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Central Bureau of Statistics: should the rationale for the introduction of the Central Bank forecast rise in inflation
On: Tuesday 03/29/2011 19:18

Economic Committee of the Board of Baghdad's (citizen): stable inflation since 2003
Citizen - Fatima Kamal

Economists called for the government and the House of Representatives to deal with inflation in the country which is witnessing a significant increase between now and then the other, demanding procedures quick, such as deleting the zeros of the local currency and the reduction of prices in goods and services, stressing that the index rising inflation caused by the emergence of money laundering after 2003 as well as salaries and wages offered by the government to its employees, in addition to the presence of unemployment, real or disguised unemployment.
He attributed the economic expert, Ali al-Kaabi causes of inflation in the country to rising real estate prices, salaries and fees, as well as political developments. Kaabi said to (the citizen) that the increase in prices and salaries, real estate and levies led to rising inflation index, at high rates. He (the appearance of money laundering after 2003 and spread widely thus leading to an increase in inflation), explained (if processors inflation can not be done without the intervention of the state itself by following the ways and means to reduce or stop the inflation at a certain point), and pointed out that the ( The first way that the State do is delete the zeros from the currency by changing the currency of the other free of zeros.) adding (increasing rates of inflation create economic problems in several of the country).
As confirmed by the Economic Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Nawal Al Taqi (that the laws and powers of the Board is weak and a few that are not capable of little or reduction of inflation in the country). She's (Citizen) (that the government and the House of Representatives, to address inflation, which is caused by the spread of unemployment), and pointed out that the (share of the provincial council during the current year from the current budget, and reached 645 billion, including proceeds of petrodollars, which includes taking a dollar for every province, producing oil for every barrel), and confirmed (that inflation in the country stable since 2003, and even this year because the price of the Iraqi dinar is stable against the dollar), and said (that the price of a barrel reached $ 100 as a result of the crisis that is currently taking place in Arab countries so it is supposed to increase rate of the dinar, but this did not happen until this time).
For his part, the spokesman stressed the media to the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi (that indicators of inflation during this year rose relatively as a result of the adoption of pricing new power), said Hindawi's (Citizen) (the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology, the measurement of inflation for the month of February and that the rate of was 0.2 percent, less than one percent), and he (the device showed that this ratio based on field readings carried out by a large group of employees of the ministry in the whole of Iraq including Kurdistan), and Hindawi attention to (that they associate reading material prices food, electricity, fuel and lighting and rents), He (the central bank when it expected a rise in inflation has justifications to be taken into account).
For his part, said Msdrakr in the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation (that rising inflation rates due to several reasons including the freedom part, some of the prices of goods and services as well as salaries and wages offered to employees and the existence of unemployment real Obtalp convincing), and listed the source for the (native) (that Iraq has rising inflation index, since the nineties of the last century as a result of sanctions imposed on him which caused the inability to export its natural resources, the cumulative price in 1995 the highest rates until they reached the rate of inflation to 386 percent, but quickly Maadt to decline the following year until it reached the rate of inflation to 16 percent, and the reason is due to the implementation of the deal - the food for oil -), added the source (that prices after 1996 took the stable until the year 2000, which caused a relative improvement in standard of living of the citizen, but soon Maartf again for up to 18 percent), and continued (after the events of 2003, inflation rose by a high due to high fuel prices, lighting, transport and Alemraslat, which has become an important part of spending the citizen, after these materials during 1996-2002 did not exceed 18 percent but rose to 17.6 percent compared to the general rate of inflation 30.8 percent) . He pointed out (that monetary policy at the forefront of policies that seek to provide opportunities for stability and reduce inflation and Mahafezpaly public confidence in the Iraqi dinar as a means of dealing and integrity of account and a key to keeping stocks of wealth).

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