliamentary Legal Committee high Nassif said Thursday that "failure to submit the final accounts for 2014 is a clear violation and enshrined in the constitution."

Nassif said in a statement (newspaper integrity) that "the final accounts to ensure the provision of explicit and clear of imports and expenditure figures, as well as showing the amounts retained for the ministries and presidencies and provinces."

"That constitutional provision is clear, therefore, the lack of adoption of this matter is the constitutional violation."

The "Economists stressed that the 2015 budget can not recognize without the availability of the final accounts for the balance of 2014.

As stressed that the parliamentary House of Representatives recognizes the 2015 budget of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday morning for the purpose of approval at a hearing tomorrow Tarih.anthy 9



نائبه كردستانية ترجح وصول الموازنة للبرلمان خلال اليومين المقبلين

Vice Kurdistan suggest the arrival of the budget to the parliament during the next two days

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude -

Suggested an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Shirin Reza access the general budget for next year to parliament during the next two days.

Reza said in a press statement today that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised to send the General Budget Law for 2015 to parliament within ten days, indicating that the parliament will go a legislative recess and hold a special session if the arrival of the budget to him."

They expected to reach 2015 budget to the House of Representatives during the next two days.

It is said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged to complete the general budget of the country for 2015, within ten days, and the reason for the delay attributed to lower oil prices, lower domestic export rates.

He Abadi, in a speech during the hosting of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to him earlier, that Iraq is now bankrupt, but it suffers from the problem of monetary require reconsideration of the economic strategy, stressing the importance of exploiting the current economic situation for the development of the private sector and encourage investment.

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri announced that the Council will hold a special meeting to discuss and approve the general budget of the country, during the first legislative term holiday. Ended 7



Parliamentary citizen urges cabinet to complete the budget and send it rapidly to parliament for approval

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude - Prime citizen Bloc vegetative Hamid urged the Cabinet to complete the budget in 2015 and quickly sent to the House of Representatives for approval.

The vegetative in a press statement today that "the Council of Ministers to speed up the completion of the budget in 2015 and quickly sent to the House of Representatives for the purpose of validation."

"The completion of the Council of Ministers for the final version of the budget law would give the House enough time to see them and to give his opinion and observations on them, in order to ensure non-recurrence of the obstacles that witnessed the budgets of previous years, and especially the budget in 2014, which did not recognize until now."

He explained that the vegetative "delayed ministries to prepare their budgets in accordance with the constitutional prescribed timings will hinder the stages of preparation of the budget and therefore will delay approval, which will disable all sectors in the country."

He noted that "the current stage requires not to delay in approving the budget, especially since a lot of projects in different sectors are still lagging behind and that the country needs today to the starting projects should not be disabled launch financial allocations obstacle in front of which the benefit of the citizen."

The Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, had announced on Sunday that the Council will finalize the preparation of the general budget for 2015 in the coming days and before the end of the fiscal year, and among the priorities in the budget will be the exchange of security, health and service sectors.

The Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, has revealed on the fifth of this month, about the intention of the ministry reduce the general budget for 2015 to 120 trillion, and explained that a serious ministry to reduce the budget deficit to 30 trillion dinars through a review of its provisions with the Ministries of State, and the search for domestic sources to reduce the deficit Instead of foreign borrowing.

And arrived in the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi in the 30th of last month to the House of Representatives session; to discuss the reasons for the late arrival of the financial budget law for 2015, the Council of Ministers, has been Chairman of the Board of Deputies Saleem al-Jubouri said during the start of the first legislative term holiday session (on Monday) for a month One, while attributing the cause to delay the Council of Ministers to send financial budget law for 2015, said that the parliament will hold a special meeting during the holiday in case the budget .anthy 4



الاستقامة تحصل على جدول اعداد الدرجات الوظيفية في موازنة عام 2015

Rectitude get grades in preparing 2015 budget table

December 2, 2014

Follow-up / newspaper uprightness

Parliamentary sources confirmed that the total value of the project in the budget bill for fiscal 2015 amounted to (150 trillion dinars), while the proportion of the deficit reached 41 trillion dinars, and the main doors, which occupies a large space in the defense budget is equal to 23% security.

A parliamentary source said that "the revenue in the budget of 108 trillion dinars deficit 41 trillion dinars," noting that, the security and defense to take the lead in terms of customization, as the value of this section 35 trillion and 275 billion dinars, it is beyond the power of 29 trillion. "

Newspaper integrity and got a table Alahaddathat ministries and the preparation of the grades in the budget year 2015 in terms of total grades reached one hundred and eight thousand four hundred and fifty-eight degrees and careers.

