Iraqi Dinar Revalue - Fact or Fiction

One of the things to remember is that good things come to those who wait, and those who wait on God they usually take longer because god always has a greater purpose behind his leadings and it's usually built on building your faith and trust in HIM! So while you're on this site and see articles dated back to the year of 2010, know that God has led many people into this ahead of time to build their faith in Him! I know lots of Christians that testify God led then into this investment!
I must say now I have no doubt that this is real because over the last year god has worked an incredible set of circumstances and events that have culminated in a conclusion that no doubt leads to the Iraqi Dinar increasing in value! This is my story!

God Is Awesome!

Posted Sunday July 5th 2015

God works in such mysterious ways.  Here’s my story and it would take a whole year for these events to play out. I'm living in Hong Kong and I came to a point to where I was going to be unemployed and not able to work. I was looking in the online classifieds for cheap rentals. In this particular case I looked in the Asiaxpat classifieds for Hong Kong. After coming across an ad that was for sure in my price range I called to talk to the advertiser.

The person on the other end said she didn’t have time to chat but we could Whatsapp later and so I added her to my Whatsapp communication program!  Within a day or two we finally connected and I found out then that the room for rent was actually more expensive and out of my price range of what I was looking for. Then the advertiser told me she had a renter previously that she ended up not getting along with and I think she may have asked her to move out.  She explained that this person put the ad for the room in the Asiaxpat classifieds way below her asking price to antagonize her with callers.

So after we had chatted, I of course said thank you very much and we parted ways. I’m not sure how much time passed, but one day her number showed up again in my Whatsapp and it was her.  I only knew her as Jennifer and she asked me if she could meet me? I am a very social guy and so I said sure why not. She is indigenous to Hong Kong I found out, and I asked her to put her picture in her Whatsapp so I could see her face. So she did. I had no idea why she wanted to meet, but my ego would give me all kinds of excuses I would find out later that in my mind I was wrong about.

Sometime later we finally found time to meet at a coffee shop on Hong Kong Island and we ended up sharing some stories. I found out she was a very dedicated Christian and living by faith. After hearing some things she felt like sharing with me I determined I hadn’t met anyone like her who had enough experience with God that she could exercise a level of faith as a woman, like I had not seen or heard before at least in my time in Hong Kong. I was impressed.

I also shared with her my faith experiences and we soon found we had quite a bit in common spiritually. We ended our meeting and decided we would try to do it again sometime. I don’t remember if we had a couple more meetings for coffee before or after, but eventually we ended up going on a kind of mini picnic on the mainland part of Hong Kong in the area of Kowloon, near to Victoria Harbor and within sight of the Kowloon Bay area and Austin MTR station. It was quite a walk to where we went and we were both challenged with the distance. We eventually got there and settled down to eat. She had made some delicious food and I had carried it for her to the little waterside park. The park was so out of the way that there was barely anyone there.

We enjoyed chatting some more and then I decided to reveal to her that God had prompted my spirit about something a couple of meetings back. Now the thing was, I had a secret, and I wasn’t about to divulge my secret because if it didn’t come to pass, it would look like either God had failed me, or maybe this inkling I had wasn’t from God, so I had to just tell Jennifer that God had showed me something about her, but that I wasn’t at liberty at that moment to share it with her. She almost begged me to tell her, but I had to decline as gracefully as I could.

We had a good experience at the park eating and chatting on a day that was somewhat cloudy and after about 2 hours I guess, we headed back to a point where we would say goodbye and she would finish the 10 or 15 minute walk back to her house and I would catch the train.

Needless to say I had put the spirit of curiosity into Jennifer and I believe now she was so mystified and curious by it that she must have prayed and begged God to know my secret. By the time this story ends I found out she did ask God to tell/show her what it was I was talking about! But the next thing that happened was a lot of time went by months as it were, and we had barely any time to talk, let alone meet for coffee.  As I write this story looking back now, it has been a little over a year that we’ve known each other! It’s now the first week in July of 2015.

