2015 Budget Statements

Zebari: We are planning to issue bonds worth five billion dollars

Mon Jun 22 2015 19:36 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Monday, that Iraq hoped to meet with investors at the end of next July, presented plans to issue five billion dollars worth of bonds.

Zebari said that "Iraqi officials met with the three banks and institutions of credit rating Fitch and Moody's on June 16".

He added, "We have completed a very successful tour of the technical examination with the three banks and with institutions of credit rating in Istanbul, and I think they will be involved."

He Zebari "I think we're going to start the promotional tour in the end of July or in early August at the latest, then Snsderha after that. Everything goes in the right track."

The government hired both "JP Morgan" and "City Bank" and "Deutsche Bank" to arrange the first bond issue in her nine years in order to cover the budget caused by lower oil prices and the war against "Daash" deficit.



Security Committee: Iraq spent $ 145 billion on security institutions .. and arming tribal priority

Mon Jun 22 2015 23:36 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It revealed for security and defense parliamentary committee, aMSN that Iraq spent, during 8 years, more than $ 145 billion on security institutions and combat terrorist organizations. But admitted that there is no vision for these expenses, which she described "the massive and large."

The Committee noted that the parliament and the government agree on the training and arming Sunni tribes to engage in the battles for liberation as a prelude to keep her land after liberation.

In the meantime, the Union forces confirmed that Jordan would bear the training and arming Sunni tribal fighters expenses, but he stressed the need to be Jordanian initiative across Baghdad.

He says of quitting, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense, said that "the central government has always sought to arm the Sunni tribes and is serious to achieve this through the acceptance of adapting western provinces of thousands of sons and incarcerate them in training and involvement in the battles for liberation."

He Zamili "long" that "Anbar province Volunteers who have completed Tdrbyatem numbering four thousand volunteers while Salahuddin province has reached more than four thousand volunteers," noting that "the final number of volunteers sons of the tribes came to nearly 10 thousand volunteers are year. "

And confirms the chairman of the parliamentary security committee that "part of the Hola was armed and others need to be equipped with weapons and ammunition," adding that his committee put pressure on the government to speed up the sons of arming tribes.

Zamili and stresses that "the central government is serious in other arming Sunni tribes to fight Daash in the western regions and the maintenance of land after editing operations," noting "the importance of the role of the crowd clan in the coming military operations."

And the amounts allocated by the Iraqi government, the military establishment in the war on Daash, head of the security committee "there illustrates the huge amounts of money and big monitored by government security services in the fight against organizations Daash," noting that "the amounts spent on the development of the military during the past eight years, calculated with period (current Daash) up to nearly $ 145 billion. "

Zamili believes that "these amounts which spotted the security of the institution is very large and huge but they were not well thought out, according to a clear strategy," noting that "most of the armament contracts marred by corruption because it is not conducted in a transparent and orderly".

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi revealed at the end of November last month about the presence of 50 thousand space in the Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the Parliament calling for the government to achieve economic reform and to fight corruption.

Zamili draws to "having a lot of contracts signed with the US side did not reach the Iraqi government despite the Iraqi side to pay the price for these deals."

Despite the acquisition of security on 30% of the total Iraqi budget, but Baghdad is facing real difficulties in arming its regular troops as well as tribes Volunteers.

In this context, Salem al-Issawi, deputy Anbar, says that "the most important files that ask the government to achieve them, in the current period, is the issue of arming the tribes to confront the organization Daash".

He said al-Issawi, told the "long", saying "There is delay in the resolution of arming the sons of the tribes do not know the goals of and behind it", stressing that "the loss of a lot of areas because of this foot-dragging."

And confirms the MP for the western Anbar "Sunni forces in favor of Jordan initiative to provide support, training and arming of the sons of the tribes to be through the central government," noting that "the Jordanian government has sent this proposal to the Iraqi government and is awaiting an answer Baghdad to begin its implementation on the ground."

And Jordan's King Abdullah II expressed his country's willingness recently to support the Iraqi tribes in Anbar.

And the content of the Jordanian initiative, says a member of the Union forces, "it includes rehabilitation and training of the Sunni clans and arming them at the expense of the Kingdom of Jordan," noting that "the Iraqi government will agree on the type and time and place of the sons of arms clan training."

The attention of the Attorney-Issawi that "the Jordanian initiative came after negotiations and talks held by Vice President Osama Najafi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq Council and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with Jordan's King Abdullah II." 



Central bank: borrowing from the IMF will achieve the required targets Iraq

International Monetary Fund building
06/13/2015 11:09

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: saw Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, Saturday, that the benefit of borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, Iraq will strengthen the global financial position, noting that the borrowing from the IMF will achieve the required targets Iraq.

Keywords and said for "tomorrow Press", that "the amount that is expected to be provided by the International Monetary Fund to Iraq right of countries to contribute to the Fund, and shareholders of Iraq," noting that "the amount came to support the budget and reducing the existing deficit."

He explained that "there's intentions must be shown by Iraq when submitting borrowing request, which is an economic and financial reforms to encourage the Fund to give Iraq and be of interest loans, to strengthen the international position in terms of credit degree, and to gain the confidence of donor countries for Iraq", adding that "the central bank is seen the loan is not worth the amount, but puts us much better financial transactions between the countries and the world. "

Keywords adding that "there are financial institutions when you see the size of institution the International Monetary Fund will lend Iraq, this increases the confidence in Iraq," noting that "Iraq will soon receive the amount we see it is useful to achieve the desired goals."

He announced the International Monetary Fund (IMF), agreed with Iraq to lend the amount of $ 833 million to support its economy, while stressing to present the agreement of the Executive Body of the Fund to express its opinion cutter.






The launch of 800 billion dinars from the budget in 2015 for the ministries and provinces

Ministry of Finance

15/06/2015 11:41

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: revealed member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib, Monday, the federal government agreed to release 800 billion dinars for local governments and ministries as part of the 2015 budget.

And showed Najib for "tomorrow Press", "The government has agreed to release 800 billion dinars from the budget in 2015 for local governments, ministries, and that the amounts would be transferred soon to for the purpose of debt repayment and other things."

She explained that "during this month will see the government spend that amounts institutions within the budget of 2015," indicating that "the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Economic Commission parliamentary coordinate with the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of release of the remaining funds from local governments, ministries and companies completed their projects budget 2015".