It was as follows:

_mash Health / 13.525 degrees and careers

_ The Ministry of Finance / 412 degrees and careers

_mash Education (teacher and teacher) / 5000 degrees and careers

_ Interior Ministry (Illaz, employees and laid-off) / 35,000 degrees and careers

_ Eliminate / 1200 ° Functional Council

_ National Intelligence Service 250 / degree of functional

_ Ministry of Defense / 50,000 thousand degrees and careers

_ Kurdistan region / 2411 degrees and careers

_ Prisoners Foundation 150 / degree of functional

_ Labor and Social Affairs, the new / 500 degrees formations and functional

-Office Vice President / ten functional degrees.



Cabinet approves amendments to the budget and Abadi underlines the need to ensure the safety of allocations to the Ministries and provinces expanded {}

  2014/11/27 21:36
Cabinet approves amendments to the budget and Abadi underlines the need to ensure the safety of allocations to the Ministries and provinces expanded {}
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} cabinet approved on Thursday amendments to the draft general budget for 2015 proposed in preparation for submission to the House of Representatives on Saturday after being cabinet second review her as prime minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the need to check the details on the level of ministries and provinces to make sure safety customizations.
A statement by the Council of Ministers and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "the Council of Ministers a special meeting held on Thursday evening, headed by Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister, to discuss the federal budget for the year 2015.oukd listened Council to offer a total of assumptions adopted by the Ministry of Finance in the formulation of that on both sides of the budget revenues and expenditures in both the investment and operational items, by Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance.
He continued, "As the general principles underlying the construction budget was discussed, especially in the context of securing a transparent relationship with the Kurdistan Regional Government, local governments, based on the perception of realistic data and financial security, and seeks to address the problems raised over the past years.
Abadi and according to the statement stressed the importance of conducting the audit on the budget at the level of ministries and provinces details to make sure the safety of customizations.
The statement said, "The public data contained in the offer made by the Ministry of Finance, reveals the importance of urging ministries to maximize revenues in order to Atneks effects of oil prices on the living situation for the Iraqi people, taking care to sustain the momentum of care for the poor and vulnerable groups in the increase of social protection network efficiency."
He concluded, "The Council acknowledged after listening to the observations of the members of the Council, the necessary amendments to the draft of the proposed budget in preparation for submission to the House of Representatives on Saturday evening after the cabinet being reviewed again to them."
The Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, has revealed on Thursday that the total amount of next year's budget for 2015 with a {108} trillion dinars.
Said a member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi, for the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the House of Representatives next week to deliver the general budget.
Sheikh Hamoudi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend the parliament session, which is scheduled to be held next week to deliver a budget in 2015," .anthy



Finance expects $ 100 billion

- November 26, 2014
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Cabinet discusses today's budget next year

Finance expects $ 100 billion

BAGHDAD - A decade

Cabinet held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss the 2015 budget, the source revealed that the council is trying to finish them as soon as possible to be sent to the House of Representatives. The source said yesterday that the (Council of Ministers held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss next year's budget). He added that the (Council seeks to finish this budget as soon as possible to be sent to the House of Representatives for approval).

For its part, the parliamentary finance committee that confirmed the absence of the draft federal budget law for 2014 will not affect the preparation of the budget in 2015, noting that the Council of Ministers has not yet basic price for a barrel of oil to balance next year sets.

A member of the Committee Faleh applicable statement yesterday that the (still ongoing correspondence between the Ministry of Finance and the Council of Ministers to determine the amount of oil production in the region and the provinces of Kirkuk and Basra in order to determine the quantities of production and exports of oil). He added that the force (Council of Ministers has not yet basic price for a barrel of oil to build a project of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2015 sets), indicating that the (lack of budget 2014 will not affect the preparation of the next year's budget). In a later development, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari announced that his ministry would be presented to the government soon proposed budget for 2015 of $ 100 billion, pointing out that (it will be based on a price of $ 70 per barrel of oil). The Reuters news agency quoted Zebari as saying yesterday (we we will soon be on the proposed budget for 2015 the government $ 100 billion), Zebari said that (it will be based on a price of $ 70 per barrel of oil)






Cancellation of billions of dollars in expenses and consultant Abadi speaks of "a new financial thought" to balance the 2015

21/11/2014 20:13
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And that the government will go towards reducing its current expenditures that were costing the federal budget each year, including nearly 45 billion dollars. He pointed out that the 2014 budget data will be submitted to parliament with the budget next year.