We traded quite a bit of small talk over the Whatsapp mobile application as time went on. At one point I had mentioned to her about my investment into the Iraqi Dinar and shared a little bit about the possible revaluation of it, but her energy was often depleted after teaching and she often was very tired so we never got any further in our conversation about it. We continued to chat as always, but this month June started a different series of thoughts for me and I started sharing about Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger and Shemitah videos.

I was so curious myself about the Harbinger that I decided to see if I could find the book of Jonathan’s about the Harbinger. This would lead up to the amazing ending to this story. There was a used book store right around the corner and so I decided that would be where I started. I went in and found they had no rhyme or reason on the arrangements of their books and after asking the young man if they had the Harbinger, he just kinda showed me a couple of very crowded book racks where the western books would be at and around, so I started digging.

As I was digging I came across an author I was familiar with John Bevere. The book title gave me enough curiosity that I decided to buy it for 15hkd. It was called “UNDER COVER,” (THE PROMISE OF PROTECTION UNDER HIS AUTHORITY). Since I have been living by sheer faith I felt maybe this book could bring me some extra peace of mind if I read it. After looking I gave up, no Harbinger to be found.

I went back to my room and didn’t start to read it until the next day. After reviewing the index, I decided to skip the first few parts and get to the good stuff lol! So I ended up starting in section 3 titled “God’s Appointed Covering,” at chapter 8. I read a bit each day for about 3 days and came to a sentence in italics and as I read, it said this: “Many times God will send us what we need in a package we don’t want!” This sentence seemed to prick my conscience and Jennifer seemed to be the first thought in my mind.

Not a very flattering comment to share with anyone, but it ended up creating a whole new kind of conversation and a new direction and led to the end revelation.  

As I was chatting with Jennifer one day, I texted her saying, “You know what Jennifer? I believe God sent you to me!”     

She said, “for friendship, or what?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I said, “What do you think?” Then I said, “I feel there’s more to it than that.” Have you prayed about it and received any directions from God?”

To which Jennifer finally replied,”God spoke to me early, but I was waiting for confirmation.” Then she asked me, “What did god say to you?”

I said, “Well, maybe we’re on the same page.” Then she said,”I’m very shocked by what you said.” 

I said,”I have received a message that God gave you to me. It just took him a while to deliver it in a way I would listen, it looks like to me.” Shocking as that may seem. Have you received a similar message?

Jennifer said, “When did you receive it?” I said, “I received it about three days ago after I bought a book at the used book store and started reading it.”

Jennifer asks, “What is it about?” I said,” I’m still reading it, but it’s about God’s protection of His children.” After I shared with her what my sentence in Italics said, and we had a little more small talk, I finally ask Jennifer again to tell me how God spoke to her and she said at first it was through a picture. My first thought was how can a picture say anything?

I asked, “What did He say or even tell you to do?”

She indicated it was an indirect way, to which I said God doesn’t speak in an indirect way in my opinion.

After more small talk she admitted it was a dream or vision. But later I told her at her age, (because she was my age and God had given me a dream in another very agonizing situation I had to pray about)  it was a dream. She said, at first that she was diving under the sea and I came up to her on her right! That’s all I got. Then we small talked a bit more and said goodnight.

Now, I had not mentioned yet what God had shown me about her but it was this. God directed me to give her an adequate amount of money after the dinar revalued to help her perhaps in retirement and take care of her for a while. I had not even considered selling her some at that time. I had a couple of figures in mind, but I thought I would probably have to inquire further once the dinar revalued.

Jennifer thought that maybe God was telling her it’d be alright to be my wife if I asked. I wasn’t thinking of that although the thought had crossed my mind after she insinuated it. But, what her dream revealed to me was that it had to do exactly with the leading I had had originally. When she told me she was diving, I interpreted it as swimming, and in America we always referred to someone in debt as swimming in debt. Or up to their necks in debt etc. And the right hand thing to me was just an indicator of where the money would be put, as we seem to always use our right hands when paying bills at the store etc. Even in Revelation God spoke that the anti-Christ would cause both small and great to receive a mark in their right hand!