$ 500 million to finance the budget deficit

6/15/2015 0:00

Went to borrow from the Islamic Development Bank
BAGHDAD - the joy of pumice
The government is moving to fill part of the deficit of the current budget year 2015, by borrowing the amount of half a billion dollars from the Islamic Development Bank for the purposes of structures Altanah.ost this image projects, raising the Islamic Development Bank current limiting your program by issuing medium-term instruments of $ 10 billion to become ( 25) billion dollars.
The Islamic Development Bank, the multilateral international financial institution with developmental in nature, comprising 56 Islamic state, including Iraq, one of the founders and shareholders of the capital, located in the city of Jeddah, as it has been adopted as a financial institution development eligible for "risk weight degree zero" of the Basel Committee to oversee General banking in 2004, and the European Commission General 2007.oppema regard stressed economic advisor to Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh "morning" as the government seeks to borrow $ 500 million (half a billion dollars) to finance part of the deficit as stated in the text of the general budget for 2015, a development goal to support infrastructure projects and bridging the investment side of it.
Saleh added that the loans provided by the Islamic Development Bank which is a soft loans do not carry a great benefit, but Kaamullac less than a natural interest, and acted for infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, schools, etc., since it depends on the proportion of Iraq's contribution to the fund's capital.
The central bank is the National Coordinator of the Islamic Development Bank with ministries and government agencies, according to the adviser, noting that there are two types of loans are either requests from the Iraqi side, or the Bank allocates an amount for development projects needed by Iraq. Iraq has previously borrowed from the bank, and the payment of financial dues that his trust, especially loans that financial institutions, particularly multilateral be due and payable, the mind multilateral international financial organization. Salih noted the existence of an urgent need during the current circumstances to borrow for development, as there have been consultations and talks to finance Iraq during the period of undergoing Chapter VII, as the bank expressed a desire to provide support and assistance in order to finance some infrastructure projects, especially schools, but it was not completed for lack of clarity Image between the two parties.
The increase in the value of medium-term instruments in the interest of Iraq and within the limit set by Iraq, where it can be many development activities that support the country, especially the financing of the budget deficit (expenses greater than the value of revenue).
For his part, Mesopotamia Islamic Bank Director Abdul Hussein Mundhiri "morning" that Iraq is a founding member and participant part of the capital in the bank, which was officially opened in 1975, as it supports the development processes in the countries Alasalamah.oadav that Iraq welcomes any decision to finance, especially now that the country has promising opportunities in the field of investments, noting that Islamic banks operate in the field of project financing, which is a new culture in the Islamic countries and the world.
As for the role of Islamic banks in Iraq Mundhiri he saw it is not doing its part actor and the right, where she works in the business, so you need to procedures and instructions and facilities to support its proper role in financing investment and development projects.


Kurdistan Regional Government: We have on the citizens of more than 3 trillion dinars in loans and advances

Sunday 14-06-2015 | 1:30:22


Twilight News / revealed an official letter issued by the Ministry of Finance in the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Sunday, the ministry has a debt to the citizens of more than three trillion dinars in the form of loans and advances delivered to them during the last period.

He said the book, seen by Twilight News that the debt includes loans and advances received by the citizens of the real estate, agriculture, industry, housing banks, explaining that it was up to the end of the month of March 3 trillion and 992 billion and 356 million and 869 thousand and 350 dinars and handed over to 230 thousand 281 people

He added that the amounts that citizens gave it back up to the same date to the government amounted to 957 billion, 779 million and 12 thousand and 289 dinars, indicating that the remaining funds among the citizens of 3 trillion and 34 billion and 577 million and 857 thousand and 61 dinars.

The Kurdistan Regional Government suffers from a crisis of liquidity since the establishment of the Iraqi government to cut off its share of the Iraqi general budget in the era of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki since February 2014 because of differences with Arbil on the issue of exporting oil without federal government approval.



Baghdad Municipality faces "bankruptcy" after the departure of Abaob ..!

امانة بغداد يواجه

A source in the Municipality of Baghdad football club that the team may face bankruptcy after the long-austerity all government departments as well as the departure of the club head Naim Abaob who provides great support for the team when he was secretary of Baghdad. The source said in a statement: that the team football could face bankruptcy after the austerity of the long-all state departments fact that the team belonging to the Baghdad Municipality long austerity budget, similar to the other and said government departments: the departure of the club head Naim Abaob who provides great support for the team when he was secretary of Baghdad will affect heavily on the team that was the difference in the league pampered.



Tamimi: the alarm has been sounded!

Under section: political Dated: May 18, 2015
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BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, its intention to provide corruption files to the Integrity Commission and the prosecution Am.oukalt Tamimi: "We have corrupted files have reached advanced stages and we will submit to the Integrity Commission and the prosecution and the wait period to take these actors procedures, but if it does not get.

So we will announce them in the media as part of our duty and responsibility ", and called for al-Tamimi," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and all participate in the political process to the attention of the parties indicate that the alarm has been sounded long ago and today have serious warning and they sit down and dialogue to maintain the unity of the country and assess the performance of their ministries and change to those who did not achieve the achievements of the other figures from specialists and technocrats ".

Also called" the government and state institutions that guide the consumption and disposal of less than half of its revenue with the continuing austerity and lower oil prices, ".oiatzm Iraq's request for emergency funding worth 400-700 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund , as the government made ​​a decision to issue government bonds worth $ 5 billion, and it continues to negotiate special conditions Bha.autamr the country in a state of fiscal austerity and monetary crisis in the provision of liquidity, the government called for the imposition of several taxes to cover the deficit in Almoisnh.fima senior official in the fund said International Monetary the fifth of this month that Iraq's request for financial assistance from the Fund and it may be agreed to loan $ 800 million in a matter of weeks.



Special / Iraq sufficient resources to pay the salaries of employees and retirees and sustain vital projects

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - May 5 / May: stressed economic adviser to the government, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that "the financial situation in Iraq under control despite the hardship we are going through and there are precautions we came for her to face the dangers."

Saleh said L / Iraq Press / "The country is rich in resources sufficient to cover the costly war expenses and salaries of employees and retirees as well as sustain the vital projects such as electricity, water and sewage," but he also said, "but that" this does not mean we do not need to secure our financial situation better and there are steps to be taken at this level, "he described.

