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Iraqi Official: This April, Kuwait is anticipated to sign Iraq out of Chapter VII

Chapter VII newsCreated on Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Baghdad/Orr news

The Government expects the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit during the month of April, the Iraqi official said that the visit signed out Iraq from Chapter VII.

Said Fouad aldorki, a member of Parliament of the State of law coalition that Sheikh Jaber Kuwaiti Prime Minister is expected to visit the capital Baghdad during April next, to examine the output file from Chapter VII and Iraq sign an agreement to resolve.

He said the Government would discuss with Kuwait on visit, ending border problems and oil extraction, stipulated and Kuwaiti ports of Mubarak the great South, Basra Iraq, referring to attempts to economic agreements and investment projects could be exercised by Kuwait within Iraq.

The Attorney pointed out that Iraq and Kuwait to discuss the dangers of Al-Qaida or inspired by crossing in Arabic area, try scaled and under conventions combine more than one Arab country to cope with the tide of terrorism and religious extremism.

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Iraq on Tuesday hinted, in a press statement that Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak will pay a visit to Iraq next April, adding that the visit will be productive and operational, will be the signing of the memorandums of understanding and agreements.

Noted that Kuwait paid Iraq $ 500 million to settle the file of Iraqi Airways, recently began ending the demarcation, determined to eject himself from Chapter VII, which occurred beneath it in the 1990s due to invasion of Kuwait with a view to its occupation by the former regime.


Iraq, Kuwait agree to shut down all outstanding issues in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII; Technical issues will remain

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 7.53.34 AMZebari: paragraphs side Kuwait Tbkien Iraq under Chapter VII
Ali Salman – 02.27.2013 – 12:19

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Iraq would emerge completely from Chapter VII “except paragraphs relating to the Kuwaiti side.”

He said in his speech, in the celebration of the Kuwaiti Embassy to mark 52 for Holiday Kuwaiti national at the Rashid Hotel yesterday, to the signing of several important agreements where the interests of the two countries in all fields, and stressed that “we are here to celebrate with the brothers Kuwaitis بعيدهم national who has a special flavor after the process of change that took place in Iraq. “

He stressed that today will conduct the first flight between the two countries, because this is the new Iraq, which differs from Iraq dictatorship.

For his part, the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the insured “The two sides have agreed Kuwait and Iraq to shut down all the outstanding issues between them in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and stayed there the technical measures that take some time” ..


MP assures there are international, UN’s attempts to release Iraq from CH VII; It will happen soon


Friday, 01 February 2013 11:10

Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Emad Yohana, of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee stated “There are some international attempts and others by the United Nations to release Iraq from the Seventh Chapter of the UN’s Charter.”

He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) “There are some attempts by the UN and the Security Council to release Iraq from the Seventh Chapter,” noting that “The UN and the members of the Security Council such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America interfered in this issue to bring the various views closer with the Kuwaiti side because it represents the only obstacle in this issue.”

“Some files were discussed with the Kuwaiti side and it is approved forming committees and releasing Iraq from the Seventh Chapter will happen soon,” he concluded

Deputy Basra: Kuwait took over 11 oil fields and the Parliament confirms the countries approaching lay foundations and Adhhllhakol

Baghdad / term - agencies

MP for the province of Basra Jawad Albzona Kuwait takeover of more than 11 oil fields, in addition to the base or marine قصدر and number of farms after the annexation of more than 80 Kilwa meters inside its territory, calling for the formation of committees to resolve outstanding problems.

Said Albzona told JD: The Kuwait included within their territory nearly 80 Kilwa meters of Iraqi territory after its liberation, and captured through these kilometers on a number of farms, in addition to more than 11 oil fields, and the Umm Qasr Naval Base.

He expressed his astonishment of the actions that have been from which to determine the land boundary annexation of these lands to Kuwait without the knowledge of Iraq.

The Albzona that Iraq possesses evidence of these excesses, pointing out that the passports were pointing or stamped in the Jahra area while traveling in the past, and this is what shows where the borders of Kuwait.

He pointed out that Iraq gave the international commitments it even though it is unfairly, but he shot to solve the problem of Iraqi Airways in addition to his willingness because يتفاهم with the Kuwaiti side.

He noted that Iraq's interest requires the formation of committees of the two parties to resolve outstanding problems because it can not impose anything on Iraq is not recognized by the Iraqi people.

The Supreme Council of the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has stressed the need for Iraq to complete the implementation of all Security Council resolutions relevant international, including the completion of the issue of the maintenance of border signs between Kuwait and Iraq in implementation of resolution (833).

He called the Supreme Council in the final statement of the work of its the 33 that ended a few days ago to expedite the removal of the abuses of Iraqi hinder maintenance of signs border between Kuwait and Iraq and the completion of the issue of compensation Iraqi farmers to implement the resolution (899) and to identify the fate of the remaining prisoners and missing persons from Nationals Kuwait and other citizens of other countries and the return of property and the National Archives of the State of Kuwait.

In this context urged the United Nations and other relevant bodies to continue their valuable efforts to end these commitments.

And the Supreme Council reiterated its firm position towards Iraq and of respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and territorial integrity and non-interference in its internal affairs, calling on other nations to follow the same approach.

The Council called on the Iraqi government to build bridges of trust with neighboring countries on the basis of the principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of other States.