So I was lead to believe that God lead me to Jennifer to help her financially.I think now that God gave her to me to help.

Now here’s the amazing part. A few more days went by, maybe a week or two and I’m trying to sell dinar and not having a lot of luck. I finally decided to ask Jennifer if she would be interested in buying some. She said she’d pray about it. A couple days later without me saying anything, she said she would and because I needed money to pay my rent soon I suggested an amount that would give me just enough money to pay the rent and she agreed to it.

I asked her if we could do the transaction by a certain date and she said no problem.

The next day I was small talking with her and reminded her of my time frame and she said, oh, yeah, how about tomorrow morning. I said great and we made an appointment at noon. I arrived before noon and we sat and I briefly showed her the articles showing the 3.33 rate Iraq had talked about going back to. We finished the transaction and I said I wanted to pray.

Right then she said, oh, I meant to tell you the rest of my dream. I said there was more? She said yes,  but let’s pray first. So I prayed and then she began again, only this time she said she was diving and right in front of her was a treasure chest, it was so big and she compared it to a box in her living room. She said when she saw it she tried to swim toward it but couldn’t reach it and then that’s when I came up on her right and she said I was able to get it and that I gave it to her. She said no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get to the chest, and then said I was the only one that could grab it and give it to her.

I was floored to say the least. As she told me this dream I felt the spirit of God kind of wash over me and the goose bumps were standing up on my whole body to the point I could hardly stand it. I was flabbergasted!

Two things occurred to me at that moment, the reality that the dream was all about money, and it was about me helping her financially. But it was also connected to what God had revealed to me the first time I spent time with her at the coffee shop.  But then, after she shared the thing about the treasure chest, that spoke Dinar Revaluation, and I was the only one who could give it to her, AND, she wondered why it wasn’t someone else in her dream instead of me. Of course I was the only one who knew her, who had the ability to either give her such a blessing from God in the form of a treasure. Because when the dinar revalues, it would be just like finding a treasure chest full of gold and silver I think!

I was jumping out of my skin at all this because it was also a double verification to me from God that He had led me into this investment and what was so real was that He showed a treasure chest to Jennifer and only let me get it. I walked away from her house today with no doubts in my mind whatsoever and thinking why would God bother to give her a dream she had no idea what it was about or how to interpret it until she shared it with me if the dinar investment was not real?

Late addition, Jennifer talked with me after reading the story because I asked her to comment and even add any missing details if there were any. She said that she felt God’s leading to contact me the first time after talking about renting, but didn’t know why god would have her contact me. She said she’s not the kind of woman that would just contact a strange man out of the blue and I believe her. She’s very careful, not assertive towards strangers and quite calm mannered.


There are many questions and angles to this one question, is the Dinar RV a scam. 

As a person looking at this from the outside, my first reaction would be to say, it's too good to be true and how can you make a 1000 TO POSSIBLY 4000 percent profit on such a long shot gamble.

Here are some questions I tried to answer for myself.

Would big government do anything mischievous to make money?
Answer: That's what they do, guilty!

Looking at the regular scenario of war starting in anyplace in the world and the affects to the local economies and currency, our government knew exactly what to expect when they invaded, otherwise they wouldn't have tried to infuse so much American dollars at the same time they were bombing. See the article on this site concerning that event at the bottom of the
Iraq Information page.

How long has any government official known how to manipulate circumstances to gain a monetary profit?

Was Bush and Cheney, and any others on the take?

Are any of our government officials on the take?

See the page in the side bar called, "US military and contractor's stupidity page." As you scroll down the page look for the words "smuggling currency." It is illegal for any military to take Iraqi currency home with them or ship it out of the country, this is ironic given
the fact of the passing of 13303 isn't it? You have to bang your head on that one.