He noted that "the federal budget for the current year have allowed us to temporary borrow internally and externally to meet the deficit in the absence addressed through revenue," and expressed "regret to try some rumor that Iraq can not secure the salaries and wages and that the damage to the country facing a war with terror ".

In the same context agreed member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Masood Haider, with the benefit of the adviser that "the state is able to pay salaries of state employees during this year."

Said Haidarl / Iraq Press / "The state revenues for the past months and the amounts found mainly outweigh the country's need of funds salaries and sustain the battle momentum with terrorism," adding that "Iraq has received since the beginning of this year, nearly $ 12 billion by more than 4 billion in April and 3 billion and $ 700 million in February and March either in January was Allwaradat more than 3 billion. "

He pointed out that "salaries need a month to 3.4 billion dollars, while war spending amounts to $ 10 million a day, mostly obtained by Iraq from friendly countries in support of the efforts to combat terrorism."



Council Babylon 5 billion dinars allocated for the establishment of a building in terms of Kifl and another to spend Mahaweel

  2015/5/5 20:27
Council Babylon 5 billion dinars allocated for the establishment of a building in terms of Kifl and another to spend Mahaweel

{Babylon: Babylon Euphrates News} Provincial Council allocated five billion dinars for the establishment of a council building and hand rump Qaimmqamah spend Mahaweel, after it has been approved statements for both buildings.

He said the Council of the province of Babylon member Hassan al-Tai told latency {Euphrates News} "The amount allocated to the two projects was converted through the elimination of old projects voted on by the year 2013, and for which the funds but are not direct it."

He said al-Tai said, "The initiation of these two buildings help of administrative units to complete their work better," revealing that "the Council also decided within and above the amount set up a workshop to examine the wheels of its members, and provide repair amounts in other places."



Cabinet lends Rafidain and Rasheed 100 billion to support the citizens in housing

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 16:27

Cabinet lends Rafidain and Rasheed 100 billion to support the citizens in housing

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News .. cabinet, decided at its regular meeting held on Tuesday to approve the Housing Fund lending in the Rafidain and Rasheed 100 billion dinars to support lending to citizens in housing.

A statement by the Council of Ministers seen by / Baghdadi News /, that "the Council of Ministers decided in its meeting today, the approval of the lending Funds housing in the Rafidain and Rasheed in the amount of (100,000,000,000) dinars, only a hundred billion dinars to support lending to citizens for the purposes of housing with carrying Ministry of Finance legal interest and in coordination with the Minister of Finance. "

The statement added that "the Council approved the establishment of the Ministry of Finance to allocate the amount of $ (3,450,000,000) dinars to the Ministry of Science and Technology is divided in three phases in accordance with the detail contained in the book of the Ministry of Science and Technology series with a number: y / o 20, dated 04/08/2015, and allocations emergency reserves for the fiscal year / 2015. "

It is said that the Council of Ministers held its eighteenth Alaotaiadh for 2015 in Baghdad and issued by a number of Alqrarat.


Financial Expert: Iraq has lost 18% of GDP due to the "Daash"

05/04/2015 14:07

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: detecting financial expert pro mercy on the statement, that the organization of "Daash" Iraq has caused a loss of 18% of the domestic product, warning of the worsening financial and economic crises because of it.

The statement said for "tomorrow Press," that "Iraq has lost nearly 18% of GDP due to the current battles with al Daash," adding that "provinces where there were military operations constitute an important figure in the growth and rise in gross domestic product."

He added that "these provinces are still unfit for trade and production, making it in the context of the stalled utilities to pose a significant burden on Iraq as the Iraqi government makes a great task to rectify these economic problems."

He stressed that the "survival of those unable to support the provincial gross domestic product will exacerbate the financial crisis of Iraq therefore has to be to go to the government to activate the sectors that support the gross domestic product such as agriculture, industry and tourism can."

It is noteworthy that the prime minister for economic affairs adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the anti-terrorism war expenses during 2015 will amount to $ 25 billion, stressing that Iraq's economy damages of the war against al "Daash" amounted to $ 30 billion.






Parliamentary Finance: reserves exceed $ 60 billion

May 4th, 2015
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Parliamentary economy excludes delete «Central» zeros from the currency

Baghdad's new morning:

Finance Committee in the House of Representatives denied the government's inability to pay salaries next month after June, while confirming that the Iraqi financial reserve exceeds 60 billion dollars, revealed the crystallization mechanism to fight money laundering.
The committee member said Masood Haider during a television interview, said that «talk about the inability of the Iraqi government to pay the employees' salaries after next June, is part of the propaganda against the government and try to make it fail», indicating that «the state revenues four billion dollars of oil only, while the salaries of employees of three billion and $ 400 million, in addition to the existence of other sources of revenue ».
He said Haider, that «Iraq has substantial financial reserves exceed $ 60 billion, and 80 tonnes of gold as a support for the currency», stressing that «Iraq is not bankrupt countries, but passes a financial crisis as a result of irrational policies during the last period».
He revealed Haidar «Finance Committee will elaborate the project and the mechanism to fight money laundering and to develop a mechanism to fight, and will be the Central Bank of Iraq as part of that», stressing the need to «improve the banking sector to be supportive of the economy, as well as diversify its sources of state revenues and go to the tax and customs solution Annie crisis current ».
On the other hand, stressed the economic and investment commission parliamentary member of the Charter of Hamdi, on Monday, the central bank can not delete the zeros due to the unstable economic situation, as pointed out that the bank regarding the treatment of these things will be printed new financial category worth fifty thousand dinars.
Hamidi said in the statement it issued, that «the economic and investment commission parliamentary hosted Sunday, the CBI director on the Keywords, and they discussed issues concerning the provision of liquidity and increase demand for the dollar as well as the disparity in the exchange rate».
She said that Hamdi «Keywords stressed that the process of handling these things, where they will be printed new financial category worth fifty thousand dinars», indicating that «Bank for printing percent category thousand dinars to later».
She Hamdi that «the central bank can not delete the zeros because of the current situation and the unstable Iraqi economy», calling on the central bank to «increase the revenue that will be supplied cash and liquidity and difficult process which eases the burden on the citizen».
He said the governor of the bank on the Keywords in 3 of last March, said the project to delete the zeros existing project has been put into practice and we gave the green light to start with », adding that« The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.
He accused the central bank, earlier, government bodies obstructing the monetary reform and vowed persecuting, blaming those actors responsible for exposing the financial interests of the country at risk.


