The Best of the Music History of Western Songs

Video Web Link                                                             Song Name                 Artist Year                      Style                                 Never Let You Go                      Justin Bieber  (2008)              Contemporary R & B                                   Your Body Is A Wonderland        John Mayer  (2002)                Contemporary Jazz                    Your Body Is A Wonderland  (w/lyrics)      John Mayer  (2002)                Contemporary Jazz                                  Don't Know Why                       Norah Jones (2002)                 Light Jazz                           
Don't Know Why  (w/lyrics)             Norah Jones (2002)                 Light Jazz                                  The Power Of Love                     Celine' Dion (1997)             Contemporary Romance                             
The Power Of Love  (w/lyrics)           Celine' Dion (1997)             Contemporary Romance                                  Want It That Way                Backstreet Boys (1996 - 1997)       Rhythm & Blues                         
Want It That Way  (w/lyrics)          Backstreet Boys (1996 - 1997)       Rhythm & Blues                                Tennessee Waltz                 Bonnie Raitt & Norah Jones           Slow Country Love Song                    Tennessee Waltz  (w/lyrics)               Bonnie Raitt & Norah Jones           Slow Country Love Song               My Heart Will Go On (Titanic theme song)        Celine' Dion (1997)                  Movie Theme Song              My Heart Will Go On (with lyrics)                     Celine' Dion (1997)                 Movie Theme Song           As Long As You Love Me                Backstreet Boys (1996 - 1997)       Rhythm & Blues                 As Long As You Love Me  (w/lyrics)       Backstreet Boys (1996 - 1997)       Rhythm & Blues                                                  Have a Talk With God (w/lyrics)          Stevie Wonder  (1996)                Soul R & B                                  This Is How You Do It              Montel Jordan (1995)                  Hip Hop Rap                                 This Is How You Do It w/lyrics        Montel Jordan (1995)              Hip Hop Rap                               Because of The Night                   Corona  (1994)                       Rave Music                         Rhythm of the Night  (w/lyrics)           Corona  (1994)                      Rave Music                                         Whip It (long version)             Dazz Band  (1994)                 R & B Dance                               Whip It   (w/lyrics)                      Dazz Band  (1994)                 R & B Dance                                   Don't Rock The Jukebox            Alan Jackson  (1991)             Pure Country                    Don't Rock The Jukebox  (w/lyrics)          Alan Jackson  (1991)             Pure Country                                         Coat of Many Colors              Dolly Pardon (1991)               Country Folk                                 Coat of Many Colors (w/lyrics)      Dolly Pardon (1991)               Country Folk                 Where Does My Heart Beat Now! (w/lyrics)     Celine' Dion (1991)                 Slow Rock                           Something To Talk About  (live)             Bonnie Raitt  (1990)             Country Blues                           Something to Talk About w(lyrics)         Bonnie Raitt                       Country Blues                       Miss You Like Crazy  w/Lyrics)                Natalie Cole  (1989)              Romantic Soul                      We Didn't Start The Fire (wlyrics)            Billy Joel (1989)                Classic Contemporary Rock                                   All My Ex's Live In Texas           George Strait (1988)             Honky Tong Music                     All My Ex's Live In Texas  (w/lyrics)         George Strait (1988)             Honky Tong Music                                    It's My Prerogative                     Bobby Brown (1988)             Disco  Dance                        It's My Prerogative   (w/lyrics)                  Bobby Brown (1988)             Disco  Dance                          Living On A Prayer  (w/lyrics)              Bon Jovi (1986 -1987)           Heavy Classic Rock                                 Never Gonna Give You               Up Rick Astely (1987)          Classic Disco                         
Never Gonna Give You   (w/lyrics)            Up Rick Astely (1987)          Classic Disco                          Mr. Telephone Man                    New Edition (1985)               Easy listening Dance                           
Mr. Telephone Man (w/lyrics)               New Edition (1985)               Easy listening Dance                                    40 Hour Week                           Alabama   (1985)                 Country                         
40 Hour Week  (w/lyrics)                      Alabama   (1985)                 Country                                  Cool It Now                               New Edition (1984)               Soul Dance                                  
Cool It Now  (w/lyrics)                New Edition (1984)               Soul Dance                                 The Fireman                             George Strait (1984)             Honky Tong Country                                                            The Fireman   (w/lyrics)                 George Strait (1984)             Honky Tong Country                                     Cherish                                   Kool and The Gang  (1984)   Classic Soul                            
Cherish  (w/lyrics)                            Kool and The Gang  (1984)   Classic Soul                 There Ain't No Gettin Over Me (w/lyrics)         Ronnie Milsap (1983)            Country Love       I wouldn't Have Missed It For The World  (w/lyrics)    Ronnie Milsap  (1983)           Country Love                                    She's Strange                         Cameo  (1983)                      Funk Dance                                    Lets  Dance                           David Bowie  (1983)               Dance                         Close Enough To Perfect For Me         Alabama (1982)                    Country Love Song                             Country Boy Can Survive                 Hank Willams Jr. (1982)         Country Ballad                                        Somebody's Baby                   Jackson Browne (1982)         Contemporary Rock                              It's So Nice To Be With You            Shadow Gallery  (1980's)       Light Rock                                       I Beileve In Music                   Shadow Gallery (1980's)        Light Rock                                You Dropped A Bomb On Me           Gap Band  (1980)                 Dance

