Songs Class Extras List

English Language Learning Websites   (this site is for word discovery and learning)     (this site is the Wordsmyth  dictionary site for lookup)    (this website has a vast amount of learning resources)     (this is a phrasal verb dictionary site, very useful and common in English language)   (SYNONYMS are very important, they allow you to be more flexible in your English ability.)

Music Education Websites   __________________________________    (This site helps with musical theory)    (Online simple guitar lessons)      (Memorization of fretboard notes)    (Printable Guitar charts)  (self explanatory)         (How to read guitar tablature)(note numbering)    (this site allows you to discover any piano chord and the fingers to play it)   (online piano lessons in English)

(FULL LESSON VIEW)   (this site helps with Violin fingering and has active help)  (free video online violin lessons in English) (6 lessons total)  (Discover Rhythm and Blues on this website)   (Singing warm ups in parts)