Araji: We will not be in front of economic reform unless support the private sector in practice

Monday 4 May 2015 14:03

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Deputy Prime Minister said Bahaa al-Araji, Monday, that the development of private sector and investment in Iraq "is still in the process of ideas and development," noting that Iraq will not be a reform economically what practically no private sector support.

They said in a statement, received Alsumaria News , a copy of which, "The development of the private sector and investment in Iraq is still in the process of ideas and development, and we need at the present time to process began working in the development process steps," noting that "the development process needs to continue and constant cooperation between state institutions and companies representing the private sector. "

He added that "this sector has grown and evolved significantly in most countries of the world, especially the developed ones, but that day came to the enrichment of all sectors," pointing out that "in such financial conditions experienced by Iraq, we will not be in front of economic reform unless support the private sector and the development of a practical investment and support significantly. "

He said al-Araji "We started in the government's Energy Commission to refer some of the power plants of the investment or the creation of a development or maintenance," adding, "We now we are working on the study of investment in the oil sector, particularly manufacturing the development."

He said Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, Wednesday (April 29, 2015) that Iraq is fertile ground for investment, noting the development of a single item in the current year budget for investment.



The allocation of 500 billion dinars for the reconstruction of the liberated areas

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - May 4: parliamentary Finance Committee announced the allocation

of $ 500 billion dinars, the first batch for the reconstruction of the liberated areas, pointing

out that "the current year's budget law Select status allocated to the development of the

regions in a special fund amounts to re-liberated areas Kalanbar and Salahuddin and

Diyala. "

He said a committee member, Abdul Qader Mohammed, in a press statement that he "has

been allocated an initial amount of 500 billion dinars for the development of the regions,

and is filed in this fund for the reconstruction of these areas," noting "the lack of time does

not divorce the disbursement of these funds because of the security situation in those areas "



Parliamentary Finance precluding the possibility of payment of salaries after June and stresses: ours exceed $ 60 billion

Editor Mohammed Shafiq - Sunday, May 3, 2015 21:44

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Committee member Masood Haider

Finance Committee in the House of Representatives denied, Sunday, the government's inability to pay salaries next month after June, while confirming that the Iraqi financial reserve exceeds 60 billion dollars, revealed the crystallization mechanism to fight money laundering.

The committee member said Masood Haider during his speech to Bernaj "quarter of an hour," which aired "Alsumaria TV", "The talk about the inability of the Iraqi government to pay the employees' salaries after next June, is part of the propaganda against the government and try to make it fail," noting that "the state revenues four billion dollars of oil only, while employees' salaries amounting to three billion and $ 400 million, in addition to the existence of other sources of revenue. "

Haider said, that "Iraq has a large financial reserves exceed $ 60 billion, and 80 tonnes of gold as a support for the currency", stressing that "Iraq is not a bankrupt country, but passes a financial crisis as a result of irrational policies over the past period."

He revealed Haider for "the Finance Committee will elaborate the project and the mechanism to fight money laundering and to develop a mechanism to fight, and will be the Central Bank of Iraq as part of that," stressing the need to "improve the banking sector to be supportive of the economy, as well as diversify its sources of state revenues and go to the tax and customs solution Annie crisis current. "

The media and social networking sites quoted, recently, news stating that the Iraqi government's ability to pay the salaries of the staff of government departments after the month of June as a result of the continued Ankhvaz oil prices.


Parliamentary Economy: 5 trillion dinars to lend citizens

Economy and tenders
Since 05/03/2015 20:25 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

A commission of economy and investment parliamentary, Sunday, that the central bank will lend to commercial, industrial and agricultural banks in the amount of 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to support small and medium-sized investment projects.

He said committee member Najiba Najib's / scales News / "The central bank issued a decision to lend agricultural, industrial, commercial banks by 5 trillion dinars and in turn those banks lend citizens to create and investment for small and medium enterprises."

Najib added that "these banks will lend citizens interest" very little "to support the private sector and gross domestic product and increase revenue."

This, "said Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, said on Sunday that" the Central Bank launched the largest lending operation for the banks sector and private banks and invest the money in investment projects and also support various economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, housing and other "






Immigration: 100 thousand families will receive a grant of one million dinars next week
Baghdad / term

The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed, on Sunday, the allocation of a grant for 100 thousand families by one million to each family, and as he emphasized that the money will be distributed over the next week, pointed out that his ministry has issued 250 thousand smart card for displaced families.
This came during a search and Immigration Minister with the Chargé d'affaires at the EU mission Charlie Stuart ministry's plan to provide aid and the necessary needs of the displaced families and housed in safe areas and provide everything you can for them.
The minister said in a statement received "long", a copy of "The ministry is working on an ongoing basis to provide all that is possible to displaced families from the city of Ramadi and the provision of basic needs to them and that the ministry has opened its stores in front of the displaced families and provided food aid as well as other aid to overcome the difficulties they face." .
He said the "the ministry procedures and the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering displaced people is to work on building a camp by 3000 tent in the district of Habbaniyah for the transfer of the displaced families and the provision of adequate shelter, pointing out that the humanitarian situation of the displaced families in general is very difficult and needs a big effort high and coordination between the government and the concerned authorities as well as for regional and international role to help Iraq and the provision of all that is possible for the displaced families. "
He announced that "The ministry will launch next week a grant of 100 thousand families displaced by million Iraqi dinars for each family grant initial and after will be the rest of the money distributed in the form of meals from time to time, and that the ministry issued to now 250 thousand smart card and continuously work to include all displaced families card smart ".
He stressed the importance of the United Nations and international organizations operating in Iraq to support the work of the ministry and relevant agencies to contribute to provide adequate support for file displacement in the country.





Baghdad Council calls for the launch of budget funds and underscores: maintaining the debt will remain until 2016

Baghdad Council calls for the launch of budget funds and underscores: maintaining the debt will remain until 2016


BAGHDAD / Mohammed Gmt

Council demanded Baghdad, on Tuesday, the federal government launched the financial allocations for the province, while stressing that the local government debt will remain until 2016, called for a cabinet vote on the payment on credit law to complete important projects.
A member of the Baghdad provincial council, Ghalib al-Zamili, in an interview for the "long", "Baghdad province's budget was not up to now, after ratification by the Council of Ministers, and to inform the Ministry of Planning to its provisions," stressing that "the province and its departments have not received any amount Until now ".

