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Unemployment in Iraq ..almhklh that endless!
Under section: investigations Dated: June 17, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq formed unemployment in Iraq is the most serious problems that threaten society, one of the current and future challenges we face have increased their proportions dramatically amazing in Iraq, did not benefit all efforts to reduce the impact or reduce their affairs and the various manifestations of large groups of people, especially among the young ones, to some extent can afford A_i_raiha or silence phenomenon of unemployment means the inability to find a suitable income for a decent standard acceptable jobs no longer .. Every person has the right to work, to free choice of profession or job you are looking forward to it, also has a the right to protection against unemployment, work is not for the purpose of increasing the production or improve the quality of all, it is a human right and to meet the need of basic needs .. unemployment between two concepts, combining Arabic dictionaries that (unemployment and inertia) two words have the same meaning: Unemployment of falsehood which is evil Almstrem and misguidance and origin of the term unemployed holidays which corruption and bad and bugs, and perhaps the Arabic language is unique in this sense expressed by Latin languages ​​verbal neutrality does not mean the work is. The International Labour Organization ILO defines unemployed, that everyone is able to work and who want and are looking for and Iqlbh at the level of wages prevailing, but without Jdoy.okma we say that the phenomenon of unemployment means the inability to find a suitable for a decent standard of living income jobs .. as in light of changes and new changes that have occurred in Iraq after the April / 2003 events that require extraordinary efforts to work for economic and social progress, with the ground still Apapa to address this phenomenon by Iraqi officials in the ministries of service state, and the Iraqi government still or Parliament Iraq is not prescribed by law for the protection of fair Almtbtalan unemployed or work for various reasons. And add, is no longer a secret to anyone damage this scourge, as over the past years a lot of mistakes and absurd in the diagnosis and weed them out completely .. and this is what Atnept by government and official bodies numerous civil society organizations, without balmy ointment in order to control or be controlled. and unemployment is believed Vkahadtha legal scholar Habib al-Asadi, that we have Btalten in Iraq and throughout the third world countries as a result of inflation and poor administrative structure of the multiple aspects of the state and its departments. The first unemployment staff leisured not to exercise their administrative fully and properly, and it is called unemployment (disguised) that allows the employee salary socially significant of the exercise of his administrative regularly or serious, as practiced bureaucracy daily against the auditors, not concern him but Quoth the coffee cups or Drinking give as presents! tea and read the daily newspapers, while the resort fellow employee to hooks wool and talk with her ​​colleagues on the latest news of the sultans and preachers or satellite channels puny specialized latest buzz in massage and slimming and sports Alibdnah.ama second aspect of unemployment, it is a social and widely includes many of the poor and the young and the elderly, When faced with situations of poverty and destitution in the capital, the bottom or many of the provinces and towns of Iraq, without radical solutions to overcome poverty, even become barefoot, naked in the homeland of Chunky riches rentier and oil and some crops activist with the effectiveness of the Construction sector in many aspects of the state. Perhaps this aspect, unfortunately, feel free to overlap the lack of advertiser integration into the effectiveness of the labor market in the Iraqi street, which requires those poor unemployed Hassan respond to any working condition to be honest, whatever the personal dignity, require some sort of pride or pride Balnevs.icol Imad al-Ani, the legal director former General in the Ministry of Justice and Social: I do not think that this network has achieved successes in light of this esoteric of events in Iraq the situation .. I've long legal oversaw the preparation of this form within international standards which these networks operate all over the world, and adds Ani, saying: We have This form is distorted in favor of corruption and beneficiaries of the Social Welfare Department, bringing to obtain a dream for any poor or orphans or Ahjos where the price reached in starting $ 200, and are now $ 500 for any beneficiary poor ones, Imad al-Ani, and concludes: Unfortunately, I have finished my work in by the end of 2004 the mandate of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. Thus bit spectator on the crime that you do multiple social welfare network, until the present time .oicol graduate veterinary d. Jalal Hussein Abdul: woe federal government centralization, many batches of graduates did not do justice since the change in 2003 and this opened Bstih for vegetables and fruits in Allawi's beautiful, which is what comes to me at a profit and a multitude Ahamdallah..oicol a graduate of the College of Fine Arts, audio-visual department, the artist Hamid Hmam Abboud : I sell fish daily living near the mosque spinning .. with a glass basins are not ornamental fishes. I forgot my degree and specialist, but what Eardena day of the profits enough for me and fills I would like my family Alsgarh.ama Hamid fisherman graduate of Architecture University of Baghdad, saw that (the kiosk small) which Aptnah near your Yarmouk Hospital Bashaorma chicken and red meat does not make him think issue of unemployment and poverty in Iraq Within fact or implications multiple Amaagath, he now thinks he caught the crux in his future life, not at all need to link the same testimony civilian graduated there is a drop in the current Iraqi social life, in order to realize a graduate of the Iraqi universities, that life does not last, but Academy of testimony and Hdha.omama for unemployment Iraqi women?, despite the fact that Iraqi women has a lot of features that enable it to carry out all activities carried out by men, especially since their roles remarkable and positions idealism in contemporary ancient history known and concrete in its leadership to the helm of the Iraqi family and Agriculture and industry, education and most sectors of economic activity .. and its presence in the political sphere, if so, which reflects economic activity in future activities. But it's not this perception. We have women focused on their work in line with the nature of her sex Latif then achievements and revolutions in all parts of the globe made ​​.. For this we have to admit that turn women's work has changed in the years of the nineties the past, when I knew a lot of women in the public sector and a career in the sector numbering in the private and economic orientations, and in the light of the growing number of women with scientific qualifications, as well as surrounding the private sector of the instability of the projects and ensure that the future is uncertain .. to these constraints have limited women to leave the work to reach the numbers of women to high numbers. However .. the Iraqi women's work remains subject to the provision of an appropriate atmosphere and fair wages that make women provide the hilt.