He stressed the importance that all parties in Iraq's efforts to achieve a lasting political reconciliation and comprehensive to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people to achieve security and stability and to preserve the Arab and Islamic identity

On the other hand revealed a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Furat al-Shara on the Iraqi government's efforts to conclude agreements with the State of Kuwait on the organization of work in terms of joint oil fields between the two countries, revealing lay foundations and clear maps of the agreements.

A member of the Oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives National Alliance MP Furat al-Shara, said several dialogues took place during the meetings government between the two sides in all official visits and was completely, expressing Iraqi politics as a whole at the level of the government and parliament and specialized ministries, pointing out that these dialogues The introductions of the agreement have formed foundations and clear maps, lines of understanding has been developed in this regard.

And between Shara, that the goal of Abram agreements with the Kuwaiti side in order not misused investment or benefit both of the other and not withdraw oil from the country (a) or country (b), and these contracts readies itself for the technical committees and consensus, noting that it would be necessary on both sides not to use Leaning which explores drilling or working on the migration of the other country's oil technician.

He added: extraction will be shared by quotas by the presence of oil compositions, and that access to a good degree of understanding means access to the results solve these fields harmonious and politically and technically accurate.

He pointed out that Iraqi politics nowadays send letters reassuring to countries in the region, including the Kuwait from adopting a policy of openness moderate, pointing out that these agreements on joint oil fields are the kind of messages that reflect on the progress of the country forward in the calm and absorption and containment with Kuwait and the boot to good neighborly relations.

And extends oil fields on both sides of the Kuwaiti border - Iraqi, which painted a decision issued by a committee of the United Nations in 1993, and approved by Iraq and Kuwait, and includes northern Kuwait a group of oil fields most important Rawdatain and Bahra and Sabriya, in southern Iraq fields Zubair and Qurna and the island of crazy, and there field important stretches in the territory of the two countries from north to south, and is located to the west of the port Safwan - Abdali border, Kuwait launches on the inside part of the territory name Ratqa, and called Iraq Rumaila name.

Radio Holy kindergarten Husseiniya - 01/04/2013 - 4:01 pm

The Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to resolve all outstanding issues with the Iraqi side. The Kuwaiti newspaper al-Qabas quoted sources as the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Kuwaiti parliament as saying that the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait Sabah Al-Khalid said during a recent committee meeting that the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah gave instructions to resolve all outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq. The newspaper said that there was an official visit will take place during the next phase will include the signing of nine agreements between Kuwait and Iraq, including the Convention on the Kuwait Airways Corporation and Iraqi Airways to waive the proceedings, in addition to the Convention on navigation in the Khor Abdullah. He immortal   Iraq actually began during the last stage to the maintenance of border markers, which are the most important outstanding issues, adding that the meeting revealed concern branches of popular movements in Iraq, where it is feared to lead to tension in the relationship between the two countries during the coming period. Ties Iraq - Kuwait a major breakthrough in the recent period distant crises that were between the two countries as a result of the former regime's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, where he succeeded the two sides during the ongoing negotiations to resolve several issues, including the question of border markers and compensation Kuwait Airways.

Kuwait clears Gulf War Iraqi airline settlement

Oct 23 (Reuters) - Kuwait's government has given final approval to settlement with Iraq to end a standoff over Gulf-War-era debts and lift restrictions on Iraqi Airways flying to destinations in the West, Iraq's government said on Tuesday.

The airline row was part of a broader dispute over billions of dollars in reparations dating back to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990-1991 when his forces seized aircraft and parts.

Iraq and Kuwait in March reached an agreement under which Iraq will pay Kuwait $300 million in cash and invest $200 million in a joint airline venture in return for Kuwait lifting legal actions against Iraqi Airways.

"According to the decision all restrictions and difficulties rebuilding Iraqi airlines and on its freedom to buy new planes and establish its fleet will be lifted," the Iraqi Foreign Ministry statement said.

Iraqi Airways has regular flights to Middle Eastern destinations such as Beirut, Dubai, Tehran and Amman, but legal cases made it difficult to start flights to European destinations where it risked its planes being confiscated.

(Reporting By Raheem Salman; editing by Patrick Markey)


Blessed in Iraq soon to curtain on Chapter VII

- September 24, 2012

Blessed in Iraq soon to curtain on Chapter VII
New York - Mursi Abu collar
Representative met the Emir of Kuwait, Prime Minister Jaber Al-Mubarak yesterday in New York with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon During the meeting, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid discuss the key issues and developments on the regional and international arenas to find quick solutions stop violence and alleviate human suffering . 

They also reviewed the difficulties faced by the international organization and to prevent it from reaching a solution due to the split in the international and regional situations, in addition to the most important proposals and visions on how to strengthen the role of the United Nations and enhance global credibility. Mubarak praised the efforts made by Ban Ki-moon to resolve all international issues, stressing Kuwait's support for all the priorities and programs put in place to achieve his second term as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

And to the seriousness of the Government of Kuwait and their sincere desire to close all outstanding issues with the Government of Iraq sister, including freedom of navigation in the Khor Abdullah and the subject of lawsuits filed on Iraqi Airways. Revealing his intention to visit Iraq soon and the signing of several agreements in order for Iraq to implement all the obligations prescribed by the United Nations and get out of Chapter VII.

For his part, the Office of the Spokesman's statement to the press after the meeting transport moon (reaffirm his personal commitment to work on the normalization of relations between Kuwait and Iraq, "and also stressed that Iraq must fulfill fully and expeditiously with its obligations relating to Kuwait under Chapter VII of the Charter).