He Zamili "Baghdad allocations amounted to 515 billion dinars for the province and 250 billion allocated to the secretariat of Baghdad, in addition to the $ 46 billion dinars for the province of Baghdad," pointing out that "in case of the arrival of the amounts to executive departments, the task of projects will be completed and the benefit of the citizen, especially the projects promising and service in the capital, Baghdad. "
He pointed out that "the budget law ensures the executive departments that assess a lawsuit against the concerned ministries that the budget did not send the executive departments," and urged to "send money on time, and determine the timeframe for promises that the federal government disavows them between the period and the other." For his part, said a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Ali Srhid, in a statement to the "long", that "the federal government justified the late arrival of budget funds to maintain that there is no liquidity," pointing out that "the province in this situation will remain the city to the beginning of 2016 due to projects the previous session. "
"The ongoing projects last year's funds amounted to 900 billion dinars, almost, while Baghdad allocations for this year up to 800 billion dinars," he said, adding that "companies have a predecessor and instruments but can not be spent because of the lack of liquidity of the government."
And the proposed solutions to address the crisis, Srhid, "The alternative is the method of payment on credit said this needs to vote on it in the Council of Ministers and the endorsement of the House of Representatives, and we aspire to, in order to implement giant projects as a critical infrastructure projects, which does not apply to small enterprises ".
The head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Riad dentex, has stated that "the province's budget amounted to 811 billion dinars, which is half the previous year's budget, which was of 1.6 trillion, stressing that the budget did not allocate any degree of functional conservation."
He said dentex that "conservative would re-prioritization in the projects and the elimination of financial and administrative corruption to achieve the integrity of the projects, a way to save money," noting that "the province's budget amounted to 811 billion dinars, which is half the previous year's budget, which was of 1.6 trillion."
He pointed out that "the budget did not allocate any degree of functional to maintain," explaining that "international assistance and contracting with companies that operate Order futures need to legislation laws and the powers of the government financial guarantees for its entry".
"The big projects stalled from the previous budget will accomplish, but the longer the duration of the failure to allocate sufficient funds," pointing out that "decades of the supposed need to install a mechanism and the allocation of Mali, and this is not given within the budget."
The House voted during its meeting held, on Thursday evening the 29th of January 2015, the draft federal budget law for the current year worth in excess of Al119 trillion dinars and a deficit of about 25 trillion, while the voice to determine the price of a barrel of oil in the general budget for 2015 on the basis of $ 56.






Economic parliamentary: Foreign loans would hurt the country's economy

Pretty Obeidi

Author: af Editor: sz reporter: na
04/25/2015 11:03 

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Economic Commission representative, confirmed Saturday that borrowing from international banks to deal with the financial crisis in the country is harmful to the national economy, calling on the government to address the crisis by relying on investment.

A member of the Economic Committee, beautiful Obeidi for "tomorrow Press" that "borrowing from international banks is harmful to the economy, but the need for provisions, especially in light of the economic conditions of the country's deteriorating security situation, which took a lot of the country's budget," indicating "the presence of borrowing The former indoor and outdoor more desirable because the external benefits and imposes significant benefits may affect the country's economy will be. "

She added that, "the former economic thinking significantly affected the current economic plans, because the previous budgets placed political quotas", calling for "the current government to move toward investment to save the current economic situation and activate the industry."

She pointed out that "Iraq has the land and the land can invest in vertical construction, especially that there is a housing crisis in the country."

It is noteworthy that the country is facing major economic crisis as a result of falling oil prices, and the lack of successful economic plans can save other productive sectors, with five-year plans that have been developed by the Ministry of Planning and because of the weakness of the diagnosis and the spread of financial and administrative corruption failed.





Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:02am EDT

Exclusive: Iraq seeks credit rating before jumbo bond issue

DUBAI | By Hadeel Al Sayegh
Iraq's Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari speaks during a news conference in Baghdad February 26, 2015.    REUTERS/Khalid al-Mousily
Iraq's Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari speaks during a news conference in Baghdad February 26, 2015.
Reuters/Khalid al-Mousily

Iraq plans to obtain a sovereign credit rating and is approaching rating agencies as it prepares for a jumbo $5 billion bond issue needed to cover a budget deficit caused by low oil prices, its finance minister said on Thursday.

"We started the process," Hoshiyar Zebari told Reuters by telephone. "The banks are also trying to help us in that direction.”

Iraq has said it will issue $5 billion of debt in its first international bond sale for nine years. Its need for cash is acute; the government has projected a budget deficit of about $25 billion this year, in a budget of roughly $100 billion.

Obtaining a credit rating from a major agency, which Iraq currently lacks, could help to persuade global fund managers and banks to subscribe to the issue.

Zebari said Iraq was trying to approach two or three rating agencies, which he did not name. It has been discussing its bond issue plan with Citibank and Deutsche Bank.

The process of obtaining a credit rating could be a delicate one for Iraq, requiring it to open its books to the agencies and disclose new information on its finances. Zebari did not say when he expected the process to be completed.

Iraq's huge oil reserves in its southern fields, which have not been touched by the Islamic State insurgency, are expected to draw buyers to its bonds. But many fund managers think it would struggle to sell $5 billion in a short space of time, even with generous pricing.

Asked if $5 billion was too ambitious, Zebari said: "We have in the budget a commitment to issue $6 billion. So this is the low - this is how we plan to cover our deficit. But there’s no way we can do it in one tranche.”

Iraq has an outstanding U.S. dollar bond maturing in 2028 462652AA6=; panic selling late last year as oil prices plunged pushed its yield to a record high of 10.49 percent from around 7.2 percent in September, but it has since dropped back to 8.04 percent.

Iraqi five-year credit default swaps IQGV5YUSAC=MP, used to insure against any sovereign default, are at 539 basis points, near their highest levels since late 2009.

In addition to the international bond issue, Iraq has introduced or is planning other fiscal measures including a local currency bond issue to banks, taxes on some consumer goods and public wage cuts. It has also been considering whether to ask for aid from the International Monetary Fund.