Does Iraq have valid reasons for going back to the original Dinar value?
Yes! The US took them down and Iraq will bring themselves back up.

If you were a country who got invaded and your currency went in the toilet, would you want your value back after the whole population
of your country lost their shirts in the devalue?

Why would Bush have passed a legislation EO 13303 allowing any American citizen to buy Iraqi Dinar?

At a time when Iraq had all kinds of sanctions against it, why was this presidential executive order was passed.

Since the invasion of Iraq, how much influence has the US and it's allies had on the creation of the Iraqi government?

Is the report that president Bush said "before this war is finished, Iraq will pay for it," documented in any speech or publication to be proven?

See attached document about the 1st fiscal year quarter at the bottom of the page. You think after the USA has spent billions in Iraq, they are going to go away empty handed?

Why now, has there been both past and present published articles, in several different online publications, as to the fact of Iraq's intention to revalue their currency?

Why, in the page I put on this site documenting Sinan Al Shabibi's speech at the Chamber of Commerce, did Shabibi even elaborate on the currency revaluation? He could have saved a lot of breath and just said, that's all rumor, we aren't even thinking about it etc. BUT HE DIDN"T!

Why is there so much documentation on the different sites, I'm talking the IMF, UN, WTO etc. that talk about Iraq having to have a market economy at a certain stage in gaining their sovereignty?

Concerning the sites that are trying to stay informed of the progress taking place in Iraq, I don't believe that all the Intel is in fact bullshit and lies. There has to be some truth mingled in there. There is too much multiple confirmations from too many different places and they all can't be in cohesion on the same level. Not that one can't feed off another, but I believe there is enough schism and competition out there that they all want to be the leaders.

Now, at a time when the rumors or facts are so strong, their seems to be an avalanche of misinformation also.

KUWAIT, July 8 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah stressed the need for Iraq to complete its implementation of UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions as the sole exit out of the Chapter VII of the UN Charter.  (sole exit it says) meaning one last thing.

American Contractor stressed that Sinan Al Shabibi is still in possession of the currency re-denomination report that he is supposed to deliver personally to Nuri al Maliki when he requests it.

Please feel free, to those who happen to make it this far, to add any questions I may not have thought of through the comment section at the bottom of the page and i will be happy to give credit and add them to the list!

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ثقب الباب
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الدينار يستعيد أمجاده والعملة المعدنية في جيوبنا قريبا Dinar regain glory and coins in our pockets soon

ستار جبار الغزي Sattar Jabbar Ghazzi

تاريخ النشر 01/08/2011 07:23 PM Posted 01/08/2011 07:23 PM

البنك المركزي يبدأ قريبا برفع الأصفار الثلاثة بمشورة منظمات اقتصادية دولية Central Bank will soon begin to lift the three zeros with the advice of international economic organizations
بغداد ـ ؟ Baghdad?