To the Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed that the government has decided to calculate the price of a barrel of oil to $ 80 in the next budget, warning of talk about higher prices amid oil market crisis.

He says the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, during his meeting with the "long", "The Ministry of Finance was working for some time to prepare a draft budget law of 2015, in accordance with rules prescribed by the financial management and public debt No. 95 of 2004, which defines the concepts of the preparation of any budget. "

Article (6) First of public debt law, the Ministry of Finance to prepare the federal budget on economic development plans and the pursuit of macroeconomic stability and economic policy and applicable laws and regulations, taking into account the desire required to ensure the strengthening of the financial situation of Iraq, and to reduce volatility in government spending, and the completion of the accumulation of gross income taking into account in particular the wise and moderate forecasts for the prices of petroleum and petroleum products, tax and customs revenues.

And adds the benefit of that "next year's budget heading towards limbering and reduce ongoing expenses and some of the projects that the financial burden of a big raise with some other exports outside the oil sector and to address the projected shortfall."

And explain the economist and adviser reasons for delay in the adoption of the budget year 2015 in the Council of Ministers to "the existence and security conditions problems experienced by Iraq," stressing "the existence of emergency conditions faced approve the federal budget for next year and the latter end of them falling world oil prices and determine the amount of oil produced and exported as well as the challenges terrorism. "

Saleh believes that "the preparation of the budget next year will serve as a financial re-thought in Iraq under difficult circumstances and face the challenges of terrorism and the decline in oil prices."

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister and draws out that "the Ministry of Finance did not specify the oil now to be adopted by next year's budget as well as the amount of oil exported prices," likely "turn the grades for the current year to the next budget."

The oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, likely, while hosted in the House of Representatives, to be expected oil price calculated in the construction budget for 2015 by about $ 80 per barrel, and linking Abdul-Mahdi, the improved performance of the Iraqi economy in the correct orientation of financial resources through pressure unnecessary expenses.

Notes in favor of that "wages and salaries cost the state budget of nearly 45 billion dollars a year as well as the ongoing consumer spending, such as furniture, cars and deputations, and other services, and that up to 45 billion dollars."

And expresses its regret economist fiscal policy followed during the last years of the ongoing expenses acted obscene and large, believe that "the expansion of the financial budgets over the financial period was unreasonable expansion, which included consumer ongoing expenses that strained budgets, large sums of money."

Saleh also notes that "the recent agreement with the Kurdistan region will address many of the budget, which is related to the lifting of the production, export and marketing of oil to the world market" problems, expected to "be discussed the general budget in the next month in the Council of Ministers and then sent to the House of Representatives."

The Federal Government and the Government of Iraq's Kurdistan region and reached an agreement that provides for the federal government to transfer $ 500 million in exchange for a commitment to Arbil, 150 thousand barrels of crude oil per day at the disposal of the federal government.

But economic adviser to Prime Minister al-Abadi believes that "drawing the federal budget is dependent on the completion of agreements with the Kurdistan Regional Government and oil processing differences fully."

He guessed that "the investment budget will focus on the task of investment projects and re-projects lagging," expected to "be the budget year 2014 data with next year's budget submission to the House of Representatives."

In the same vein, it was revealed Secretary Baker, MP for the mass change of Kurdistan, for "there is no intention at the federal government calculates the price of oil in the next year's budget of $ 80."

Baker shows the "long" that "the Council of Ministers will send the budget year 2015 to Parliament before the end of the current year for legislation on time," adding that "the trend is to reduce the consumption expenditure in order to control the proportion of the deficit projected in the budget."

Explains a member of the Legal Committee that "the reasons for the calculation or the adoption of a barrel of oil price of $ 80 in order to cover the deficit and filled through the equation between expenditure and income," but acknowledges that "the adoption of this price is risky because of the decline in world oil prices."