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Cell ministerial crisis, looking at ways to get out of the financial crisis

Cell ministerial crisis, looking at ways to get out of the financial crisis

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... presided over the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday evening, a meeting of the ministerial crisis cell in the presence of ministers of oil, finance and planning, Governor of the Central Bank and a number of advisors and specialists.

He said the Prime Minister, in a statement received / Baghdadi News / "the importance of follow-up economic and financial situation in order to ensure the continuation of the pace of economic activity, despite the significant decline in oil revenues."

According to the statement, the committee members ask what has been achieved during the last three months of technical and financial measures to address the challenges facing the country.

And Abadi said "the need to adopt a package of measures to ensure the achievement of the planned increase in the rates of oil production in the revitalization of the various economic sectors."

The meeting examined ways of activating the movement of cash to secure sufficient cash to fulfill the obligations contained in the state budget for the year 2015.

The meeting discussed the issue of the state employees' salaries in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, was emphasized to ensure the delivery of salaries in the light of the audit procedures adopted by the Ministry of Finance to be completed so soon afterwards. Ended 21 / l



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Economy summary

Zebari: look with the IMF to provide urgent aid

Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Tuesday that Baghdad is currently in talks with the International Monetary Fund regarding provision Aajlh.oadhav Zebari aid to reporters on the sidelines of the annual joint meeting of Arab financial institutions in Kuwait "has not taken a final decision yet." The Iraqi parliament has approved a a budget of 119 trillion dinars ($ 105 billion) for 2015 and expects a deficit of 25 trillion dinars in the shadow of war waged by Iraq against militants organizing the Islamic state and the decline is expected Alinvt.omen rates that the government financed the deficit through treasury bills and government bonds and borrowing from local banks .

Lukoil complaining cut production

Lukoil, the Russian company operating in the West Qurna 2 announced reduced production rate of 50 thousand barrels per day in response to the request of the Iraqi side, usually affecting the project economics, while the Southern Oil Company confirmed that it will address the issue during the current forget, and return to a normal level through next May, indicating that the capacity Alkhoznip total of up to 13 million barrels, and its export maximum to three million barrels Yumia.oukal the managing director of the company, in favor of UV, in an interview with a number of media, including the (long-Presse) at the headquarters of the company in West Qurna Basra province, said that "LUKOIL reduced West Qurna 2 production, north of Basra, 400 thousand barrels to 350 thousand barrels per day in response to the request of the Iraqi side."

Cabinet approves new labor pricing for electricity

The Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved a new electricity pricing action does not affect the poor citizen and include the owners of consumption Ala.oukal Fahdawi in a statement received "long", a copy of "The Council of Ministers approved a new electricity pricing action does not affect the poor citizen include high consumption owners, "noting that" the goal of the resolution rationalization of energy consumption ".elent the Ministry of Electricity, Saturday (January 10, 2015), she approached the Council of Ministers to adopt a pricing upward wage for electric power, noting that this pricing will serve the poor and low-income people .

Drugs Samarra check with 27 billion dinars sales

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced that the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies in Samarra had sales worth 27 billion dinars during Aam.onql ministry statement received "long", a copy of it, for General Manager Falah Hassan Saleh as saying that "the value of sales declined during the fourth quarter From 2014 to nearly 6 billion dinars because of the security conditions of the country, indicating that the impact on sales of the company's marketing movement if they were compared to the same period of 2013, which was estimated at more than 8.5 billion dinars Araca.oaaln the presence of large amounts of ready-to-market and production required by Almmakr, noting that "the security situation prevented the arrival to market outlets."





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Economy summary

Communications is preparing to launch a fourth license for mobile
Revealed that the Ministry of Communications for the government and parliament approval for the launch of the fourth mobile license, and showed that the license will be the national mobile telephone company associated with the ministry, confirmed that the Telecommunications Authority will deal with a company like the rest of the mobile phone companies in Iraq, a guarantee for "justice" in the competition and profits.
He said the older agent of the Ministry, Amir al-Bayati, in an interview for the (long-Presse) "The launch of the fourth license under which will be based national company mobile phone, has been approved by the Authority ministry opinion file, that the state-sponsored", noting that "both the Council of Ministers and the Commission services in the House of Representatives has also agreed upon. "
Al-Bayati said, "The disagreement that occurred on the national company of the mobile phone, the mechanism for its establishment and its relationship with CMC," noting that "the ministry went to Parliament the fact that the body belonging to him, which approved the majority of the members of the Commission services, and thus the license to be in the pipeline."
Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry and explained that "the national mobile phone company will be independent and linked to the Ministry of Communications," pointing out that "the ministry has formed a committee began preparing for the establishment of the company."

Aviation Authority authorizing the first private airline
Revealed the Civil Aviation Authority for agreeing to do a private local company to work in the air field, usually it demonstrates encourage investment in this area and the creation of "honest competition" to better serve the Iraqis and foreign travelers, while the new company confirmed that it will start work early next May trips to neighboring countries only.
He said the media Aviation Authority director, Hassan Karim, in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "Iraqi law allows private companies to exercise work in the field of aviation according controls and mechanisms established by the authority." He explained to inform the Civil Aviation Authority director, said: "Fly Baghdad, is the first Iraqi private companies registered with the authority."
For his part, Executive Director of the Company (Fly Baghdad) Abdullah al-Jubouri, in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "a group of Iraqi businessmen founded the company to help the Iraqi Airways passenger service," returned to "fair competition the more improved quality of service for the Iraqi people." .
He said al-Jubouri, that "the company in the fourth stage of implementation, after overcome some of the conditions and requirements," noting that "what is left in front of her is the last stage of the arrival of the aircraft, particularly the company has specialized technical cadres."

Salahuddin investment plans for the reconstruction of the liberated cities
Investment Salahuddin province Authority announced the return of the work to the circle in the presidential palaces after its liberation from the control of the organization, "Daash", as shown that most of the files were scattered by the elements of the organization, confirmed the existence of a plan to rebuild the liberated cities across year investment conference with the participation of local and foreign investors.
The head of the Ammar Jaber in an interview for the (long-Presse) "We visited our body's headquarters in the presidential palaces central Tikrit, after editing to inspect their conditions and study the possibility of re-work, and we found that most of the priorities of our projects have been tampered with by the militants (Daash), but they exist."
Jabr added that "the department will start work this primitives that were transferred to a safe place," noting that "Daash who stole furniture and appliances, private generators Balheioh but that will not hinder our work."