كشف نائب محافظ البنك المركزي العراقي عن ان العراق بدأ بإعادة هيكلة العملة باشراك منظمات اقتصادية دولية تركز على رفع الأصفار الثلاثة واستحداث عملة نقدية معدنية جديدة . A Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq that Iraq began the restructuring of the involvement of the currency of international economic organizations focus on raising three zeros and the development of new metallic currency.
وقال مظهر محمد لـصحيفة الناس أن " البنك المركزي اتفق مع منظمات دولية على عملية إعادة هيكلة العملة ودعم مستوى قيمة الدينار العراقي مقابل العملة الصعبة (الدولار ) ". The appearance of Mohammed, told the people that "the central bank agreed with the international organizations on the process of restructuring of the currency and support the level of the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currency (dollar)."
وأشار إلى أن " عملية الهيكلة التي ستبدأ منذ هذا الأسبوع ستركز على توفير المناخات المناسبة لرفع الأصفار الثلاثة من العملة المحلية بالأضافة إلى أستحداث العملة المعدنية البسيطة لـ500دينار و1000دينار ". He pointed out that "the process of restructuring, which will begin this week will focus on providing appropriate climates to raise three zeroes from the local currency in addition to the development of simple coin for 500 dinars and 1,000 dinars."
وبين أن" مستوى العملة المحلية سيتطور خلال السنوات الخمس المقبلة وفق الهيكلة التي وضعها البنك المركزي والتي ستعالج الفجوة الأقتصادية من جانبها ". And that "the level of the local currency will evolve during the next five years, according to the structure established by the Central Bank, which will address the economic gap of the part."
وأضاف أن " العملة الحالية عملة متخلفة ولاترتقي إلى مستوى النهوض بالاقتصاد العراقي ومعالجة الفجوة والتضخم الاقتصادي خلال المرحلة المقبلة ". "The current currency exchange Atertqa backward and to the level of advancement of the Iraqi economy and to address the gap and inflation during the next phase."
وابدى صندوق النقد الدولي في اب/ أغسطس الماضي دعمه للاقتصاد العراقي في حال قيامه بعدد من الإجراءات الاقتصادية من ضمنها خصخصة المصارف ورفع الاصفار الثلاثة من العملة المحلية وايفاء الديون والتعويضات التي تقع على عاتق العراق. He expressed the IMF in August / August, his support of the Iraqi economy in the event of having a number of economic measures including the privatization of banks and raise three zeroes from the local currency and to meet debt and compensation is the responsibility of Iraq. وكانت الحكومة العراقية نفت اجراء اي تغيير على العملة المحلية في هذا العام بهدف تقليل التضخم المالي.يذكر ان العملة المحلية العراقية قد مرت في تاريخها بتغييرات عدة كان اخرها في عام 2004 عندما قام مجلس الحكم السابق باستبدال العملة السابقة التي كانت ترمز للنظام السابق.وتتلخص مهام البنك المركزي العراقي بالحفاظ على استقرار الأسعار، وتنفيذ السياسة النقدية بما فيها سياسات أسعار الصرف، وإدارة الاحتياطات من العملة الأجنبية، وإصدار وإدارة العملة، إضافة إلى تنظيم القطاع المصرفي . The Iraqi government has denied holding any change in the local currency this year to reduce inflation. The local currency of Iraq has passed in the history of changes to several, most recently in 2004 when the former Governing Council replaced the previous currency, which was the symbol of the former regime. The main tasks Iraqi Central Bank to maintain price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies, and management of reserves of foreign currency, and the issuance of currency management, as well as to regulate the banking sector.

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الدينار يستعيد أمجاده والعملة المعدنية في جيوبنا قريبا
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Iraqi Dinar revaluation is imminent, backed by a powerful Iraqi economy

Posted on January 30th, 2011 by Jason Masters

Iraq is expecting to undergo a interval of large financial growth supported by a rise in overseas investment in oil production and infrastructure. Iraq is a country populated by 30 million people with active and well educated workforce. Iraq is extremely enticing to overseas investors as foreigners can own Iraqi corporations outright, they’ve got a flat tax charge of 25% and also most significantly, they have the ability to repatriate earnings as they see fit.

Despite the fact that President Barack Obama formally confirmed the end of US combat operations in Iraq, it may take some time before the country comes back to a being a peaceful and stable place. Meanwhile the country stays a risky nation. There is still political unrest and violence.

Underlying this instability, Iraq is in fact a potential economic giant, and it’ll slowly but definitely return to after 30 years of flat or no development and unrest. Indicators of economic recovery began in 2009, when Iraq awarded 12 new oil production contracts to international oil production corporations. Iraq has the highest share of under exploited oil fields. Nearly all of Iraq’s oil fields are within the south of the nation in the Shia controlled area, the place there is relative stability. This is extremely optimistic for the overseas oil companies and for oil manufacturing as it will not be hampered by any political unrest or instability.