This is five groups who were the favorites in the Motown era.                  The Drifters, The Cadillac's,          (1970's 1980's)                     Motown Soul                             Temptations and Four Tops Melody                           You Make My Love Come Down         Patrice Rushen  (1979/80)      R & B Dance                                   Forget Me Nots                      Patrice Rushen (1979/80)      R & B Dance                                      The Gambler                          Kenny Rogers  (1979)           Country                                       Three Times A Lady                The Commodores   (1978)     Romantic Soul                                      Freak Out                              Chic (1978)                          Classic Disco Dance                                      Strawberry Letter 23                Brothers Johnson  (1977)      White Soul                                        Staying Alive                          The Bee Gees (1977)           Disco Dance                                     Jive Talkin'                              Bee Gees (1977)                 Light Disco Dance                           We Will Rock You                  Queen  (1976)                      Classic Rock                             We Are The Champions           Queen (1976)                      Classic Rock                                    Just To Be Close To You          The Commodores (1976)       Romantic Soul                                     Old Time Rock N' Roll             Bob Seger (1976)                 Classic Rock                                 Old Time Rock N' Roll w/lyrics        Bob Seger (1976)                Classic Rock                                      Piano Man                              Billy Joel (1975)                  Slow Rock                                    Fire Lake                             Bob Seger  (1975)                Classic Rock                                        Piano Man w/lyrics                  Billy Joel  (1975)                 Slow Rock                                        Do It Again  w/lyrics                Steely Dan (1975)                Contemporary Rock                                What  Becomes of a Broken Heart   Jimmy Ruffin                        Motown Soul                                     Do The Hustle                         Van McCoy (1975)                Disco                                    Feel Like Makin' Love              Bad Company (1975)              Rock                        Stairway To Heaven (album Version)         Led Zeppelin (1975)                Classic Rock

http://ww                                   Stairway to Heaven (live HD)    Led Zeppelin (1975)                Classic Rock                                        Rock The Boat                       The Hues Corporation (1974)   Disco                                        Kung Fu Fighting                     Carl Douglas (1974)               Disco                                      I Will Always Love You             Dolly Pardon (1974)               Country Love Song                                      Turn The Page                       Bob Seger                            Slow (classic) Rock                                         Golden Lady                           Stevie Wonder  (1973)            Soul                                      Peaceful Easy Feeling             The Eagles (1972 - 1973)        Light Rock                         I Just Want To Make Love To You        Foghat (1972)                        Hard Rock                              It's Too Late To Turn Back Now        Cornelius Brothers (1972)        Light Rock                                    I'm Eighteen                           Alice Cooper (1972)                Hard Rock                                        Schools Out                          Alice Cooper (1972)                Heavy Metal                             I Don't Want To Miss A Thing          Areosmith (1972)                    Hard Rock                                       Heart of Gold                         Neil Young (1971)                   Country Rock                                L.A. Woman (official HQ video)          The Doors (1971)                    Rock                          Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress        Hollies  (1971)                      Easy Rock                                   Morning Has Broken                    Cat Stevens (1971)                Melodic Hymn (ballad)                                          Smoke On The Water            Deep Purple (1971)                  Heavy Metal Rock                                   Riders On The Storm                Doors (1971)                           Classic Rock                                        Midnight Rider                 Allman Brothers Band  (1970)         Country Rock                                        Iron man                               Black Babbath  (1970)             Heavy Metal                             Where Do The Children Play           Cat Stevens (1970)                   Folk                                    No Sugar Tonight                   Guess Who (1970)                   Light Rock                                     Cinnamon Girl                       Neil Young  (1970)                    Light Rock                       He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother    Hollies (1969-1970)                  Light Rock                                        These Eyes                          Guess Who (1969)                   Light Rock                                     Wedding Bell Blues               5th Dimension (1969)               Light Rock                                    Magic Carpet Ride                 Steppenwolf (1968-72)              60/70's Rock                                          Get Back                              Beatles (1969) London             English Rock                                     Stone Soul Picnic                  5th Dimension (1969)               Light Rock                                       Voo Doo Child                       Jimi Hendrix (1969)                  Psychedelic Rock                                        See Mee, Feel Me                 The Who (1969)                       Classic Rock                                         Born To Be WIld                    Steppenwolf  (60's-70's)            Classic Rock                                     Purple Haze                          Jimi Hendrix (1969)                  Psychedelic Rock                                        Ohio                     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young   (1969)        Country Rock                                       Southern Cross       Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young  (CSNY)        Country Rock                                       Born To Be Wild                    Steppen Wolf (1968)                 Psychedelic Rock                                   Sweet Cherry Wine         Tommy James & the Shondells          60's Rock                                       Funk #49                             James Gang (1968)                   Funk Rock                                 Grazing In The Grass                  Friends Of Distinction (1967)      Light Rock                                        Light My Fire                       The Doors (1966)                       Light Rock                                           Revolution                           The Beatles (1965)                    English Rock                                       Hobo Blues                        John Lee Hooker (1965)              Delta Blues                                      The Thrill Is Gone (live)             BB King  (1964)                         Blues                                    Crystal Blue Persuasion          Tommy James& the Shondells     60's Rock                                 I Saw Her Standing There            The Beatles (1964)                    English Rock                           I Saw Her Standing There w/Lyrics     The Beatles                              English Rock                                California Girls  with lyrics             The Beach Boys (1960's)           California Slow Rock                     The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down       Joan Baez (1960's)                   Folk Rock    

(this song was originally done by "The Band," but Joan Baez does a much better job singing it!)                                        Traveling Man                        Ricky Nelson (1961)                 Early Slow Rock                                  Twist and Shout                    Beatles  (1960's)                       English Rock & Roll                                          Jail House Rock                    Elvis Presely  (1957)                 Rockabilly                                           Lucille                               BB King  (1950)                      Blues                                 Baby Please Don't Go         Muddy Waters (1942 to 1983)           Blues                                       Mustang Sally                Muddy Waters (1942 to 1983)          Blues - Delta Blues          Best Songs of the Decade           Various Artists  (1940 - 1959)           Variety                                     Crossroad Blues                   Robert Johnson (1938)                 Delta Blues

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