Iraq has a $ 74 billion cash reserve

October 26th, 2014

Qualifies him to be free from economic crisis

Parliamentary Finance Committee deflated the seriousness of the decline in oil prices, the global economic crisis and the impact on the Iraqi economy, he has a cash reserve of more than $ 74 billion. Said committee member Rep Wafa Ahmed Kadhim According to the agency «dinars» The Bank currency reserves of nearly 74 billion dollars, which is twice the mass of cash in circulation in the country, and this does not exist in the best countries in the world is also a good indicator to reassure the Iraqi people. »
She added that «the Iraqi economy is immune from the global economic crisis and falling oil prices», likely the advancement of the Iraqi economy in the coming period, especially after the implementation of the government program to support the private sector.
The parliamentary Finance Committee suggested the failure to approve the federal budget for 2014, but will be used to approve a cash budget for two months, as pointed out that the investment projects will be migrated to the year 2015.oukal Committee member MP Masood Haider «that the budget is a financial plan presented by the government to determine the revenues and expenses State and determine the timeframe for this revenue in order to abide by state institutions in this ceiling », adding that« the 2014 budget passed by more than 10 months have not been approved ».
He added that «the remaining period of the current year to Atstojb approve the full budget, but will approve the cash balance as much as two months, are prepared by agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank through knowledge of revenue and expenses that have been made during the last period in order to determine the fiscal deficit».
He noted that «the government will send a cash budget to the House of Representatives during the last few years for the purpose of discussing and voting on them», pointing out that «the projects that were planned in the 2014 budget will be carried over to the next year's budget».
For his part, MP for the mass of the citizen and member of the Legal Committee Shawki Salim, on Sunday, the final accounts to balance the 2014 operating budget is more than a development as a result of winning the big deficit.
Shawki said in a press statement that «the remaining time and a few essential to take necessary measures to provide the final accounts to balance the 2014 budget next year to start procedures to begin work on the implementation of projects and work stalled new salary ladder functional degrees according to the new budget year».
He added, »that the Iraqi Parliament put a committee to monitor and audit the final accounts will be negligent and the competent authorities accountable when there is evidence of any financial exchange inaccurate or informally».
In addition, the Attorney Akil al-Zubaidi revealed that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives sent to the 100 members of the Kurdistan to be trained on how to prepare the federal budget.
Zubaidi said in a press statement on Sunday, «that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives sent to the 100 members of Iraq's Kurdistan to be trained on the study and the preparation of the federal budget by the relevant experts in this field».
He added, «that these courses come to increase the expertise of Representatives to overcome knowledge barriers while reading the paragraphs of the budget and show them and discuss the law, and that the Presidency of the Council will send other meals successively to include the House of Representatives who are in urgent need of it».



No deficit in 2014 budget, says MP Musawi

Published: 2014/10/15 20:10121 Reads
Baghdad {Alforat} -MP Abdul Hussein Al-Musawi of the Iraqi National Alliance said "There is no deficit in the public budget as the state revenues reached IQD 70 trillion with surplus estimated at 9 trillion.
Musawi told Alforat "The state revenues amounted to IQD 70 trillion so there is a surplus valued at IQD 9 trillion according to the current expenditure especially the budget is not ratified so far."

The deficit in the budget announced at the moment is hypothetical and depends on the previous budget. However, if the 2014 budget is approved during the next two months, there won't be deficit in budget of 2015, he added. /End/
Updated: 2014/10/15 19:27

What are the dimensions of the real behind the reduction in world oil prices by the United States and Saudi Arabia?

News sources confirm that the draft budget for Iraq, the target for 2014 is estimated at 150 billion dollars, the highest

in the history of Iraq,   She pointed to those sources to the size of the budget is the highest in the history of Iraq between

previous budgets and will be 174.6 trillion Iraqi dinars (150.1 billion dollars) on the basis of the calculation of an oil price

of 90 dollars per barrel, as it is expected that the volume of oil exports for next year to 3.4 million barrels per day. He

explained that the next budget than its predecessor in 2013 to about 36 trillion dinars (30 billion dollars). It is noteworthy

that the American dollar is equal to 1160 dinars currently. But most important of all is the continuing decline in world oil

prices in the plot jointly implemented by the United States and Saudi Arabia to carry out the purposes of political dirty?

She reached the current prices to low levels beats him alarm bell for the Iraqi government, where trading price of a barrel of

Brent oil today in the range of $ 85 and is expected to decline to 77 dollars or 13 dollars less for a target price of $ 90 in

the budget for 2014 and this increases our concern at the failure to follow the Iraqi government wise economic policy in how to

cope with the sudden shortage of Satra on the budget in the event of a collapse in world oil markets brings us back to history

when oil prices fell from $ 38 per barrel to $ 8! To find out the purpose of reducing the current prices are summarized the

following: First: that the failure of the economic blockade, which was adopted by the United States against both Russia and

the Islamic Republic and their allies in the region make them think about finding ways punitive more painful against its allies,

and these methods are manipulated in global oil prices to subjugate these countries by clicking on it economically most important

of these methods are reduction in oil prices to very low levels may reach even without seventy dollars in order to gain political

and military on the ground in each of these states note that this like this style used horrors United days of the Cold War against

the Soviet Union and China, has helped oil embargo American Thley year Gen. Banoutch 1973 in a military coup that toppled socialist

Salvador Allende.

