The Bilderbergs Organization

The Bilderbergers organization/annual meetings revolve around getting all of the main brains of the elite socialists into one focused roadway of how to best utilize their influence and money to create laws, regulations, legislation, pacs, and any other control tactics that can be used to dominate and bring into subjugation the world. These annual meeting always have a vast and changing list of guests, because the political climate, corporate climate, and NGO climate that is always changing. Those who are invited, or attend at the last minute are the globalist subscribing people and entities around the world.

You could ask the question, is this a cohesive unit of people? I would have to reply with a doubtful notion! As the world turns, some people are active, some people are assertive, some are even aggressive, but most are passive and only want to be inline with a majority of thinkers who think they know what they are doing. When financial benefits are offered for compliance, then more people are apt to climb aboard a mysterious venture in which they don't really know what the outcome will be.

This is where I interject the fact that most of these idiots were educated in global institutions and succumb to globalists propaganda and were indoctrinated to believe the big lie of the narrative that was being conveyed to them on several levels! Over the last several decades, our education systems throughout the world have been infiltrated by the the subjugated resources that bind a manipulated globalist mindset of ideas and contorted history along with propaganda that makes the minds of the attendees conform to the likes of what the narrative at the time needs to be in order to brainwash the recipients to be in subjection to the will of the elites and their globalist agenda!

I challenge you to start asking any young college student questions about any issues that are in the main stream medias reporting and you'll be surprised as to their answers. You see, the globalist agenda eliminates the need to be a deep and analytical thinker. It eliminates the idea that the younger generation needs to analyse things and decide what the truth is from the BS that their fed from the pulpit of organized community colleges and universities now deeply ingrained in our global society of institutionalized zombies of the global order! 

The world has become a cesspool of sheeple, a mass of influenced/brainwashed globalist victims that are lead down a path of submission and misery while thinking that they are a part of something big and wonderful! This is our dilemma!

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