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IMF expects a "significant increase" in the 2015 budget deficit and propose "drastic measures"

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

International Monetary Fund forecast the high proportion of the budget deficit in 2015 to more than the proportion of the 12 percent announced by the government, to "significantly higher levels", due to lower oil prices, a weak possibility of Iraq's commitment to export 3.3 million barrels per day, and assume the budget proposal implementation of reform measures include strict austerity in investment projects, and a commitment to reducing expenses, and reconsider the limits of central bank sales of the currency, referring to the overall growth contraction, and the prospect of rising inflation slightly the end of this year.

The IMF said in a statement, issued by the Chairman of the negotiating mission with Iraqi authorities (Carlo Sdralvić), following a round of negotiations included the ministers of oil and finance Iraqis, and the Governor of the Central Bank, and Iraqi officials in Amman, Jordan, which ended last week, and received a (long-Presse) a copy of it "The budget of 2015 (Iraqi) assumes achieve exports of 3.3 million barrels per day at a price of $ 56 a barrel, and therefore include increases in non-oil tax and strives to contain spending through measures such as the application of compulsory savings on the wages of civil servants, however, given the the massive drop in oil revenues, the budget is still expecting a deficit of almost 12% of GDP. "
He added, "In the more conservative oil revenue assumptions, taking into account the payments due to international oil companies, which are not listed by the budget, it is very probable that the deficit up to much higher levels and to address this negative possibility, the government is committed to the implementation of less than budgeted expenses when you need to exercise Accuracy in cash management and rationalization of capital investment and defer some investment projects. "
Fund stressed in his statement that "the matter requires further fiscal consolidation through measures on both sides of revenues and expenditures to contain the budget 2015 deficit commensurate with funding constraints, and ease the pressure on the domestic banking system, and to reduce domestic demand to contain the decline in international reserves, and should be fiscal adjustment measures be permanent until underpin the sustainability of public finances and the external accounts situation in the medium term, which would be of great importance in view of the weakness of the prospects for oil prices. "
And the "foreign exchange market stable has been in 2014 after the steps taken by the Central Bank to edit that, and to reduce the difference with the parallel market to 3.5% at the end of the year, but the authorities should reconsider the limits of the sales of the Central Bank's foreign exchange and collection of customs duties through commercial banks, where these measures are already causing pumping to restrict foreign exchange to the Iraqi economy and led to the arrival of the parallel market prices to record levels in recent weeks. "
He continued, "due to a decline in economic activity in the occupied territories of the organization" Daash "and rigidity of government spending, estimated to shrink GDP growth by more than 2% in 2014 and is expected to come back to rise a little more than 1% this year."
"The inflation recorded rates low beyond the control of the" Daash "regions, where it was less than 2% at the end of 2014, but it may rise after the lifting of tariff measures," asserting that "the CBI international reserves fell from $ 78 billion in the end of 2013 to $ 66 billion at the end due to lower oil revenues and the high level of imports, "noting" and reflects the level of international reserves at the end of 2014, the Development Fund for Iraq of $ 0.7 billion and the balance of which was converted to Baghdad at the end of last May. "
The statement emphasized that "Daash attacks did not lead to stop the expansion of the oil sector of each oil-producing regions, exports are expected to rise from 2.5 million barrels per day in 2014 to 3.1 million this year, taking advantage of the agreement with the Kurdistan region."





Consultant Abadi: high price of the dollar behind beneficiaries took advantage of Article 50 of the Budget


Consultant Abadi: high price of the dollar behind beneficiaries took advantage of Article 50 of the Budget

BAGHDAD / JD / .. attributed the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh rise that occurred on the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to the names "with users" took advantage of Article 50 of the General Budget Law.
Said Saleh told / BD /: "The central bank sales of dollars up to $ 75 million instead of $ 300 million a day in accordance with Article 50 of the Budget Law, and this amendment exploited by speculators and beneficiaries provoked panic and fear about the decline of bank sales and the weakness of its reserve of foreign currency as well as flooding market import goods is necessary, which increased demand for the dollar and thus the high price to sell, "noting:" The 75 million dollars is sufficient to meet the market need. "
He stressed that "the central bank has sufficient reserve and comfort of hard currency dependent on oil revenues," noting that the coming days will witness a breakthrough to the crisis with a budget to follow the policy of the liquidity in the market and the size of the reserve and flow ".anthy /o.s/ ..



Finance Minister: adoption of the budget came after a painstaking efforts of the achievements of the government, but we need cooperation of citizens with regard to pressure spending and rationalize consumption

  2015/2/26 17:36 
Finance Minister: adoption of the budget came after a painstaking efforts of the achievements of the government, but we need cooperation of citizens with regard to pressure spending and rationalize consumption
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the adoption of the fiscal federal budget for the current year came after strenuous efforts, one of the achievements of the government, but we need cooperation of citizens with regard to pressure expenses and rationalize consumption.
Minister Zebari said in a Thursday afternoon at the ministry told a news conference attended by the Agency correspondent {Euphrates News} "The adoption of the budget by the parliament and the endorsement of the presidency and publication in the official proceedings came after strenuous efforts and is one of the achievements of the government, and in appreciation, the budget was the reality of the It is practical, realistic and we had several amendments to it, and all the experts and specialists praised the realism and its proximity to the current situation in the country, and every day we hear that the country is going through an economic crisis is difficult and lack of financial liquidity pressure, and we hope that this will be a temporary pressure, and we need to steps and practical measures to overcome them. "
And between Zebari said that "the budget size compared to the budgets of neighboring countries, equivalent to the budget two or three neighboring countries, but our commitment to a huge and very large, and our expenses in this budget, we turned to rationalize spending and pressure on public investment expenditure due to the limited revenue, and we went through tough times of poor financial planning and a lack of economic sense and financial governance, and also exacerbated put terrorism Daash dramatic decline in oil prices by about 60%, is what made us in front of a new reality and how to measure things during this year, which can be difficult and we need it to cooperate citizen, and for people to appreciate that even though it is our duty to provide services and basics such as salaries The Food and Drug Administration and the security and defense in light of the daily confrontation Daash terrorist gangs. "

He added: "We declare at the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance's decision to start practically regardless staff self-financing companies salaries, we have taken all measures and transfer money to the banks. These companies review banks; to provide lists of their members to receive their salaries, and talking about the 176 company number more than 500 000 employees and this commitment by the government, and after the issuance of the budget law, we will continue regardless of their salaries and pensions, and this announcement today first, it's the other, a compressor for us through the start regardless 250 billion dinars to support farmers through the Ministry of Trade and accruals crop rice in the coming days and we are preparing the priorities and necessities ".