Second: that the lower prices will exacerbate the effects of sanctions and increasing pressure on the Russian side to get

significant concessions in the files of global political like Syria and Georgia, which is another attempt to return the export

of Russian gas and streamlined exported to European countries, prices of old, and this is rejected by President Putin in toto.  

Third, forcing the Iranian negotiator provide real concessions in all the files of internal and external relating to Iraq,
Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, and the Palestinian issue and so bring more economic pressures such as lower oil prices, which lead
to the weakening of the Iranian economy and help reduce Iran's ability to expand the outer submitting financial aid and logistics
States allied especially Syria and President Bashar al-Assad, who insists on Saudi Arabia veto it and made ​​it a condition on the
United States before agreeing to reduce the prices of oil and to compensate the United States of all economic losses anticipated!

Adding insult to injury is the recent rejection of Iran's cooperation with the United States and European countries to compensate
for the shortfall of Russian gas and was considered by the United States-Iranian alliance against Russia.

Fourth: the use of a weapon reduction in oil prices would force the Iraqi government to provide more concessions States of America,

which in turn want to appease countries supporting terrorism, and the Kurds, Sunnis and the return of the ousted regime of Saddam's


Fifth: After the rhythm of Iraq with heavy losses as a result of the reduction in oil prices will be linked to the International
Monetary Fund and shackled debt and future interest that will eventually bring the Iraqi economy in the long term and this colonial
policy Atmayora IMF, in coordination with the United States under the titles of aid and loans and the like.  
The Iraqi government and parliament attention to the size of this new conspiracy to re-formulate its new budget spending and
reduce the size of the proposed work hard to increase exports, the rapid development in the fields of oil and gas wells and
diversify sources of income and to encourage agricultural and Alastosmaralsnaaa.
Ali al-Moussawi



Iraq’s new budget is coming. It is expected in 2014. Many positive changes are expected within the country. The Finance Commission of Iraqi Parliament has given an expected figure of 8 to 11% increase in budget. This figure is quite much more than last year’s budget. Many new points of prosperity are also under consideration. These include the National Projects, and oil exploration project, etc.

It is said worldwide that Iraq’s budget does not present the picture of a third world country. The budget is quite handsome. This expects to reduce unemployment in the country and also there will be low inflation rate. The low inflation rate will improve lifestyles in Iraq. People will put their energies into positive actions, which will ultimately contribute to the progress of the country.

$130 billion budget is expected this year. This is a quite heavy budget. It can easily spare amount for various progressive projects in the country. With this much budget, Iraq will be able to get stable. Iraq has already got prominence in international matters too. The overall layout of the budget is decided. They know which amount is sanctioned to which department. This information is also confirmed by the finance minister of Iraq.

It is expected that budget of Iraq will be finally announced in the month of August next year. The budget is much delayed. That’s why the ministry of finance has asked to wind up all the budget calculations as soon as possible and present the budget at the earliest.

The investment commission of Iraq, in accordance with parliamentary economy, has said that the reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq will be increased. This advancement will also do well for the whole Iraq. This is particularly a good sign to make the currency of Iraq strong. Overall, the reserves of Iraqi bank will increase. Also, this is mentioned by the Central Bank that the reserves of the bank have already reached the count of $80 billion.

The budget has a big part to tackle the problem of power outages. They are planning to drag the power to 13K megawatts this year. This cannot be done at once. This will be done by the end of the year. Till then, people will have to face the situations of power failure. If the output of power reaches 13K megawatts, there will be no problem at domestic level.

More national grids are also a big part of national projects. Oil exploration and purification are also one of the main projects of the country. Iraq is sparing big budget for this sector too. If this sector will progress, overall condition will improve. Oil is the biggest trade of Iraq. After Saudi Arabia, Iraq has the biggest oil reserves. Iraqi economy’s big support lies in the export of crude oil. Other industries also contribute but oil has its own importance. Canned food, cloth, agriculture, etc. are other big industries.

The budget will be presented for approval in October. A big part is also sanctioned for paying back the debt. Iraq has paid the entire debt of Kuwait. The condition is quite hopeful for Iraq. Maybe, the budget proves to be the best budget ever.