Iraq has the fourth largest oil reserves on earth after Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and also Iran. Currently, its oil production is estimated at 2.5m barrels a day, which does not make them one of the largest oil producers within the world. All these new oil production contracts will be a considerable boost to the rocky financial system and also will in addition give a considerable stream of overseas investment into the country’s overlooked oil infrastructure.

Oil manufacturing in Iraq is anticipated to rise to much more than 10 million barrels per day by 2020. By this date, it is estimated that Iraq would be 1 of the biggest oil suppliers, 2nd only to Saudi Arabia and Russia. If right now’s oil prices stayed steady, this could drastically enhance Iraq’s probable oil revenue. At this production fee they’ll anticipate revenues from oil to be $280 billion a yr, a huge rise from the present degree of $70 billion a year. Oil money from the growing oil manufacturing is underpinning the expansion in Iraq, as it is catching up to meet the pent-up need for homes and also better infrastructure.

With political stability and proper management of this massive progress charge in Iraq, the country has the potential to be 1 of the richest within the area and also to be a large player on the global oil stage. On the rate of growth in oil production, Iraq’s GDP could quadruple per capita, as the increase in revenues from oil will convert Iraq from having a financial deficit to having expected financial reserves in excess of an estimated $350 billion. This would put Iraq on an equal footing with its close oil production neighbours like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. It can after that now not need to have a loan from the International monetary fund to maintain its stability of payments.

One of the largest factors affecting Iraq’s economic growth could be increasing its nationwide safety and also stability. Iraq’s economic development is prone to be influenced by domestic politics and also political instability. They’re anticipating a possible new oil regulation, that will imply that speculators will see changeable times in front because the legal and regulatory environment for the oil industry is absolutely changeable.

Iraq will need to beat all these problems to ensure that it supplies the proper infrastructure like highways, electricity and also water to allow the foreign international investments to produce the improvement in oil production.

The Iraqi Dinar and also Revaluation

Iraq’s currency is the Iraqi Dinar and also is traded beneath the forex code as IQD. The Iraqi central bank announced in 2010 that they were planning to redenominate the Iqd, to make cash transactions easier. They intend to drop three zeros from the nominal value, but maintaining the actual value of the dinar the same. What this means is that the one thousand IQD (pre redenomination) and the 1 dinar (put up redenomination) would be valued as the same quantity in US dollars.

Even though the announcement was made in December and was anticipated to happen by the end of 2010. There is nonetheless no indications of this going on and no extra announcements have been made by the central bank. The current rate of exchange between Iraqi dinar and also the USD is 1167 dinar to a dollar. There has been great fluctuations within the exchange rate of the Iqd, as speculators and investors have been shopping for dinars on the basis that there will be a revaluation in some unspecified time in the future within the near future.

The New Iraqi Dinar (IQD) is just not yet traded on the open foreign exchange market however you may order Iraqi Dinar via a foreign alternate forex trader or from a banking institution. Many of them will purchase it back from you however the price may be at a discount. As the IQD isn’t being actively traded, there is not much liquidity in this currency.

Foreign currency speculators have been expecting a revaluation of the Iqd for 7 years. The Iqd is expected to be revalued alongside the same foundation that the Kuwaiti dinar was revalued after the 1st Gulf War. At that point in time, the Kuwaiti Dinar fell from its pre conflict levels. When oil production restarted. The foreign currency regained all its original worth. Investors holding the Kuwaiti dinar on the time noticed profits of over 3000% on their investment. This higher anticipated profit has shaped very big expectations that on the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and also many individuals are speculating that this shall be an asset with an extremely high profit.

With the increase in GDP, fiscal stability within the improving Iraqi economy. Economic professionals predict to see the Iraqi dinar to be revalued to more efficiently value the underlying economy. This revaluation has been anticipated for a while, but can only happen when all the nation’s issues have been overcome. In the event you mean to invest within the Iraqi dinar, just keep in mind like some other trade, the worth can increase besides fall.

Keep up to date on the imminent Iraqi Dinar Revaluation at