The New Iraqi City

About the project New بسماية City

04/29/2013 - 11.47
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About the project New بسماية City

City بسماية is the first residential investment project of its kind in Iraq, provide decent housing for the Iraqi people with all the facilities and services needed by the citizens for living.

The city بسماية south-east of the city of Baghdad and lies about 10 km from the city limits of Baghdad, on the road between Baghdad - Cote d'knowing that he will be set up by a quick second connects the new city center of Baghdad and will provide the city all the services such as education (Schools - Kindergarten ) and commercial centers, health centers and recreational centers (sports stadiums - squares - gardens) houses of worship, and contain the housing unit to all the requirements of modern life of the systems, water and sewage, electricity and gas network in addition to the systems, fire extinguishers and elevators. area of the city بسماية new limits (18.3 million m2) ( Eighteen million and three hundred thousand square meters) and have plans to accommodate up to (600,000) six hundred thousand people, and the number (100,000 units) one hundred thousand residential units.