He continued, "After the publication of the budget law required from the Ministry of Finance to issue instructions implemented for all ministries and agencies, and these instructions issued daily in contact with these agencies to come to the ministry received regarding the powers of the exchange and how to implement the budget items, and we have also issued instructions for the implementation of the provisions in the budget items concerning taxes and tax Sales and fill in the mobile phone and import cars and Internet companies and cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, and accomplished on us, and one of the things that we turned to them is how to maximize the interior and increase the state's resources, and required of all state departments attention to levy charges and fees and an emphasis on it; because the country needs to provide the greatest possible revenue from internal sources. "

He went on, "and within the Ministry of Finance is instructed pressure expenditure for all ministries and government bodies, and reduction in several areas such as hospitality and wages calls and conferences and deputations and everyone cooperation so."

He noted that "the current budget is built on the light of the agreement between the Kurdistan region and the center's contribution province exported 550 000 barrels of fields and those in Kirkuk and be within the budget bill, and then take the provincial share of 17% of the federal financial budget, and within the measures taken by the government, which was.... There are some of the problems in the implementation of onset, but an ongoing dialogue between the two sides amid Takidathma to abide by the agreement, which is irreversible and must succeed, and there are mutual obligations and expect the visit of a delegation from the province to Baghdad for the continuation of the dialogue, noting that Baghdad actually turned part of the dues the region of $ 250 billion dinars and, God willing to get there, which is part of the dues, but not all, and we hope to continue this dialogue; because the benefit of all and hear sometimes voices from the past say that there is no discrimination, but do not put ourselves place to respond to such voices; we manage and moving things State and not to party or region or party. "

Carter said, "The Ministry of Finance will prepare a financial statement on last year's budget and wait for the final accounts for some of the ministries and Alhiat, and we will announce it to the people and explain the size of expenditure and revenue and practically does not exist last year's budget and there is nothing to hide at all."

He went on, "that the country is going through circumstance Mali difficult to lack of financial resources and advances that were acted including 100 salary, but is currently stalled due to the loss of liquidity, and in the budget law is installed decades owners who have three years of service, either financial wages remain the need of ministries, but also it is not open Vemoazna ministries, as well as determine Srvyatea, and the nature of the current situation requires a patient in unnecessary things and the duty of the media to clarify that for the citizens. "

He explained that "the principle of the extension of salary payments for 40 days was misunderstood and say, in principle, we have a crisis in the financial liquidity in the financing, and today every effort is toward securing pay salaries on time and this priority for the government and may sometimes be delayed payment of salary, but not cut the salary of any day of employees' work days, but may be delayed delivery and this is in the states, but we have not gotten to this stage. "

He continued "We are working to provide the final accounts for last year and we are so there is urgency and claims in this matter, money surplus and rounded been few this year compared to previous years, but this surplus drained with low oil prices, and we do not have a surplus."

And between Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that "relations between Erbil and Baghdad is tense at all which is the cooperation and participation in government relations have been Problems occur but the recent agreement steadfast and present, have been problematic in the implementation and Minister Kurds are working with the government to overcome these problems occur; the existence of reciprocal obligations and the parties adhered to The agreement is fair to collapse. "

And complete "no liquidity crisis stifling and working on retrenchment and look for indirect taxes, and the interpretation of bankruptcy .. Everyone has a vision of its own and expression to provide new revenue, but Iraq has the potential and capabilities of the non-collapsed economically, but on the other hand do not live in a financial Bahbubh, and the situation has changed Because of terrorism, defense spending and the drop in oil prices reflected this economic situation and Pat affect the value of the dinar and work priority and oppose any attempts to manipulate the reserves of the Central Bank and we are with the independence of the bank balances therein; to protect our currency and maintain the rate of the dinar, but oscillations occur days affected by the political and economic situation. "

He added that "the size of central bank reserves, according to the appreciation is $ 68 billion and was more but fell because of imports of arms and external import sales, but this ratio remains reasonable and important for this cash reserve is to support the Iraqi dinar and the preservation of its value and the fight against inflation is one of the guarantees of the national economy, the presence of deposits safe , so the country is not economically finished, and there is an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, a rate of export says in no less than 550 000 barrels, but not daily, and even the government can not secure the export of 2.7 million barrels a day, but the rate is calculated, and there is a perception in the region that we are beginning to export and previously There was no commitment and the province is now exported quantities abroad and Sumo sells these possibilities were few at first, but gradually increased to one thousand and 300 thousand 400 sometimes up to 600 000 barrels, of that obligation exists, and also the region takes on the government not to Kurdistan paying salaries in exchange for all employees' salaries Exchange provinces and in spite of the existence of these problems, but the agreement exists and the parties did not hold back with him, and in the budget explicit text of the law that any party breach of the agreement the other party in a solution of commitment, but there is no fear in the relationship, or it will collapse, but the contrary there are security and economic cooperation, and there 1.6 million Iraqis displaced people living in the region can not be confined to one area of ​​agreement. "

He said the "national savings does not include all the staff and salaries, but certain allocations for certain categories, which includes anyone who has allocations of more than 500 000 dinars, not ordinary employees and poor classes, we have allocated funds for the displaced and 500 trillion dinars to set up a fund to support displaced people and ask the international community to support them as well." .

With regard to the deficit in the current budget, the federal public for the current year, said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that "the deficit Chksnah a planned 25 trillion dinars and try financed through domestic borrowing in the future, but we do not know."

Minister Zebari, "he said, and a few days ago we had a meeting with the governor of the central bank and bank managers and Chairman of the Finance Committee and members of the Committee and government officials discussed this issue and there are other procedures and during the next two months, and we want to see the results of these instructions and can cross the crisis."

He said Zebari said that "the rise in oil prices above the rate at which we set reflect positively, either currency smuggling operations out of the country they are harmful and harmless to the country's economy, but the central bank controls and instructions in this aspect and is now occurring and reflected negatively on the money supply, which Ntnaqlha the Iraqi economy and when we can to try to preserve it is important. " Ended k h