Download Central Bank and responsibility .. Chalabi suggests exchange half salaries in dollar
Tuesday, June 16, 2015 

BAGHDAD - Constitution

Stoked rising dollar exchange rates against the Iraqi dinar criticism of economic policy in the country, with the central bank deputies carry responsibility, accusing him flop in its policies. And Izzat member of the Committee of Economy parliamentary Najiba Najib, a strong dollar even reached more than 1360 dinars to the dollar to the central bank to add 8% to requests from traders and companies to buy dollars, indicating that the dollar sell directly to merchants and companies are completing a 5% tax and 3% Customs .

wachart Najib said other reasons led to the rise of the dollar, such as the lack of oil revenues. As the security situation is stable also increased the demand for the dollar and therefore, there is an increase in demand over supply. Indicating that the new measures taken by the budget and the central bank would continue to rise by the dollar, from his part, MP for the National Coalition Kadhim al-Shammari, the Central Bank and the Board of Supreme Audit, to clarify the reason for the increase is natural in the exchange rates of the dollar against the local currency in Alsoq.

oukal Shammari , there is a natural rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the local currency, which is Ithiralamat a big question about the role of the central bank and the plans announced by the former in order to control the stability of Alsoq.oodhav there are fears of repercussions for the Athmd consequences on the private market that we put on the doors of the month Ramadan and called for the development of real plans, find and clear mechanisms at work between the central bank and private banks to control the matter before arriving at the borders can not be undone Anha.fima head of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmad Chalabi suggested the distribution of half the salaries of staff Baldolar.oukal in a blog on his page in the networking site Social (Facebook): The oldest proposal to the Ministry of Finance to distribute half of the employee's salary in dollars at a price of 120 000 in the coming months and are permanent and fixed He explained that this will impact on the market in a positive way and provides large amounts of dollar in the market to serve the citizen and the exchange rate as well.

Local News

Monday 1 يونيو 2015 | 12:26 مساء
Baghdad formally declare bankruptcy and cut the salaries of its board confirms more than 3000 employee contract

BAGHDAD / ... the Baghdad Provincial Council announced on Monday, the bankruptcy of Baghdad province and officially stopped and the reluctance of its projects as well as the inability to continue to pay more than 3000 contract employees' salaries.

A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council on the mass of Virtue Adel al-Saadi's "Eye Iraq News" that under austerity conditions being experienced by the general budget of the country, all of Iraq's provinces, including Baghdad only on the operating budget adopted a salary only, without the establishment of any service projects or investment " noting that "all projects implemented within this year or past years and parked lagging behind due to lack of financial allocations."

He added that "the province declared bankruptcy and stopped the salaries of about 3,500 contract employees due to lack of funds, pointing out that these employees either to sign pledges that they work without pay or leave them to be open until the availability of new financial sources to maintain."

"The governor of Baghdad, declared bankrupt the province is considered conservative in recent bankruptcy and not to finance projects in the budget" austerity ".

And it declared the provinces of Muthanna, Maysan, Karbala and Wasit bankruptcy earlier, where confirmed their inability to pay the financial dues which Bzmtha to construction companies and stopped service projects and non-payment of salaries of employees because of budget austerity and the lack of financial allocations. It ended 7