According to government data: the size of the budget deficit in 2014 to reach more than [60] billion dollars

Statistics for [where] According to government data: the size of the budget deficit in 2014 to reach more than [60] billion dollars

Friday, 20  December 2013 09:31

Report: Ammar al-Masoudi

[Baghdad - where]

A statistic conducted by all of Iraq [where] on the basis of data and government figures for the fiscal deficit in the current budget year, the state for the year 2014 exceed [62] billion dollars.

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Raising the zeroes

The budget in 2014 amounted to 194 trillion dinars and a deficit of 35 trillion inflation of 3%

Economic parliamentary: the budget in 2014 amounted to 194 trillion dinars and

a deficit of 35 trillion inflation of 3%

12/18/2013 14:10

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: Economic Commission announced in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, that the next year’s budget in 2014 amounted to 194 trillion dinars and a deficit of 35 trillion dinars and 3% inflation and 19% poverty rate, loaded with the government responsible for the late arrival of the budget to Parliament.
A member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil Mahma during a press conference held today in the parliament building and attended by “tomorrow’s Press,” “We hold the government responsible for the delay budget is not income for the Kurdistan region of this delay,” calling that “there is a budget compromise-free defects will not be distracted even the House of Representatives and take much time to discuss it. ”

He added that “next year’s budget amounted to 194 trillion dinars and a deficit of 35 trillion Iraqi dinars and 3% inflation and 19% poverty rate,” noting that “the 2014 budget is no different from previous budgets.”

Kurdish MP to “insert dues Peshmerga retroactively since 2007 till 2014, within the budget next year.”
The Finance Minister Ali Shukri announced in October 2013, ending the draft federal budget for Iraq for the next year 2014, which will amount to 174 billion U.S. dollars.



1. Expenses of Security and Defense: (23,696,430,900) thousand dinars (twenty-three thousand, six hundred ninety six billion, four hundred thirty million nine hundred thousand dinars).

2. Education: (13,383,772,100) thousand dinars (thirteen thousand three hundred and Eighty-three billion, seven hundred seventy-two million, one hundred thousand dinars).

3. Energy: (32,126,131,900) thousand dinars (Thirty-two thousand, one hundred twenty-six billion one hundred thirty million nine hundred thousand dinars).

4. Environment and Health: (6,679,974,800) thousand dinars (six thousand six hundred seventy-nine billion, nine hundred seventy-four million and eight hundred thousand dinars).

5. Social Services: (25,953,659,000) thousand dinars (twenty fife thousand nine hundred fifty-three billion, six hundred fifty-nine thousand dinars).

6. Water, Sewage and Sanitation: (3,965,596,900) thousand dinars ( three thousand nine hundred and sixty-five billion, five hundred and ninety six million nine hundred thousand dinars).

7. Transport and Communications: (2,301,720,650) thousand dinars (two thousand three hundred one billion seven hundred and twenty million six hundred and fifty thousand dinars).

8. Agricultural Sector: (3,083,108,600) thousand dinars (three thousand and three Eighty-one billion, one hundred eight million, six hundred thousand dinars).

9. Industrial Sector: (1,410,576,400) thousand dinars (one thousand four hundred ten billion, five hundred seventy six million, four hundred thousand dinars).

10. Construction and Housing: (1,875,807,300) thousand dinars (a thousand eight hundred seventy-five billion eight hundred seven million and three hundred thousand dinars).

11. Culture, Youth and Clubs and Federations: (3,111,954,300) thousand dinars (three thousand, one hundred eleven billion nine hundred fifty-four million and three hundred thousand dinars).

12. Departments, Central and Local Public: (13,993,193,151) thousand dinars (thirteen thousand nine hundred ninety-three billion, one hundred ninety-three million, one hundred fifty- one thousand dinars) distributed as follows:
i. A (4,473,025,633) thousand dinar (four thousand, four hundred seventy-three billion twenty-five million, six hundred thirty-three thousand dinars) for the departments of the central.
ii. A (9,520,167,518) thousand dinar (nine thousand five hundred twenty billion, one hundred sixty-seven million five hundred eighteen thousand dinars) for the departments of the local.

13. Domestic and International Debt: (12,073,795,000) thousand dinars (twelve thousand seventy-three billion, seven hundred ninety-five million dinars).

14. Kurdistan Region: (19,760,797,002) thousand dinars (nineteen thousand, seven hundred sixty billion seven hundred ninety seven million, two thousand dinars).



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